Armalite AR-10B Elevation Scale Window

Arrow indicates the location of the Elevation Scale Window
I had a good question yesterday from one of my readers:

"What in the world is an 'elevation scale window'?"

Elevation Control Wheel
The term is out of the standard marketing materials for the Armalite AR-10B.

"Built as a tribute to early ArmaLite configurations, the ArmaLite AR10B rifle is truly a classic. With the unique charging handle in the carry handle and brown Sudanese-style furniture, the ArmaLite AR10B rifle has all the classic features of original ArmaLite AR10s with modern upgrades and feel. Sporting an elevation scale window, the ArmaLite AR10B rifle also features..."

I took some photos because in this case they are, in fact, worth a thousand words. The "elevation scale window" is located as indicated by the arrow in the first photo. A control wheel with numbers is located where you can easily reset your iron peep sights for elevation as seen in this pic on the right. UP and DN are clearly marked in the second photo.

The Actual Elevation Scale Window

You can see the actual "elevation scale window" in this picture. The current setting is on "2" but to be honest, I have never adjusted it because with the small aperture peep sight, with these settings, I can hit a 10 inch target at 100 yards every time from the bench. It has two peep sights that can easily flip back and forth. This one and a larger one. The side dial can be used for windage.

In general I love the well thought out and durable features of the AR-10B.

The charging "trigger" and the fact that everything to totally proprietary and cost double still bugs me.

--I'm not bitching! I picked up this beauty for only $500!


Old NFO said...

Very nice!

Jason said...

That is a great rifle. A monster lead hammer!