Accidental Discharges via a Worn Leather Holster

Everyone has posted links to this story but I believer it's import enough to repeat.

I love Glocks but only if they have the right holsters. In fact, I have several firearms that do not have a manual safety.

It's Tactical has a great case study regarding an accidental discharge. This story is a non-lethal accident but illustrates a lesson we can all learn.

"Editor-in-chief’s note: We’d like to thank the anonymous individual who came forward with this important information and allowed us to get it out to everyone here at ITS Tactical." 

--Go over and read it. It's worth it.


Steven said...

That's the first time I saw this. That is totally nuts. I will stick with my 1911 thanks!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Definitely going to do some business with Dennis from Dragonleatherworks at the NRA Con!

Anonymous said...

holy crap!

Vinosaur said...

Good read over there. One thing, it is ITS for Imminent Threat Solutions, not Its Tactical.

Like the blog thank.