When Hobbies Collide

This weekend I went to a PEZ convention with my wife. Yes, that's right, I said PEZ convention.

She collects PEZ, I collect guns. She supports me, I support her. She has like a thousand of the things.

Anyway, a weekend in a resort hotel, on the beach, with my wife. Nuff said.

There was lot's of people there selling and trading PEZ items.
We were visiting seller after seller. It's a very social hobby. That's when I saw the PEZ handgun. I shit you not. A toy that was designed for kids to shoot themselves IN THE MOUTH.

Imagine all the executions that were played out! The firing squads! The pretend suicides! Fun Fun Fun!

I actually bought a functioning orange one. They even have magazines you load with PEZ for rapid fire action. I wanted the black one, but new in the package they were going for like $300!

"Ready - Aim - Fire!"

--My favorite ammo is Grape.

Quotes of the Week

"Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms."

– James Madison

"They have gun control in Cuba. They have universal health care in Cuba. So why do they want to come here?"

– Paul Harvey 

"A sword never kills anybody; it is a tool in the killer's hand."

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca, c. 4BC - 65AD.

"After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it. I sure as hell wouldn't want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military."

– William S. Burroughs

Travel Day

No blogging time today.

There is one thing I did see yeaterday. I happened to notice that the Ruger SP101 is now available in .22 rimfire!


--More later!!

Canada Scraps the Long Gun Registry

Statistics Canada released a report on Oct. 26, 2011, on homicides in Canada in 2010. That year, there were 170 shooting homicides. Down from about 250.

"The cost of establishing the registry was more than $1 billion. The Harper government campaigned on getting rid of the long-gun registry and now it says it also intends to destroy all the information about long-gun owners that has been collected."

Gun registry information is used by police across Canada more than 17,000 times per day. The $1 billion figure doesn't include all the time the police used for the bureaucracy of it all.

--What if the would have spent $1 billion on safer highway intersections? Ever drive in Canada?

Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act

They are moving in the right direction.

"U.S Senators Mark Begich (D-Alaska) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) have introduced the Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act. The bill allows for the interstate sale of firearms and removes several antiquated and unnecessary restrictions imposed on interstate firearms transactions"

I have seen this floating around the web for several days now. Even if it does not get signed into law it will now be in the lexicon. Waiting for the right person to sign.


--This would solve the issues with DC and residents getting firearms.

Gaddafi’s Gun

This is the gun they took off Gaddafi when he was captured.

What is it about Middle East dictators and gold plated pimping of firearms? Total 4 rules violations!

Hat tip to Traction Control.

--I wonder who has this piece now?

Quotes of the Week

Occupy vs Tea Party "How does one start from the same basic objection and reach the polar opposite prescription? The answer is a lack of maturity."

--Pajamas Media

‎"Bullshit. War ain't over till people stop shooting. You can't say you're done taking a crap if shit's still coming out of your ass."

--ShitMyDadSays, on FB

Everyone has to have Rules

I have posted about my Rules before. Here are some in order of importance:
  • Don't Panic.
  • Be prepared.
  • Keep an escape route open.
  • Don't lie to yourself.
  • Keep your overhead low.
  • Don't procrastinate.
  • Be decisive. Even if it means you'll be wrong sometimes.
  • Keep secrets.
  • Never cut what can be untied.
  • Be organized.
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • Make long and short term goals.
  • Consider the worst case scenario now and then and prepare for it.
  • Give people a second chance, but not a third.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Act as though it were impossible to fail.

--What Rules do you have?

Bacon Marmalade

It’s meaty/tangy/sweet/spicy fantastically delicious.
Hat tip to Chef J. Looney! It’s meaty/tangy/sweet/spicy fantastically delicious, and here’s how I am gonna make it: 

Bacon Marmalade
7 lbs thick-cut bacon
2 cups red onion, diced
5 large cloves of garlic, minced
2 cups dark brown sugar, packed
2 cups raw apple cider vinegar
4 shots espresso
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

"Cut the bacon into small pieces. You’ll need a really big skillet to do this in one batch, or you can use two large skillets side by side. However you do it, 7 pounds is a lot of bacon, and you want to cook it evenly, so dumping it all into a huge roaster or saucepan just won’t do the trick.

Cook the bacon over medium-high heat until it’s good and crispy. Drain the grease off and put the bacon aside for a few minutes. Reduce the heat to medium. Add the onion and garlic to the pan and cook just until it’s clear, add the vinegar to deglaze the pan, using a wooden spoon to scrape all the meaty brown bits from the bottom of the pan. Add the brown sugar, cayenne and espresso, and simmer for 2-3 minutes until everything has incorporated. Add the bacon, and simmer over medium heat until thick and syrupy. Don’t cook it too long or you’ll end up with a dry, crusty hard-candy mess. You want it kind of soupy and loose at this point, especially if you’re not going to eat it all right away (and no matter how much you love bacon, you’re not going to eat it all right away – it’s 7 pounds of bacon).

Put the whole mixture into a food processor and pulse gently 3-4 times until it starts to come together, then turn it on and let it blend until it’s the consistency you like. Less time = chunkier marmalade, more time = smoother marmalade. I like mine somewhere in the middle.

There you have it, bacon marmalade. This recipe makes about 2 quarts. It’ll keep in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. I usually heat mine up before eating, but it’s perfectly good right out of the fridge as well."

--That's right: 7 pounds of bacon AND 4 shots of espresso! I am so doing this! For my next trip to the range!

Occupy This

She is cute and correct!! And yes, is that an AK in the background!?

--Hat tip to Andy over at The Tempestuous Sea


Los Angeles police are 'embarrassed' after a huge gun cache was stolen?

LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles police officials searched on Monday for a stolen cache of submachine guns and semi-automatic handguns that disappeared from a SWAT training facility, and said they were embarrassed by the loss.More than 30 Heckler & 

Koch MP5 submachine guns and M1911 pistols that had been stored at the training facility were stolen, Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman Karen Rayner said.

As I was reading this article I could not help but wonder what this story had been if this had been a private collection.

"Once in a while we'll have a police car get stolen. That's certainly embarrassing, and any time we lose any of our property it's embarrassing and we want to get it back."

--I can see them blushing from here.

My First Car

So it goes around like wildfire. I will jump on this bandwagon.

My first car was a 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger.

I loved that car. I paid $400 for it. I put another 60,000 miles on it and sold it for $400. The best car deal I ever had. The seats in it were like sofas. Excellent car for teenage making out.

I bought the car from a woman that could not drive anymore because she discovered she had Narcolepsy. The sleep seizure disorder. Very scary thing if it were to happen while driving.

I have often thought I would find and restore one again. It had a straight six motor that only had like six parts.

--Even I could work on that car!

Flea Market Goodness

I went to a Flea market with my wife last weekend. It was your typical flea market. There were occasional items of interest.

I saw several knives that would have been worth having but they were a bit over priced. Even some swords and Tomahawks.

I actually found a box of trapping gear. Large and small animal leg traps. Compound bows and arrows.

Lots of camo, boots, blaze orange and other hunting gear.

But the best thing was a hug box of used holsters!

I selected three from the bin and paid the man $21 total.

Two of them are Uncle Mikes and one is a Bianchi!

--I am very pleased!

Quotes of the Week

"It dawned on me that I had the First and Second Amendments right there in my pants..."


You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun.

--Al Capone

The fascination of shooting as a sport depends almost wholly on whether you are at the right or wrong end of the gun.

--P. G. Wodehouse
Count Hermann Keyserling once said truly that the greatest American superstition was belief in facts.

--John Gunther

I'm glad I didn't have to fight in any war. I'm glad I didn't have to pick up a gun. I'm glad I didn't get killed or kill somebody. I hope my kids enjoy the same lack of manhood.

--Tom Hanks

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

--H. L. Mencken

Walking Dead Season 2

The new Walking Dead season Kick off on October 16th!

I love this show even if they are pretty dumb about choosing the right firearm for proper Zombie killin!

--No Shotguns!!

MOVIE: Wizards

It's been a fun week of movie watching for me this week.

My 15 year old son in cranking though my DVD with a ferocious appetite. He has been digging deep into the library and we have been enjoying the hell out of it.

Tonight we watched WIZARDS.

It has been years since I had seen it. I was amazed at all the guns in it. The depiction of guns as tools that could be used for evil and most notably good.

1977 was a very formative year in my life when it come to firearms. I was 17 years old. My father let me shoot any time I wanted if I bought my own ammo. I could buy my own ammo at the local hardware store.

Lessons abound in this movie:

"They've Killed Fritz!" clearly a Four Rule violation!
Fairy Child: "Why can't we fight and win, Mommy?"
Fairy: "Because they have weapons and technology. We just have love."
"I'm glad you changed your last name you son of a BITCH!"

--Great movie. Miller Rating = 8 of 10

Gun Dreams

I was crouching in tall grass with my back against a tall marble tombstone. The cemetery was huge around us. I could smell burning in the distance. The quiet was so deep and my senses were so extended I could hear squirrels walking a hundred yards away.

I could feel the letters carved into the stone at my back, capital O and an L. I could feel the Glock 21s in each of my hands. I could tell they were model 21s by the feel of the grips. I could tell half the bullets were gone from the one in my right hand by its weight.

The woman that crouched in front of me at an AR-15. She was scanning in all directions in the twilight as she whispered, "I can see why you sleep in cemetaries. No one ever comes in here, the parimeter are surrounded by an eight foot high spike topped iron fence, and there is a lot of cover. Even shelter if you dont mind sleeping in a crypt."


I could hear running footsteps. Even though they were almost 300 yards away. They were running through the street at the west end, not coming this way. She was watching them through the scope.

She whispered, "Sleep. I'll take the first watch."

--I slept...


HEIZER Defense is a brand new US  gun company from St. Louis, Missouri, with the worst web site EVER. It's first (and only so far) offering is a compact, Derringer style, 2 shot mini handgun.

They say DOUBLETAP™ is the world’s smallest and lightest .45 ACP conceal carry pistol on the market today.

I would like to handle one of these Titanium Frames with MIL-STD finish that is suppose to resists corrosion.

It holds 2 rounds in chamber and integral grips houses an additional 2 spare rounds. I wonder how fast it is to reload?

It also has a ported barrel. It is suppose to reduce muzzle flip and recoil. Ported that much and only 2 inches long I wonder what the ballistics are of the bullet.

The slim, no-snag and hammerless design is for easy pocket carry. I'd like it better if it came with a IWB slim holster.

$300 to $400 MSRP. Sub $300 would be better.

--I have to shoot one of these.

MOVIE: Running Scared

Running Scared is a 1986 action comedy directed by Peter Hyams that stars Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal as Chicago detectives who want to make one more big drug bust before they retire. It is a classic 80's comedy, buddy cop, gun loving, adventure in the Beverly Hills Cop catagory.

The Miller Rating = 7 of 10

It was good. Billy Crystal at his best. I recommend it! Fun stuff and nice firearms.

Here is the list from the Internet Movie Firearms Database:
--This move and The Terminator really made me want an Uzi back in the day.

She Wants a Gun

Emily Miller Wants a Gun
Emily Miller lives in Washington DC and writes for the Washington Times.

She is doing a series on her efforts to get a gun in DC.

In her first installment on Oct 5th, she began:

"I want a gun. I don't feel safe living in Washington, D.C. and want to protect myself. I'm starting today by going down to City Hall to find the gun permit office to tell them, "I want a gun." This series will follow me as I navigate the city bureaucracy and outdated rules in order to legally buy a firearm."

She continues on Oct 6th:

The D.C. Gun Registry office is not where you go for help getting a legal gun; it’s where you go to get more confused by bureaucracy.

Follow her on Twitter or the Washington Times as she navigates the mire of bureaucracy.

--Emily, if you need someone to take you to the range. Let me know. I would be happy to take you.

Quotes of the Week

As I wander the web each week I find Quotes that amuse, interest or enlighten me. I list them here.

"If you're a gun nut and you don't shop at Brownell's, rectify that oversight immediately by bookmarking their site, and browsing their catalog. It's like the Victoria's Secret catalog for gun nuts!"

--Ambulance Driver

"I skate to where the puck is going to be not where it has been."

--Wayne Gretsky.

Shakespeare as a dungeon master:
"Windsor Forest at night, dark as Arcadia the rare. Take hold of the dice, for by the left there comes a fucking bear."


"I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It's when you know you're licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what."

--Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Nation's Gun Show this Weekend!

October 7, 8 & 9

National Firearms Museum:
150 Years Later: Guns of the American Civil War

"2011 marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the War Between the States. The NRA's National Firearms Museum has gathered a special group of several historic firearms reflecting both sides for the upcoming Nations Gunshow in Chantilly, VA this weekend.

One gun that was literally "there" at the first firing of guns is a Smith & Wesson No. 1, 1st Issue revolver presented to Lt. Colonel H.D. Townsend of the 1st Cavalry at Fairfax Courthouse on July 15, 1861. "Mad Harry's Seven-shooter" will be joined by a Colt Model 1860 percussion revolver that also bears an engraved Fairfax, Virginia address - this well-worn Colt handgun is associated with Confederate guerilla John S. Mosby's 1863 raid where General Stoughton was captured.

General William T. Sherman's cased Smith & Wesson No. 2 Army revolver, presented to Sherman by members of his staff, is another unique Civil War era handgun represented in this exhibition.
A pair of Colt shoulder-stocked revolvers are also on display, fitted with rare canteen stocks, prized by Union and Confederate cavalrymen on the battlefield and off, also form part of the display."

--I need bulk ammo!! Where the hell is my handtruck?


I have been prioritizing the upgrades in my collection.

First up is a suppressor for my Glock 21.

I have ordered a Glock factory threaded barrel for my Model 21. They make them for most models in their line now.

I have a Glock 17 that may want one as well.

I did not want to order the can until I aired out the new barrel. I require that it remain as reliable as the original barrel.

I am optimistic it will function well because it's a factory made barrel. It will be a tough act to follow. The original barrel has never had a failure.
Glock Factory Logo Stamp

Other upgrades may include a Short Barrel Rifle stamp followed by a Roni Stock.

--I Love suppressors!

Call for Special Counsel on Holder


Will Holder he left "holding" the bag on the Fast and Furious scandle?

Or will he stand up and tell the truth?

What is the truth?

How high will this go?

Will it be the demise of the BATFE?

Stay tuned because after months of ignoring this story the mainstream media is starting to feed. They smell blood in the water. They have some soap to sell and this is turning out to be just too Juicy for FOX NEWS to have all the fun.

--No one was killed in the Watergate scandle. Hundreds have died as a result of this.

Frangible Ammunition

I have enjoyed a lot of steel target shooting. I've been reading about Frangible Ammo recently.

It first caught my eye when I was watching a show on TV where they were doing some close up training drills using steel targets. When I say close, I mean like two yards from a steel silhouette. As I was thinking about ricochets, a guy on the show asked the same question.

They started talking about Frangible Ammo.

The guy actually walked up to the target to about 3 feet and fired.

Frangible Ammo does more than expand on impact, it completely fragments, some types even turn to dust. The Frangible Ammo was specifically designed to prevent over perpetration through walls more than a training tool for shooters.  Ballistic Jell tests really show that you do NOT want to get shot with these. They shred totally on impact. Two layers of drywall is cover!

--Got to get some to try!

Quotes of the week.

"How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days."

--John Burroughs

"To the question of your life, you are the only answer. To the problems of your life, you are the only solution."

--Jo Coudert 

"There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What's there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted and you create a nation of law-breakers."

--Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged 

Running on Fumes

Go Buy a T-Shirt
I have seen many bloggers post, "I got nothin." or "No blog for you." when they are running out of juice to post. I have rarely felt like that in the last year.

I got some of that right now.

So to help with that I am going to go out and do yard work today. The weather is cool. The sun is up. The coffee is hot and before the day is done I will soak in the hot tub and have a nice Bourbon around the fire pit.

The most notable event will be the ceremonial hammock take down. I usually have one last rock in it, dreamin of hammocks next summer.

--Back to blogging tomorrow!