2011 NRA Annual Meeting! I'm in!

I am going to the 2011 NRA Annual Meeting. It will be the first time for me.

It should be fun!

I will be taking my camera and collecting lots of blog fodder for the weeks that follow.

My initial impression of the website is not so good. It fouled up my registration, flagged me as a non-member. I called the toll free number listed and it was disconnected and gave me the main customer services number for the NRA. They at least knew I was a member and could see that the web site was hosed, but could do nothing.

I will not allow these initial issues to damper my excitement. All I need to know now is who else is going?

--Need to know the carry rules there!

The ones with the cute names are the worse.

Meet another of the warriors in the up coming Killer Robot Uprising.

This Helicopter UAV Drone can carry over 1000 pounds of ordinance and flies whisper quiet.

This autonomous Killer Robot can fly into places the ground based units could never reach.

Between this and it's larger siblings like the FireScout, we will have our jobs cut out for us.

--Remember, if you find one of these following you. Use .308 or larger.

Range Report

I went to the NRA HQ Range this morning because of over crowding there yesterday. It opened at 8:30am. I wanted to get there first thing. I arrived at 8:37am. I was number 32 on the list. You have to understand that there are only 15 lanes. That means I did not get to shoot until 10:30am.

I blame all these uppity women crowding the place.

I will not complain too much because tactical pants and bare midriffs is my favorite look on women half my age. Especially when it includes a 1911s or Glocks as their jewelry.

My main goal was to sight in the new scope for Squirrels Bane. It took about 20 rounds to zero that scope in at 100 feet. It's a 3x to 9x zoom. A tac driver. I really need to air it out at 100 yards or more. But for now it will do. Bane is a Ruger 10/22 with an integral silencer. It's been upgraded with a lot of tactical plastic, grips and banana mags. People always notice it. The old guy in the lane next to me today said, "Son, that's just wrong." Referring to how quiet and accurate Bane is.

Alice went along too. I adjusted the flip in 3x today and synced the LASER with the EOTech. I asked the range commander if it was OK to shoot from the hip using the LASER. He said, "Sure, if you let me try it!"

Man that is fun.

I also ran a box through my Glock 21 as usual.  I did some holster draw drills. Never missed. Gotta speed it up though. I am kinda chicken though. Would like to find a class to teach me before I fix bad habits.

I have been chatting with Andy and TBolt about meeting there on Feb 20th to have a Blogger Shoot. Then a tour of the NRA Firearms Museum and Lunch!  Let us know if you would like to join in!

--Friends, Firearms, Food and Fun! 

How handy are your self defense guns?

One of the great dilemmas is where to keep your guns so they are handy if you need them. We need to also ensure they are secure from children and burglars.

Most people keep them in safes. Safes in basements or garages. Not really handy at all. Some people believe that hiding firearms in secret stashes is better. I kinda like the idea.

The mantle clock gun case is one of these ideas. I saw this one on CheaperThanDirt.com for $39. There are also wall clocks and picture frames that do the same thing.

In my house I would be fine with these as my kids are old and responsible enough to allow them to be stored this way.

--Might have to get one.

Just got back from the NRA Range

I was going to make a quick run to the NRA HQ Range, to sight in a new scope on my rifle, Squirrels Bane.

I knew I was in trouble based on how full the lot was. When I got inside it was packed. When I got to the waiting list to add my name I asked the woman behind the counter how long the wait was going to be. (15 mins is the longest I had ever waited).

She said it was a 2 hour wait. Wow.

I thought about waiting as I wandered though the waiting area. No seats on the nice leather sofas. No spaces on the benches. Even the class room was almost full. I bagged it. They open on Sunday at 8:30am.

It was 50/50 men and women. Higher ratio than usual. I shouldn't be surprised. It's Virginia.

--Women in shoulder holsters are hott.

Proposed law in VA

HB 2069 Carrying concealed handguns; penalty.

Introduced by: Clifford L. Athey, Jr.


Carrying concealed handguns; penalty.� Amends the section requiring a person to have a valid permit to carry a concealed handgun, making it legal for a person who may lawfully possess a firearm to carry a concealed firearm so long as he informs a law-enforcement officer of his possession as soon as practicable if detained and he secures the firearm at the officer's request or allows the officer to secure the weapon.

--This is very interesting in light of what recent events!

The Web! It's a series of Tubes!

I love the resources that are readily available to the users on the internet. For concealed carry permit holders the U.S. CCW Carry Concealed Reciprocity Map is an excellent asset. Below is a snap shot of the map for me, a resident permit holder in Virginia.

--Might have to get a non-resident permit or two to increase my coverage!

The Thunder

Years ago, I was hunting one day on a 400 acre farm and a few hours after I got into position it began to rain.

I didn't want to get soaked and I wasn't sure how long the rain would last.  So I took advantage of a huge John Deer tractor that was parked right in the middle of the field. It was the kind that had the big enclosed cab.

I climbed in and sat in a very comfy seat. I cracked open the windows a bit so it didn't fog up in there and waited.

A beautiful deer slowly broke cover, never looking at the tractor twice. It  was coming right for me, my heart was racing with involuntary buck fever. I waited and watched for it to get in the perfect position, in front of the crack in the window and my barrel sticking out. When it was about 60 yards away, (an easy shot for my Savage 110FP and a 12x scope) it turned and gave me a perfect profile shot.

I pulled the trigger.

Two things happened. The deer dropped with a perfect heart shot and my hearing turned to a whining test pattern tone.

--Damn. A .308 is loud in an enclosed space.

Snow. We has some.

--Do Not Want.

Body Armor

Every gun show I attend there is usually a couple vendors that are selling body armor. Not just simple vests either. They sell Kevlar helmets, Army surplus flak jackets and even shields. Even Amazon sells armor, vests and helmets.

There has been several innovations in body armor in recent years. Dragon scale styles, ceramic plates and new carbon fiber based armor. Google is a huge rabbit hole if you are interested in body armor. Not all vests are rated the same. Some are good for hand gun calibers only. Some are good up to .308 rifles. Some say that they can even stop a .50bmg (yeah right) but I bet you will still have a very bad day.

I was amazed to discover that body armor is restricted/disallowed for civilians in some places. It is a felony in some cities to own it. Other states require a permit to buy it and wear it. Dumb.

UPDATE: Maryland currently only restricted convicted criminals from possessing body armor. And don't commit a crime wearing any! There is proposed legislation restricting it further. Good catch guys.

--Yet another reason to love Virginia.

New Definations and Old

I have been thinking about the definitions surrounding the "Readiness Conditions". It is mostly an effort to get the list straight in my mind as I talk to my kids about it.

Here is what I believe to be the classic list: 
  • Condition 0: Round in the chamber, hammer cocked, safety off.
  • Condition 1: Round in the chamber, hammer cocked, safety on.
  • Condition 2: Round in the chamber, hammer down.
  • Condition 3: Chamber empty, full magazine, hammer down.
  • Condition 4: Chamber empty, magazine removed, slide back and locked. 
They were created specifically for 1911 type architectures. Half of my handguns don't fit in these. My Glocks, XD9, Kel-Tec PC-AT and Beretta 96D basically cannot have a SA hammer cocked. None of the revolvers fit the bill either.

I am leaning to new definations:
  • Readiness 1: Will fire if trigger is pulled.
  • Readiness 2: Will fire if manual safety is switched.
  • Readiness 3: Will fire after a round is chambered.
  • Readiness 4: Will fire after a round is chambered and safety is switched.
  • Readiness 5: Will not fire, no ammunition, action closed.
  • Readiness 6: Will not fire, no ammunition, action open.
These readiness levels apply to all types of firearms, including all handgun variations, rifles, carbines and shotguns.

--The 4 Rules still apply at every level.

Another Room

I friend sent me a link to Gizmodo because it reminded her of me!


--I think I see a 40mm grenade launcher AND a couple of .50 BMGs!

Very rare pic

This is a very rare pic of a HUGE can of Whoop-Ass in the moments that it is actually opening...

--Just think about how much each of those rounds cost.

Messing with the nerdy neighbors.

I have got to rename my wireless router to this:

--Maybe "ATF Surveillance Van #23" would be better?

Shoulder Holsters

I have a big pile of holsters.

I was in a rut carrying the same guns and using the same holsters. I confess my favorites have changed over the years. I will usually get a new gun followed closely by a new holster (or two) for it because I want to carry it.

The result is a drawer full of holsters.

In the Winter the shoulder holsters come out. Winter coats allow me to carry using ANY holster in my collection. Today while I was out and about I was wearing one of my cheaper shoulder rigs. I think I bought this one from CheaperThanDirt.com after seeing a friends at the range. I think it was only $30 but it works great with my Beretta Px4 and two mags.

I have an nice vertical Bianchi shoulder rig for my Smith &Wesson .44mag. It's the best holster for it because it weighs a metric ton.

I have another vertical rig from Uncle Mike I got specifically to hold my Beretta 96D with the suppressor attached.

In all I must say I like the vertical configuration best. The horizontal rigs end up pointing at the guy in line at the store behind you. While safe, I still like the vertical rigs better. They are great in the car. Best of all, they help keep my pants up in stead of trying to pull them down!

--Shoulder rigs are the best part of the Winter! Well... maybe.

At the Gun Store Today

Today I went to my local gun store to get some ammo for a trip to the range later. A couple of funny things happened.

First I saw that they had a rack of belts I had never noticed before, some were even my size. In a previous post someone commented that I should get a better belt. They were right of course. My old heavy leather gun belt had somehow shrunk (cough cough). I picked one in my (current) size. All my holsters like it better.

Second I looked to pick up some extra mags as usual. I like to grab at least one every time I'm there. Some day I will notice suddenly that I have enough. I looked at the Glock 9mm, 33 round factory mags. They had a pile of them. I also noticed that they had gone from $30 each to $44 each. I didn't buy any. I did get some Magpul Mags for the AR, still $17 each, and three boxes of 9mm.

Third, when I went to pay I realized I did not have my drivers license! They usually check it, but don't write down your name. The guy says, "That's ok. You don't need it. I don't know your name but you come in and check out the consignment cases almost every week. And buy sometimes." As I was paying he continued, "We actually don't need to ID folks but we do it to discourage illegals. Virginia makes it tough for them to get a license."

--I just got profiled and I liked it!

The Collection: Mini-14s

I  have two Ruger Mini-14s in my collection.

I purchased the first one in the early 1990s when I first started becoming interested in shooting. I shutter to think how many thousands of rounds I have put through that thing and it is still going strong. I bought the second one in 2007 because two is one.

I highly recommend them. I love them in fact. The actions are based on it's big brother the M1A. You can do a detailed disassembly and cleaning with no tools including dropping out the entire trigger system.

You can get magazines of various capacities, and a ton of other upgrades. You can see I have upgraded both of mine in several ways. Choate Folding Stock and Tapco Tactical Stock are nice. Very light and adjustable. I am tempted to get another and leave it stock. Probably the stainless like the one on the left.

I have read several times on the Intertubes that people say they start to shoot badly once they heat up. I cannot confirm this. Both of mine shoot great on the first shot as the 500th.  It's often the AR15 vs Mini-14 kind of Mac vs PC and 1911 vs Glock kind of debate.

Now that I have a tricked out AR15 the one thing I can say is that the AR15 cost as much as both my Mini-14s.

--Every Gunnie should have one or two on hand!

Tucson Shooting

We were discussing the Tucson shooting today at work. Gun control advocates are screaming now about "High Capacity Clips". (yes I used the term "clips" to mock their ignorance). A few questions came up:

1) What if it had been a 1911 .45acp?
  • Well, first off, Congresswoman Gifford would be dead. That 9mm drilled a hole threw her head. The .45acp would have been so much worse. (shudder)
  • Others would have been more likely to die.
  • He would have been able to reload. 30 seconds is a long time to prepare a rush. 6 or 8 seconds crowds are still in shock and confused. This allows a reload.
2) What if it had been only 10 round mags? 
  • Will people still be dead? Hell yeah.
  • Does the murderer get the first 10 for free?
  • Is it only the 11th victim that matters? 
3) How many people could you kill with a Hummer before they could stop you?
  • Plow through the crowd.
  • Go from one place to another.
  • Black Friday was decided to be the best day for it.
4) What would be worse?
  • Fire, arson, in forests, cities, homes and businesses.
  • Smart Sniper.
  • Car bombs that work.
  • The Healthcare Plan
--Just another day in the Cube Forest.

WANT: Rossi Ranch Hand

I have been cruising firearms that are not typical items in my gun safe.  Rossi makes this lever action in many different calibers. The Rossi Ranch Hand comes in .38spl/.357, Colt .45, and .44mag.

I like having multiple tools that can take the same caliber ammo. The .357mag round, combined with a 12 inch barrel actually makes this compact carbine able to be used for deer hunting. These iron sights are good for 100 yard shots even though it is technically classified a handgun. Price is nice too.

Specs from the Rossi website:

Model: RH92-51121 Status: Available Caliber: .38SPL/.357MAG
Capacity: 6 Shot Barrel Length: 12” Action: Lever Action Repeating Pistol
Finish: Matte Blue UPC: 6-62205-98507-2 MSRP: $536.00
Weight: 4 LBS

--Plus that whole Firefly thing...

Why the Arizona Shooting Won’t Lead to Tighter Federal Gun Laws

There are so many other bloggers that do a way better job posting about the 2nd Amendment, politics, and righteous spleen venting.

I just quietly expand my collection, teach my children, read, write and prepare for the Killer Robot Uprising.

I did read this article today that was worth linking.

--Slowly but surely.

State Forests are Back!

Virginia: Governor McDonnell Approves Changes to Allow Lawful Carry of a Firearm in State Forests!

Governor Robert F. McDonnell has approved changes to the Virginia Department of Forestry’s Virginia State Forest Regulation 4VAC10-30-170 which will permit law-abiding Virginians to carry a firearm in State Forests. These changes will allow for both the lawful carrying of concealed firearms by those who possess a concealed carry permit, as well as open carrying for anyone in lawful possession of a firearm. 

The new language to the Administrative Code is below:

4VAC10-30-170. Explosives, firearms, etc.
No person shall bring into or have in any forest any explosive or explosive substance. This regulation shall not apply to the lawful carrying of firearms and firearm ammunition.

Within 14 days of the Governor’s approval, the Governor must submit the final regulation to the Virginia Registrar of Regulations. Once published in the Registrar, a final thirty-day adoption period begins and a public comment forum opens. After the final thirty-day adoption period closes, the regulation becomes effective. 

--Always should have been...

Back Up Guns

I like to carry a Back Up Gun (BUG).

Most of the people I know that do carry don't seem to carry a backup. Typically I will carry my Kel-Tec P3-AT or my Beretta Bobcat in an ankle holster.
When I wear my standard Dockers or other pants that have a reasonably wide pant leg the gun cannot be seen at all. I usually wear them on the inside.

I also have a fanny pack holster that sometimes serves as primary and other times as secondary. My Kel-Tec also goes in a pocket as a backup sometimes.

I normally don't carry extra mags for the BUG.

I would like to get a full size 1911 for primary and my compact 1911 as the backup! Share mags!

--Now I need a Derringer!

2011 NRA Annual Meeting

This year for the first time I am considering going to the NRA Annual Meeting.

This year it will be in Pittsburgh on April 29 to May 1, 2011.

The 2011 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits will take place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center located at 1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

I have to say the exhibits interest me most. I presume the talks are a lot of preaching to the choir.

--Have you been before? As  blogger, can I get a press pass? Can we carry? Anyone else wanna go? I'll buy the first round!


I have the day off for MLK. My wife has to work.

Being left alone all day with the kitchen is usually trouble. Especially when I just finished watching Emeril on TV. Tonight there will be grilled steaks marinated in minced garlic.


When my pants are happy

Galco Tuck-N-Go Inside The Pant Holster for Glock 26, 27, 33 (Natural, Right-hand)I got myself a new, inside the pants, Galco Tuck-N-Go holster for my XD9 compact 9mm. My pants are happy.

I didn't spend a lot of time picking it out because the selection was small where I was shopping. I got very lucky.

The rig is very comfy. I forget it's there in no time. I have trouble with some of my holsters because I am a big guy (fat guy).

I can wear it easily with any shirt, even a T-Shirt. Driving the car, sitting in my recliner, moving around are all easy. The low profile is ok with the XD9 because the gun doesn't have sharp corners of any kind.

You cannot beat the price: $24
The only negative I can apply ia the the holster completely compresses when you draw the gun. Re-holstering is not quick it you are being careful.

--Excellent value. I'm going to try one of their shoulder rigs too.

Here is what I would do.

If your goal is to reduce gun violence here is what I would do:

1) Start educating children about firearms at an early in a positive way. Demystify them. Teach small children how to tell the difference between a real one and a toy. What to do if they find one unattended.

2) Train kids in the history, function and proper safe use of all the various types of firearms at the earliest age possible. Use classroom and range time.

3) Encourage shooting as a sport. (my elementary school had an indoor rifle range)

4) Provide concealed carry courses for seniors in high school to have them highly trained for gun ownership as adults if they desire.

Demystifying and getting detailed, true, information regarding firearms will go a long way to reducing all kinds of violence in this country. Kids will be safer and have fewer accidents. 22 year old, 105 pound girls, will be trained to protect themselves and 285 pound gang bangers will know that that 105 pound girl can defend herself. So he behaves.

Don't make anyone own one. But if they decide to own one make sure they know how to use one. Safely and ethically.

--This would make our world safer.

Another Note About the KSG

Another feature I love about the KSG is that the shells are ejected straight down. The vid also shows how fast you can switch from one feed tube to the other.

--Gotta try one of these.

Has anyone ever tried these?

12 GA Mini-Buckshot Aguila Box 20 rds

1 3/4" Mini 12-ga shotgun shells. Minibuck shot loads with 7 pellets of 4Buck and 4 pellets of 1Buck at 1200 fps. Low-recoil and a great choice for home defense. 

"Works well in Winchester 1300 and FN shotguns. Remingtons and Charles Dalys may require some modification. Mossbergs require some elevator modification. There is some success with this load in a Benelli Nova."
--Does size really matter?

Command Center Upgrades

The Miller Command Center is getting a big upgrade.
  • Paint the walls.
  • Add shelves, floor to ceiling on two walls.
  • New lighting. 
  • iPad that controls Comcast.
  • Systems all upgraded to Windows 7 and re-networked.
  • MP3 server with 4.5TB of storage.
  • Full compliment of HDTV, BlueRay and On-Demand programming.
  • Four camera surveillance system. (soon to be expanded)
  • Solar powered lighting.
  • Uninterrupted Power System expanded to five hours.
My ability to continue my daily Blog surfing and commenting will now be greatly enhanced by the use of Lava lamps and On-Demand movies.

Once the Killer Robot Uprising or the Pending Zombie Apocalypse hits I will be ready. Just remember, you have to read the Matrix raw. It's the only way is appreciate the blonds, brunettes and red heads.

--I will need a cool "In Case of Zombies Break Glass" Frame!

Access to concealed handgun permittee information

SB 1084 Access to concealed handgun permittee information.

Introduced by: Emmett W. Hanger, Jr. |


Access to concealed handgun permittee information.  Prohibits the clerk of the court from disclosing identifying information contained on a concealed handgun permit application or on an order issuing a concealed handgun permit, if so requested by the applicant or permittee.

--This will stop the "Outing" of CCP holders.

WANT: Drozd Blackbird

The creative peops at Drozd first delivered the first practical BB machine gun now bring us the Drozd Blackbird.

Like the original Drozd machine gun, the Blackbird uses both CO2 and battery power. Unlike the original, it offers selective fire (300, 450 or 600rpm), and the ability to use bulk-feed CO2, variable burst mode (1, 3 or 6 BBs).

 A Mod Chip is available to convert it to single shot, 3 round burst or Full Auto.

This looks like a really cool pile of inexpensive fun! There are a ton of options available too.

--The guys in the video are knuckle heads but the gun looks like a ton of fun!

Quote of the Day

President Reagan said, 'We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.'
--Truth. Have some.

MOVIE: Resident Evil : Afterlife

Just finished watching Resident Evil : Afterlife

The Miller Rating: 7 of 10

Possible spoilers below after the Firearm list.

Lots of major guns to love in this movie. Here is the list from the Internet Firearm Movie Database:

1 Dual 12-Gauge Sawed-Off Shotgun
2 M4A1 Carbine
3 Heckler & Koch MP5K
4 Br├╝gger & Thomet MP-9
5 Smith & Wesson Model 460V
6 Magnum Research Inc. Mark XIX Desert Eagle
7 Beretta 93R
8 Beretta 90Two
9 Colt Python
10 SIG-Sauer P230
11 Taurus PT92
12 Beretta 92FS

The latest addition to the Resident Evil franchise had some great guns but the plot was kinda weak. It opens up with a scene that simply clears up where the last movie ended. I kinda wish they had made the entire movie out of that one piece. The plot potential of several super Alice babes was enormous. Total waste of several potentially hot, clothes optional, Alices all at once!

Oh Well. Another cliff hanger set up for the next one which I will also buy on DVD for the collection.

It had a Gun Cache. I love Gun caches.

And I noticed for the first time a mistake in IMFDB. They left out the two guys with the Barret .50cals in the beginning.

-- I still say the word when I see Milla Jovovich. "Multi-pass"