At the Gun Store Today

Today I went to my local gun store to get some ammo for a trip to the range later. A couple of funny things happened.

First I saw that they had a rack of belts I had never noticed before, some were even my size. In a previous post someone commented that I should get a better belt. They were right of course. My old heavy leather gun belt had somehow shrunk (cough cough). I picked one in my (current) size. All my holsters like it better.

Second I looked to pick up some extra mags as usual. I like to grab at least one every time I'm there. Some day I will notice suddenly that I have enough. I looked at the Glock 9mm, 33 round factory mags. They had a pile of them. I also noticed that they had gone from $30 each to $44 each. I didn't buy any. I did get some Magpul Mags for the AR, still $17 each, and three boxes of 9mm.

Third, when I went to pay I realized I did not have my drivers license! They usually check it, but don't write down your name. The guy says, "That's ok. You don't need it. I don't know your name but you come in and check out the consignment cases almost every week. And buy sometimes." As I was paying he continued, "We actually don't need to ID folks but we do it to discourage illegals. Virginia makes it tough for them to get a license."

--I just got profiled and I liked it!


Mad Saint Jack said...

I like Natchez for Glock Mags (if their not out).

Anonymous said...

"I just got profiled and I liked it!"

I know you said this as humor, but it struck me to the core. Profile the good.

Jack said...

I recently bought one of those 33 round factory mags for my Glock and I love it. The only problem is that when I shoot I've always felt like I need to empty the full mag for some reason. So now I'm burning through 9mm ammo like never before. I guess I'm just going to have to start buying bulk ammo for real.

JB Miller said...

Jack, I have 3 of those mags so far. I want 10 in 9mm and 10 in .45acp.