Tucson Shooting

We were discussing the Tucson shooting today at work. Gun control advocates are screaming now about "High Capacity Clips". (yes I used the term "clips" to mock their ignorance). A few questions came up:

1) What if it had been a 1911 .45acp?
  • Well, first off, Congresswoman Gifford would be dead. That 9mm drilled a hole threw her head. The .45acp would have been so much worse. (shudder)
  • Others would have been more likely to die.
  • He would have been able to reload. 30 seconds is a long time to prepare a rush. 6 or 8 seconds crowds are still in shock and confused. This allows a reload.
2) What if it had been only 10 round mags? 
  • Will people still be dead? Hell yeah.
  • Does the murderer get the first 10 for free?
  • Is it only the 11th victim that matters? 
3) How many people could you kill with a Hummer before they could stop you?
  • Plow through the crowd.
  • Go from one place to another.
  • Black Friday was decided to be the best day for it.
4) What would be worse?
  • Fire, arson, in forests, cities, homes and businesses.
  • Smart Sniper.
  • Car bombs that work.
  • The Healthcare Plan
--Just another day in the Cube Forest.

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Gunnutmegger said...

If it were a .45acp hardball round, the result might have been the same.

Hardball has a tendency to ricochet off bone.

Notice that I said "might".