Battlestar Galatica Has Nothin On Me

The Beretta CX4 Storm is a favorite, Sci-fi, futuristic looking, semi-automatic, autoloading, pistol caliber, carbine. The barrel is just over 16" in length, and adjustable open sights are included. Mine has the picitinny rail mount and a DOT scope. I’ve found the iron sights are excellent and can be used even as the DOT scope is mounted.

Magazine capacity varies by caliber, ranging between 8 and 20 rounds. After market mags and other accessories are available.

It is a lightweight but soild rifle, and is very well balanced. The rifle’s controls are completely ambidextrous, and quite easy to operate. The action is smooth, and I have yet to experience a failure to feed. It has almost no recoil. Cleaning the CX4 Storm is easy, and it disassembles with no tools needed.

The Beretta CX4 Storm comes in a a few pistol calibers:
1. 9×19MM (and 9×21 for those that live in a country that ban 9×19, such as Italy)
2. .40 S&W
3. .45 ACP

Mine is a .40 S&W. I normally prefer 135 grain bullets in .40 S&W. Because it has a longer barrel, this rifle using 165 grain bullets, attains better velocities than one could from a 135 grain bullet if fired from the shorter barrel of a handgun.

The Beretta CX4 Storm is currently my favorite pistol caliber carbine. It is well built but light weight, and comes in enough different calibers to make most people happy. Recoil is quite soft too. Those in the market for a pistol caliber carbine would do well to consider this rifle.

--Plus it shares mage with Beretta 96D or the new PX4 (next on my list).

Remington Model 11

A few weeks ago I went to the range at Clark Brothers with my son. We had a case of clay pigeons that badly needed killin! The boy was just starting with the shotguns and wanted to practice.

While there I always check the used toy rack. On this particular day there was a Remington Model 11, 12 gauge, semi-auto shotgun. The classic trench sweeper.

It is a classic. They stopped making them in 1947.

I took it straight to the range and missed my first clay and then hit the next 8 in a row. 21 out of 24.

--Not bad for this old guy.