More stash options

Hiding your firearms to keep them handy is getting more and more popular.

The photos on the side here I saw in Lots of good options and DIY projects can be found there.

There are also more and more manufacturers of hidden storage solutions for guns and other valuables. The latest one I have seen is called Covert Furniture.

I wish I had my Grandfathers huge roll top desk. We use to love to lay down on his desk and close the roll top and then eat his stash of malted milk balls he kept in a hidden compartment. Sometimes he'd catch us and lock the top close for a while and pass us notes through the mail slots.

This lesson tells us that if you have small kids, hiding stuff doesn't work, so train those kids about gun safety.

--Now I want some classic malted milk balls! Happy Halloween!

Out the Door

Running to work early! It was either blogging or coffee.

--Guess who won?

Storage Solutions

Back when I lived in a small apartment I was always in search of good storage solutions.

One of these in the back of my closet would have fit the bill very nice.

Walking it in and out in this would also not freak out the elderly democrat former hippie that lives in 3C. Though guitar cases also worked well for transport. (but only if you have a concealed carry permit!)

Make sure you have a strong clothes rod. Not those thin white shelf things made of wire and hope.

You you actually make a home project out of this. Go to Salvation Army and get the right size garment bag. Sew in some Velcro and start adding gear.

Plus the right garment bag will already have lots of pockets and compartments.

--Just don't run it through the scanner at the airport. You might wake the TSA guy.

Skeet Shooting

Had a great time at Clark Brothers, skeet shooting yesterday with my friend Tony. The weather was beautiful

Right off we saw the 75 year old woman with the .500 mag. Damn, she is a good shot. She is the almost every Sunday.

I was shooting my Saiga and Benelli. The Saiga is big fun while skeet shooting! It feels like hot dogs and buns. A case of clays has 135 pidgons and boxes of 12ga come in 25s...

The was a guy in the next lane that brought his girlfriend shooting for the first time. He didn't know they needed eye protection. I loaned them spares. Had to keep an eye on him. I was sure he was going to muzzle me, but never did.

I should have brought the drum for the Saiga. A whole box of shells at once!!

Finished up with a box of 9mm through the Glock 17.

--It was a good day!

Quotes of the Week

A right does not include the material implementation of that right by other men.
--Ayn Rand

There is no reason for doxxing someone except to invite and encourage personal harassment or violence against them. It's inexcusable.
--Marko Kloos

Powerful government tends to draw into it people with bloated egos, people who think they know more than everyone else.
– Walter Williams

In our desire to have gov't become our benefactor and sustainer, we have allowed it to become our taskmaster and overlord.
– Chuck Baldwin

I want a government small enough to fit inside the Constitution.
– Harry Browne

You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
–William JH Boetcker

Our whole constitutional heritage rebels at the thought of giving government the power to control men's minds.
– Thurgood Marshall

Another Random Saturday!

Finished my novel. Went off to the editor and I started book 2!

I am off to take photos today of guns for future blog posts. Going to try it Oleg style!

What caliber do our troops use to fight ebola?

I am planning an epic Nerf Gun fight with my wife soon.

It is so not cool doxxing people on the Internet.

I am going to miss Saturday morning cartoons on Broadcast TV.

So far I have lost 31 pounds as part of my fitness project!

I will no longer allow people to tell me what I believe.

--My zombie gnome is beginning to rejoice the Halloween season!


At work today we were talking about knives.

It wasn't the usual conversation we have where everyone starts showing off their pocket knives, Swiss army knives, multi-tools, and/or flip knives. We were talking about fixed blade knives.

I was amazed that almost everyone had at least one K-Bar. Even the women! This is my favorite model.

You can get it on Amazon for a great price!

- I just ordered another on!

Ottawa Shootings

I really hate the media these days.

For what it does and for what it doesn't do.

They do exactly what these murders want. They want to be famous. I am not going to print the assholes name. I am not even going to link to any story that does.

I believe any media outlet that releases a mass murders name should be heavily fined. The same kind of gag order they have for minors. We would get far less mass murders if we didn't give them what they want.

They are also, once again, going after the gun, not the guy.

What they are also leaving out is that this asshole in Ottawa is yet another radical Muslim. Oh and he was stopped by an old guy with a gun.

--My sincere condolences go out to the victims.


I bought one of these iScope adapters for my iPhone 4s.

This thing works crazy good but I would like to add a few notes.

This rig is perfect for my Ruger 10/22 with a fixed 4x scope. Love it. What it is not so good with is my bolt action .308 rifles. The recoil is just to high on those rigs. But that is just fine really. While I can happily sit up and pull the trigger on my 10/22 with no worries, the .308 need to be shouldered and tucked tight.

My favorite use of it by far is on my spotting scope. I LOVE that! Looking up with just a glance. You can actually do a little digital zooming. You can record the actual shooting. You can even FaceTime the live action elsewhere.

I have a great 60x spotting scope. Combined with this it makes sighting in a scope so much easier.

--Don't be watching your neighbors! No one would ever do that!

Quotes of the Week

The words "solve" and "problems" do not appear in the Constitution.
– Doug Newman

Our Constitution is not a body of law to govern the people; it was formulated to govern the government.
– William F. Jasper

When you subsidize poverty and failure, you get more of both.
– James Dale Davidson

You can't get rid of poverty by giving people money.
– P.J. O'Rourke

The government's War on Poverty has transformed poverty from a short-term misfortune into a career choice.
– Harry Browne

Those who are loudest in proclaiming their desire to eliminate poverty are loudest in denouncing capitalism.
 – Ayn Rand

It's easier to scare someone than to persuade him.
– Edwin Feulner

Random Thought Saturday

I finished writing my Scifi Novel this week. It has been sent to the editor. The word count is 121,285 and is 544 pages in MS Word. That was some fun!

Started Book 2 already.

I didn't read Facebook for a few days and didn't miss it at all.

Turning the night vision off me security cameras can result is seriously creepy images sometimes. Especially when my son is outside with his laptop...

One of the nurses with Ebola is now in a hospital close to me. Stocking up on Spam and 9mm. I wish the .22LR drought was over!!

I want to buy another Glock 17. Two is one and all that.

Might have to go skeet shooting today. I just kind of have that itch.

Still going to the November first Blogshoot. You should as well. No I am not wearing a kilt to this one.

I would like to remind the Obama Administration that the Constitution was written to restrict the Government, NOT the people.

I love the new season of The Walking Dead. Guns are getting way better for the Zombie Apocalypse.

--Yes, I stole the random thought blog post idea from another blog. I like it.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has always been around guns. I saw this article on FOX.

“There’s a rite of passage where I grew up of inheriting your ancestors’ weapons,” said 50-year-old Pitt, according to the Independent. “My brother got my dad’s. I got my grandfather’s shotgun when I was in kindergarten.”

This is the same in my family. I have my fathers shotgun and a revolver. One day my son will have them.

I usually hate it when actors weigh in regarding guns. It is usually with a large dose of hypocrisy. Not Brad Pitt though. I will have to go out and watch one of his movies tonight!

-- I am way behind on movie watching.

Another BlogShoot!

There is another Mid-Atlantic Blogshoot coming up on November 1st 2014.

It will happen once again in Jefferson County West Virginia.

There will be ranges from 7 to 400 yards as well as dinner after if we run like last time.

I will be bringing my new Remington 700 to test it out at a decent distance. I will be bringing my AR15 SBRs and my Roni.

November 1st, 1000 hours, Jefferson County, WV. E-mail for the particulars. RSVP early, please.

--I hope the weather is good!

Quotes of the Week

Those who are loudest in proclaiming their desire to eliminate poverty are loudest in denouncing capitalism.
– Ayn Rand

It's easier to scare someone than to persuade him.
– Edwin Feulner

The more the media peddled fear, the more the people lost the ability to believe in one another.
– Bernard Beckett

Concentrated political power is the most dangerous thing on earth.
– Rudolph Rummel

The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments.
– Ludwig von Mises

We find many things to which the prohibition of them constitutes the only temptation.
– William Hazlitt

It must be obvious that liberty necessarily means freedom to choose foolishly as well as wisely.
– Ben Moreell

When men fight a war for freedom, they are fighting for their lives.
--Ayn Rand

We rarely help the poor by 'spreading the wealth'. We know what works: economic freedom. When countries have it, people prosper.
--John Stossel

Saturday Random Thoughts

I am going to the Peoples Republic of Maryland today and will be unarmed, dammit.

I will be wearing a Hawaiian shirt though.

Found another piece of hidden gun storage furniture on that looks damn useful.

Only 10 more days until the new Elite Shooting Sports center opens for my shooting pleasure.

Only 3 weeks until Halloween! I will eat NO candy this year.

I have lost 25.2 pounds in the last eight weeks and gone to the range five times.

The Constitution is an actual thing. I am growing weary of reminding people that should know better.

I am all set to go to the November 1st Blogger Shoot!

The bone spur on my heal is getting better. I need to reverse this whole aging thing. It's getting out of control.

--I need a snack...

NRA Gun Gurus

I was a member of the live audience for two episodes the TV show NRA Gun Gurus Live!

Well, it was filmed before a live studio audience.  It  did not broadcast live like the Squirrel Report! The episodes will not broadcast until January.

It was really fun to see the process of the show being made. It was hilarious watching the hosts crack each other up or flub their lines.

The show is kind of like the Antiques Road Show for guns! They make it fun for the audience. They had a ton of food and drinks and even desert and coffee. We clapped a lot on queue and the producer was great in the way he worked with the crew, hosts, guests and audience.

They filmed two episodes that evening. They changes shirts and ties between the eps.

It show is sponsored Henry Repeating Arms. Anthony Imperato, President of Henry Firearms, was there as a guest talking about the history of the lever action rifle. He is very proud that Henry Rifles are all Made in the USA. I got a free hat!

These were the last two episodes of the season.

--I will go back if invited again!  Big Fun!

Weekly Comic Wednesday

This stripped is based on actual events.

One of the leaders of Moms Demand Action tweets the screw-up on the left. The posts were deleted but not before they were captured.

Alison Martin eventually had to delete her twitter account.

--Interesting choice indeed.

Race Update!

I purchased an AAC Ti-RANT for my Glock 17.

Here is where I am so far. 
  1. Purchase date - 9/22/14
  2. Obtained 2 passport photos from CVS - 9/22/14
  3. ATF Form 4 completed - 9/22/14
  4. Two fingerprint cards. 9/23/14
  5. Drop off for County Sheriff signature. 9/23/14
  6. Received the signed forms back from the Sheriff. 10/4/14
  7. Mailed out all forms, fingerprint cards and check for $200. 10/6/14
  8. Wait...
The race continues with Murphy!

--We shall see. I will keep you informed!

Boats and Guns

My brother and I went and looked at a sail boat he is considering buying. This one was a 27 foot Catalina. Nice condition too. I think he will make an offer.

The topic of Boat Guns came up and is why if he buys the boat he intends to register and moor to boat in Virginia in stead of Maryland.

But what kind of gun would be good on a boat? For defense? Survival? For fun?

I think he will need a handgun like a stainless S&W 629, a shotgun like a stainless Mossberg 500 Mariner, and a rifle. Still the standard 3 gun system.

What features are good to have in a boat gun? What about accessories?

The first thing that comes to mind is stainless steel guns. Much easier to care for. Less likely to corrode. Also a bit more expensive. I have seen stainless handguns of all kinds as will as shotguns. But not to many all stainless AR15s or AR10s. (AR10 is way better for pirates)

I have seen several water tight containers for firearms.  Combined with a moisture collection packet or even a cloth bag of rice, guns can stay dry. I have seen nice designs for PVC pipe, waterproof, floating containers.

Oh, I'd also toss in a Henry Arms AR-7 that stows in it's own waterproof stock! The whole think floats.

--What else would make a good Boat Gun?

Quotes of the Week

The free-enterpriser works for what he gets. The modern American collectivist grabs what he can get away with.
-Ayn Rand Bot

We find many things to which the prohibition of them constitutes the only temptation.
– William Hazlitt

Every action refers to an unknown future. It is in this sense always a risky speculation.
– Ludwig von Mises

It must be obvious that liberty necessarily means freedom to choose foolishly as well as wisely.
– Ben Moreell
Whatever the issue, let freedom offer us a hundred choices, instead of having government force one answer on everyone.
– Harry Browne

Friday Random Thoughts

I am going camping this weekend again. I love camping in the fall.

We will also be doing some skeet shooting. I will probably take my mag fed Saiga 12ga just for fun.

I will be going with my brother to look at a sailboat he is thinking of buying. I mention it because because the marina is in southern MD. I will go unarmed, dammit.

I decided this week that I am going to attend the Pumpkin Chunkin event this year the weekend of Oct 24-26. It should be big stupid fun with catapults and canons with pumpkin projectiles. Let me know if you want to go!

Got my camper back from the shop. Will give it a shake down this weekend!

--Enjoy your Friday!!

Range Owner Creates "Muslim Free" Zone

Jan Morgan, the owner of the Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Hot Springs, Arkansas, has declared it a “Muslim-free zone.”

She knew it was going to be controversial and she documented her reasons in detail on the website.

I first saw the story when a friend posted this TPNN article on Facebook.

--Safety First. Always.