The Essentials

I have a bad itch for a new pocket knife.

The Bottleneck BK-3B Butterfly Knife is one of the leading contenders.

It has one hand opening and a bottle opener when closed!

--What else is new and awesome?

RIP Newbius

My friend Newbius has passed away.

I don't know any of the details but my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Newbius was one of the very first Gun Bloggers that I met in person. I enjoyed his views, his conversation, his company...


Touring VCU Today

Today, I am taking my daughter for a tour of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

What does this have to do with guns?

Guns are prohibited on campus.

I will not be carrying concealed today. But I will be asking questions about firearms on campus. I will let you know what the say.

The interesting thing is that it is an urban, state university. It is in the middle of Richmond proper. How do they measure when you are in public as opposed to private property where guns can be prohibited? And how can they call state own university grounds private property?

--I will try not to embarrass my daughter too much

Part 4: The Waiting

Gemtech Blackslide 45
Four months ago today, I began a new series of blog posts: How to Buy a Supressor

I have gone into detail on everything I have had do to buy a new suppressor for my Glock 21. 

The gun shop where I bought it does a lot of Class III business. Here is what I have done already:
  1. I filled out a simple ATF Form 4 and provided my Drivers License. 
  2. Five minutes later they had printed off, and signed, three copies for me to sign. They included them in a packet with instructions and fingerprint cards.
  3. I paid for the suppressor. Just the suppressor.
  4. They boxed it up, labeled it and put it in the safe.
  5. Obtained two passport photos.
  6. Obtained two finger print cards.
  7. Submitted the forms for signature by the County Sheriff.
  8. Sent in all the forms with a check for $200.
  9. Wait...
All of it was mailed in December 15. I am hoping to have it in hand by BAG day on April 15th.

--That was it for today. Next up: Two passport photos.

Failure to Feed

I had a new failure this weekend with my 1911. I thought I had worked out all the bugs on this puppy. So much so, that this had become my daily carry piece.

This was a totally new type of failure too. The slide locked open as if it was empty when it was not empty. A quick touch on the slide release and it's ready to go again.

The web does not seem to be much help. I have already tried a giant pile of mags to fix other issues. Different Rounds might cause it. But I have already run about 500 of these same rounds through it.

--Any Ideas?

Range Day

My Brothers First Time in 20 Years
I went to Clark Brothers with my brother and my nephew on Thursday.

We started with handguns. My Beretta Px4 .40cal. was a great shooter. My brother loves my S&W 539 9mm.

Also had my 1911 and my Ruger Mark III with a silencer. Got aa lot of interest.

After handguns we did some skeet shooting. They had never shot skeet before, ever.

We had 2 shotguns with us including the Saiga 12. Big fun. Everyone did super! 80% or higher! Not bad for first timers.

--This was followed by Excellent Subs and a hike in the Mountains. A great day.

Range Day

I am headed to the range today with with my brother and my nephew. I think we are going to do some skeet shooting as well.

I will take some pics and post them later!

--Skeet shooting with the Saiga!!

Last Weekend

I mentioned that I took a friend to the range for the first time last weekend. Here she is!

One of the things I like at Clark Brothers is that they allow photography. No pics allowed at the NRA HQ range.

Must be lawyers involved!

  --I already have four more people lined up to go!!

Hunger Games

I just finished re-reading the Hunger Games series of books in prep for the movie to come out.

I find it very interesting when someone who knows nothing about guns, includes them in stories and does a good, non-distracting, job at it.

These are SciFi stories that take place in a post-apocalyptic America. I really enjoyed them and think this franchise will be huge, like Harry Potter.

--I will do a review when I see it!

DIY James Bond

Click on this image for a bigger view.
A friend sent me this photo knowing I am a gun enthusiastic. My first thought was that is was a waste of a nice Browning Auto 12ga shotgun.

Once I got thinking about it I started to consider what I would do differently on a "do it yourself" vehicle mounted system on a budget.

First a few general notes:

  • It should have a super bright, remote activated, green LASER sight.
  • Cover the muzzle a small piece of duct tape to keep out debris.
  • It needs a remote safety activation system. And "Arm" and then "Fire" kind of thing.
  • It should be highly reliable. It needs to be shaking, dirt, heat resistant.
  • It should be reasonably high capacity. This picture shows a shotgun with a 5 round capacity.
  • It should be Mag fed for capacity and ease of reloading.
  • It should be segregated from the engine compartment in some way. 
If the main point of the system was Road Warrior style tire destruction I would use a Saiga 12ga with a really short barrel. I would remove the stock and mount it lower near frame level. I would enclose the whole thing in a  box that would both protect it from engine and road dirt. It would also catch the ejected shell casings. The AK architecture would allow an easy mechanical safety switch. Make it big enough to hold the big drums.

Another option would be a Glock 9mm rig. There are 100 round mags available for it. Like the brief case MP5 systems that are out there.

All this presumes you don't have the money fore a wild, belt fed, system. Know your local regulations!

--Fun to think about. Would never do it. If you did one, what would you do?

Stoeger X20 Suppressor Air Rifle

I think the next gun I will buy is going to be a Stoeger X20 Suppressor Air Rifle. I handled one a few days ago and was very impressed with the workmanship. 

This would be an excellent squirrel rifle. It comes in both .177 and .22 calibers. Click on the image for a closer look.

--At the modest price of $220 including the scope!

Bad Shots

We went to Clark Brothers last weekend and took some pics. Later I was looking at this one and noticed the bullet holes in the ceiling.

Click on the image for a bigger look.

There are some really bad shots out there.

--Know your target and what behind it...


I am sure the next time I walk through a metal detector this new implant will set it off.

I broke a molar and ended up an oral surgeons office today. He pulled the tooth and drill a huge hole. Then he installed this thing with a pneumatic drill!

This implant was the size of a .45acp!

--Thank the makers for good drugs...


I bet this is used in a bad action film sometime soon.

Check it out on their own web site HERE:

There will be some sold to novelty collectors. More will probably be sold to Douchbags who want to play big boy rules.

--I think its just dumb.

New Shooter Number 32

Jamie and the .357
I took my friend Jamie to the range today for her first time ever shooting handguns.

We sat  down for an hour in advance so I could answer her questions, give her a safety talk, memorize the Four Rules, and learn range procedures.

I took three guns for her to try.
  • Glock 17 9mm
  • S&W 539 9mm
  • Ruger SP-101 .357
She did well with all three. She was always on the paper at 25 feet. The gun she liked the feel of the best and the one she actually shot the best was the .357 revolver.

She actually got 5 bulls eyes with the SP-101 shooting .38spl. She really liked the simplicity of the revolver. The loading and the function included. 

She doesn't flinch much at all.

Another guy was there with his girlfriend and he did not teach her proper thumb placement and she got a wicked bloody slide bite.

My friend Joe went along as well. His first time shooting in like 12 years! He wants to go way more often now!

--I love it when a plan comes together...

The Henry AR-7

I have been thinking about my brother a lot this week. (he passed away)

We use to love going camping and doing some shooting. He only had 2 guns and one of them was an AR-7.

We must have run about 10,000 rounds through this guy. The sights and trigger are really bad but the way it breaks down and stows in the stock makes it a great camp gun or a survival cache rifle.

It's even waterproof when stowed.

I bought one myself years later. The trigger and sights are improved.

--Good Stuff.

Lining them up!

After posting about introducing people to shooting I was contacted by two more friends that would like to go to the range. A couple in their 40s.

They also wanted to know how to buy a hand gun. That is easy in Virginia. They were under the impression there was training requirements and that they had to get a license. None of that is required in VA. But they do want some training. Some from me to make them safe and familiar and then a formal class later. Even concealed carry permits.

Glock 19
They have read a lot about choices on the Internet and are leaning to a Glock 9mm. They want a tool. "doesn't have to be pretty".  They want simple, reliable and high capacity. I have a couple Glocks I let them handle. Love learned to love Trijicon Night Sights.

Before our Rang trip in a couple weeks they have to memorize these:

The Four Rules

1) Treat all guns as if they are always loaded
2) Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy
3) Keep your finger OFF the trigger until your sights are on the target
4) Be sure of your target and what’s beyond it

The Two Disciplines

1) Muzzle Discipline:  Watch where you are pointing that damn thing!
2) Trigger Discipline: Keep your booger hook off

--I need some range time this week. Need it bad...


My heart is not in it this week. It's been 10 days since my brother died and I still find myself staring into space. I am back to work. Still catching up after being gone for a week with no prep.

Better content is coming soon. I have a new custom shoulder holster for my Beretta 96D. I have some range to coming. I have to run tests on the Tec-22 and my new Magpul flip-up sights for my JR Carbine. More on all that later.

This weekend I plan on taking another new shooter to the range for the first time. Jamie will be number 32 on the the list. She is 20 years old and never fired a gun ever. We will start with the .22LR hand guns and work up to at least 9mm.

--I will have the .44 mag in the bag in case she is really into the recoil. It's happened in the past!

It's in the Air

There has been a lot of movement in my region to relax past gun control measures that have proven to not lower crime.
  • VA has the one gun a month for non-CCP holders lifted.
  • MD is in the process of switching from a May Issue to Must Issue conceal carry state.
  • DC had the Heller decision followed by Emily Miller
As far as politics go I fear a second term for President Obama. He has wisely stayed off gun control so far. Well if you don't count Fast and Furious type attempts to pad the issue.

--We have a long way to go. But we are moving the right direction.

Tec-22 Project Update

The parts finally arrived for the repairs on the Tec-22.

The Firing Pin and Return Spring were actually very inexpensive and easy to replace once I learned exactly where the tiny spring belonged.

I actually bought an extra set of the spare parts. It might be needed again if it is a common failure.

I forgot how fun this little guy is to shoot.

I think I have found a good LASER for it.

--Next up I need to find the right suppressor.

Training Video

We were talking about guns somehow at my brothers service somehow. I got home to find this link from a friend to cheer me up. It is very instructional. And it did cheer me up!

 --Sometimes, all you need is a detailed video to get it right.

Sudden Death

My brothers service was yesterday and the dust is beginning to settle.

This whole thing has me thinking about prepping for my own unexpected demise. Every now and then I look at the worse case scenario and prepare for it. As far as guns are concerned, if I were to die expectantly, The only guns that present a problem are my Class III items. My heirs are not allowed to posses them. In fact they would be required to surrender to the County Sheriff as soon as possible.

To mitigate that, I need to set up a Living Trust for the Class III items.

I have the name of a local attorney that specializes in Living Trusts. Once one is set up my wife and children will be able to possess my Class III firearms without violating the law or having to pay another transfer fee. I will document that process as I kick it off in the future.

--My brother didn't have any NFA controlled items. He did have guns though.