DIY James Bond

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A friend sent me this photo knowing I am a gun enthusiastic. My first thought was that is was a waste of a nice Browning Auto 12ga shotgun.

Once I got thinking about it I started to consider what I would do differently on a "do it yourself" vehicle mounted system on a budget.

First a few general notes:

  • It should have a super bright, remote activated, green LASER sight.
  • Cover the muzzle a small piece of duct tape to keep out debris.
  • It needs a remote safety activation system. And "Arm" and then "Fire" kind of thing.
  • It should be highly reliable. It needs to be shaking, dirt, heat resistant.
  • It should be reasonably high capacity. This picture shows a shotgun with a 5 round capacity.
  • It should be Mag fed for capacity and ease of reloading.
  • It should be segregated from the engine compartment in some way. 
If the main point of the system was Road Warrior style tire destruction I would use a Saiga 12ga with a really short barrel. I would remove the stock and mount it lower near frame level. I would enclose the whole thing in a  box that would both protect it from engine and road dirt. It would also catch the ejected shell casings. The AK architecture would allow an easy mechanical safety switch. Make it big enough to hold the big drums.

Another option would be a Glock 9mm rig. There are 100 round mags available for it. Like the brief case MP5 systems that are out there.

All this presumes you don't have the money fore a wild, belt fed, system. Know your local regulations!

--Fun to think about. Would never do it. If you did one, what would you do?


Anonymous said...

I just saw on some TV reality show were they installed a pair of Walther PPKs as car guns.

Broken Andy said...

If I found out some idiot was driving around town with one of these I'd be super pissed. That thing is an ND waiting to happen.

CTone said...

It may prove useful during road-rage incidents along I-95. Disable some crazy yahoo's Camry and guide them safely onto the shoulder with the rebar brushguard. I think it'll work!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Need a Turret Mount. Who Knows what's Sneaking up Behind you? Just ask all those Guys who've Fought in the Sandbox riding in "Gun Truck" Humvees.

Old NFO said...

Hell, just go with a Dillon in a retractable roof turret... :-)