BOOK SIGNING: McKay Books in Manassas VA - August 21st, 11 AM to 3 PM

 Finally, the world is opening back up and for the first time in 18 months, I'll be signing books!

--See you there!

Now more than Ever

--It should be worthy to note that now in 2020 the Nations Gun Show was canceled because of COVID. Gun sales are skyrocketing again and the next show is scheduled for the last weekend in August.

A New Project

I really enjoy Pinterest these days.

No bullshit prohibitions on Gun photos. 

I just saw this pic and it gave me a great Ideal for an easy project. I'm going to pick up a guitar case from craigslist or FB Marketplace and trick it out for one of my AR15s.

--I have a concealed carry permit after all...

Blog Anniversary

I started this blog on June 11, 2008?

A lot of the world has changed in those 12 years. Especially in VA.

Back then I never thought Gun control would be a problem in this state.

I now have a racist, idiot for Governor.

For now...

Richmond Yesterday

Yesterday there was a peaceful march in Richmond VA to protest Police Violence. It brought together folks of all races and organizations. BLM and 2ND supporters.

No riots, no destruction. (Know Riots, Know Destruction.)

Photos by Ford Fischer

--Here is a link to more photos.

Virginia is waking up...

Notice the difference in the poll and the headline. These people need to learn that they follow the will of the people or get voted out.

Have a happy and safe Summer Solstice.

Tonight is a good night for a bonfire. And reflection. It's a good night to remember that the Earth does not really care about you. It will continue to have Summer Solstice even if no one is here to recognize it.

Remember that you are part of the greatest minority. The individual. Care for that minority and all the others will benefit as well.

--Enjoy the Shortest Night. And the Longest Day of 2020. May the tide turn...