New Template for The Miller

So I shifted the blog template for the site. Let me know what you think?

--Could be worse.

The Walking Dead

Tonight is the first episode of the new TV series The Walking Dead on AMC.

This is the first modern TV series that is about the pending Zombie Apocalypse!

This show has promise for good gun content. Expect show reviews, comments on firearm selections and tactics on acing shamblers!

--Hoping for a new favorite show!


Yet another toy to add to my list:

Kel-Tec RFB

RFB stands for Rifle, Forward-ejecting Bullpup. Why forward-ejecting? Because it allows the RFB to be the first truly ambidextrous 7.62 NATO Bullpup ever developed.

The patented, dual-extractor system maintains control of the case from the moment it leaves the magazine and upon firing, pulls the fired case from the chamber and lifts them to push them into an ejection chute above the barrel, where they exit.

The Bullpup configuration and tilting-block mechanism allow the 18" model to be only 26.1" long, or as much as 14" shorter in overall length than its competitors with equal barrel lengths.

--The MSRP is under $1900.

Post Secret

Post Secret is one of my weekly stops on the Internet. Every now and then they have gun content that's sometimes good and sometimes bad. Usually interesting.

--Bullies Suck. Cops have my respect. But I carry a gun because cops are too heavy...

Listen to these words. Closely.

Grassroots, Guns and Freedom

Now this is a fund raiser I can get behind! Guns and Coffee!!

On Monday, Landis' group raised money by raffling off some guns (along with a year's supply of Starbucks coffee). Landis is originally from Maryland and said that while guns still make her nervous, fellow Nevadans assured her they were appropriate Western prizes. Indeed, of the guns up for grabs -- a scoped hunting rifle, two Glock 9mm handguns and a 12-gauge shotgun -- some were donated by Nevada's Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki.

--Dammit. I miss all the fun...

Defending Self-Defense

I had occasion to visit The University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA recently and really enjoyed it. I was amazed to discover that I was allowed to carry concealed there. I have a friend at work who went to UVA. He pointed me to this article, written by a student there:

Defending Self-Defense
The University’s prohibition of concealed firearms on Grounds severely limits the safety of students

--It is very concise on the issue. Forcing students to rely on a third party for defense is impracticable and unsafe.

Washington Post Poll

All gun rights supporters should pile on this pole:

"Should gun stores be held responsible for crimes committed with weapons
that they have sold?"

--Let's show them what we think.

Kids and the 4 Rules

Randomly I will demand that one of my offspring recite the 4 Rules. They always comply, even my daughter:

1) Treat every gun as if it is loaded.

2) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

3) Don't point your gun at something you don't want destroyed.

4) Know your target and what's behind and around it.

I don't mind if they role their eyes a bit as they recite them with a bored voice as if it is the multiplication tables. The 4 Rules are etched in there.

Once my son and I were headed to the range with T-Bolt. T-Bolt demanded to hear "The Rules" and my son recited:

1) To crush your enemies.

2) To see them driven before you.

3) And to hear the lamentation of de women...

--That's my boy...

Internet Movie Firearm Database!

One of my favorite Internet resources as a gun owner is the Internet Movie Firearm Database.

I go to the movies sometimes I will see a gun I don't recognize. I enjoy following up and seeing what Make and Model it was. It's great for links and pics and discussion starters.

So if you see a big chain gun or a modified revolver for a scifi film. Check out IMFDB!

--I'll be back... to

Is this a Violation of the 4 Rules?

I know what he must be thinking:

1) Treat every gun as if it's loaded.

2) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

3) Never point it at anything you don't want to destroy.

4) Be sure of your target, as well as, what is behind and around it.

5) D'OH!!??

--Sometimes, adhering to the 4 Rules is not enough.

Why I don't Like Airsoft

There is a ton of kids in my neighbor that get together on weekends and have roving firefights using Airsoft guns. It slowly escalated. More kids. Bigger battles. Camo clothes. Airsoft assault rifles like the one pictured.

When the battles started to get out of hand they were going from yard to yard. Hiding behind other people cars. Sniper fire from the curb storm drains.

People started building new fences to keep the assault teams of 9 year olds out. Complaints lodged with the HOA. And worse of all, calls to the actual police.
Imagine rolling into an unknown situation, at dusk, to see a camo clad figure, running for cover carrying an Uzi, an AR-15, or a Remington 870. A little orange tip the only thing protecting them.

I already disliked Airsoft because it encourages kids to start bad habits, violating the 4 Rules constantly.

Then in a town near me some MS13 gang members were arrested with real guns that had the flash hiders painted bright orange, stating "It makes the cops hesitate just long enough."

--Did I mention they were illegal immigrants.

The Range: Not about the Guns

When we go to the range or remote farms on Ohio to go shooting we mostly think about our guns and ammo. Admit it. There has been times when you got the range having forgotten your ear protection. We may remember our eye and ear protection, usually. But how much else do you really think about?

Here is a few more things to remember to take to the range:

  • Take a hat. Hats keep hair out of your eyes. On outdoor ranges or farms in Ohio they can keep your shaved heads from burning. They can shield your scope and eyes from bad angles of the sun. They can hide your eyes as you're checking out the Hot Librarian shooting in the next lane over. Hats are good.
  • Carefully select your clothes too. Some choices are way better than others. I have seen hot brass go down the fronts of many low cut shirts on women. Thinking of that, I smile when ever I see cleavage at the range. Well, honestly, I smile when ever I see a lot of cleavage. Can't help it. This problem is not just one for the ladies. I myself have had a lot of hot casing down the collar of my shirt. It's one of the reason I am usually untucked. The smart ones wear turtle necks.
--No hot brass dancing for them!

WANT: Kel-Tec PMR-30 Carbine

In a previous post I was stating my desire to get the modestly priced PMR-30 handgun in .22mag.

Now they are considering a carbine version of this firearm. I would buy this for sure. It has a standard 30 round mag in the grip, picatinny rails on top and bottom and a standard adjustable stock. It promises to be very light.

Compatible mags with the handgun would ensure I'd buy both!

--WANT! Want bad!

Inventory and Insurance

Several years ago my sister had a fire at her place. In addition to losing the barn and offices her husband lost all his guns.

He was lucky enough to be able to recover what was left of them from the rubble. The serial numbers, including make and model, were evident even with the stocks burned away.

They had not planned ahead. None of them had been documented.

I learned from their error.
I now keep an inventory folder of all my firearms. I take a digital photo of each. Annotate the photo with the serial number, make and model, any add-ons like scopes, stocks, LASERs and other options. I keep a spreadsheet of the mags I have as well. Because I have a lot of them. And tools, and other gear. I print all this off and keep the prints in a binder. That binder is in my safe deposit box with other important papers.

--Insurance supplemental riders is another story.

When Kids Understand

One of the things that I wish people would come to understand is that keeping kids completely ignorant of firearms does not keep the safe. It places them at greater risk.

If a child can recognize a REAL gun he can take the appropriate action. Here is an example:

(AP) — An 11-year-old Ohio boy remembered warnings from relatives in law enforcement and didn't pick up a handgun he found in a neighbor's yard. Instead, Mason Knannlein had the neighbor call Toledo police and watched the gun until officers arrived, so no one else would touch it either.

The boy's mother and aunt say handling the gun could have been very dangerous. The Blade newspaper reports the gun had one round in its chamber, ten more bullets in its magazine and no external safety device.

The aunt is a county sheriff's deputy and says there'd been a burglary report and foot pursuit in the neighborhood last Tuesday, the day before Mason found the gun. But she couldn't say for certain that was where the gun came from.

We have seen many times the tragic stories of ignorant kids getting their hands on a real gun...

--I would like to shake that boys hand.

My $.02: Training

I have been reading a ton about training lately.

There is a lot of training to be had out there. I have had a few courses myself. Courses like Hunter Safety, Basic Handgun, Concealed Carry, I even had rifle training as a teen. I recommend that everyone take a couple classes, spend some time with an instructor on the range, really learn a good foundation for safety and good shooting habits.

Classes should be followed by practice. Just do it. Weekly if possible. That is the training we all need. Practice, practice, practice…

Here is what I don’t recommend:

Beware any course that pretends that they will train you “Tactical Assault” techniques. Trust me. You cannot learn how to clear a house with your fancy AR-15 like a SWAT team in one day.

You are not that pretty.

It takes hundreds of dedicated hours to train effectively for that kind of wet work. A kind you will probably never need. Done right, a carbine class could be fun and safe, but it’s not training. Real training. Just fun entertainment. Maybe not even that if it is not safely done.

Here is what I do recommend (practical):

  • Basic Handling of Firearms for Beginners – Intro to the 4 rules, Bullets go in here, come out here.
  • Hand gun live range work, form, and fundamentals – Tips you can use as you practice on your own
  • Hunter safety – Special situational safety like how to climb a fence or tree stand
  • Rifle Training - range work – sighting in a scope, benching, various stances and methods

--Train to be safe. Admit that some kinds of “Training” is just entertainment. Make sure even that is safe.

The King and his Hobbies

Elvis Presley's Signed Application for gun purchase Dec. 2, 1970 at a Palm Springs, CA. gun shop to purchase an Astra handgun & filled out an extensive Federal Firearms Form 4473.

Elvis claimed to be six foot one inches tall, weighing 160 lbs and gave his Beverly Hills address.

Note: Elvis ticked "NO" when asked if he is addicted to stimulants or narcotics...

--And later he shot this TV!

Movie Review: RED

The Miller Rating: 8 of 10

I really enjoyed this movie. It was paced well, great casting, acting, action, and I loved the characters. Especially Helen Mirren.

She must have been a shooter before this movie. No flinching. Not even blinking. Even with guns that had actual recoil. Great stuff.

It was great when she let rip with a .50 cal, belt fed, full auto. Funny thing was that they were not wearing hearing protection and simply talked with raised voices, standing right next to it. HA!

Lots of excellent Gun Love in this movie. Lots of different types. Hollywood loves MP5s. Almost as much as Desert Eagles.

I have never fired an MP5, but I would like to!

I also always love it when they have the heroes Hidden Gun Cache.

--Great flick for Gunnies!

Become a Student of Your Enemy

Study your adversary closely.

If you encounter this Killer Robot during an uprising it will probably have it's armor on!
Make sure you carry a heavy rig. I'd go with a .308 minimum. If it's armor is 1/4 inch you will need the penetration.

--After all, It carries a belt-fed .308!!

Police Chief Eric Swenson has found his bullets...


SEBEKA, Minn. (AP) - Police Chief Eric Swenson has found his bullets. The chief of the Sebeka, Minnesota department had reported that police equipment including ammunition had been stolen. But the missing cop gear wasn't too far away. Swenson found the equipment in his kids' backyard fort. The Daily Journal of Fergus Falls reports the missing stuff included loaded ammo clips, stun grenades, a police radio and a pair of night vision goggles.

--Stun Grenades?! Kids these days!

The Snubby from Hell

Last weekend I had the chance to shoot a Smith & Wesson 360PD Revolver (aka The Snubby from Hell). I had looked at this revolver many times at the Nations Gun Show. I am always looking for a good Concealed Carry gun. It has features like a decent caliber (.357 Mag), reliable action, small (Length: 6.375 in, Width: 1.312 in, Height: 4.25 in, Barrel Length: 1.875 in) and light (Weight Empty: 11.3 oz).

Yes, I said 11.3 ounces empty and a .357mag.

That is why JayG calls it the Snubby from Hell!

I like the double action and the smaller 5 round titanium cylinder. The alloy frame is what makes it so light. It won't make my pants fall down! I hate that!

--Great stuff. I'm putting it on the shopping list!

Northcoast Blogmeet 2010

One of the things I loved the most about the Blog Shoot was trying other peoples guns.

This picture is Breda shooting my DPMS AR-15. It is nearly recoil-less and Breda said, "I Love this thing, I could shoot it all day." Please note the Hello Kitty ear muffs.

It probably helped that she had just finished shooting Newbius's .308 that kicked like a mule.

Many thanks to Heath and Amanda for hosting!!

--I will so be there for the next one.

Northcoast Blogmeet 2010

I had the good fortune to attend the Northcoast Blogmeet.
  • The weather was beautiful.
  • The company was excellent.
  • The food plentiful and nummy.
  • The beer was cold.
  • Bacon Candy!!
And then there was the shooting. Many future blog posts will result!

I got to shoot many firearms. These shooters were happy to share.

As much fun as the shooting was, the best part was meeting the people. Heath and Amanda were excellent hosts. Thanks for letting us invade your home! (invade is an understatement) It was great hanging out with Breda, Mike, JayG, TBolt , Newbius and everyone!