Why I don't Like Airsoft

There is a ton of kids in my neighbor that get together on weekends and have roving firefights using Airsoft guns. It slowly escalated. More kids. Bigger battles. Camo clothes. Airsoft assault rifles like the one pictured.

When the battles started to get out of hand they were going from yard to yard. Hiding behind other people cars. Sniper fire from the curb storm drains.

People started building new fences to keep the assault teams of 9 year olds out. Complaints lodged with the HOA. And worse of all, calls to the actual police.
Imagine rolling into an unknown situation, at dusk, to see a camo clad figure, running for cover carrying an Uzi, an AR-15, or a Remington 870. A little orange tip the only thing protecting them.

I already disliked Airsoft because it encourages kids to start bad habits, violating the 4 Rules constantly.

Then in a town near me some MS13 gang members were arrested with real guns that had the flash hiders painted bright orange, stating "It makes the cops hesitate just long enough."

--Did I mention they were illegal immigrants.

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