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I Rearranged My Shop Tonight

I got some new shelves from that are perfect for ammo storage. They really make it easy to see the inventory at a glance and show me what needs restocking.

I got two sets that are each about four feet wide and three feet tall. I believe they were originally intended for CDs or VHS tapes. 

One shelf unit has my ammo sorted on shelves by caliber. The other shelf has assorted magazines, loaded, organized and ready to go.

Already I can see I where need to stock up. Ammo types I need to buy. Additional magazines for specific firearms too.  At the Northcoast blogshoot I blew through about a 1000 rounds of various flavors. Christmas is coming! Ammo makes a great gift! Wink, wink!

--Good Times.

iPad and Blog Running

I recently got an iPad. I figured ti would be a novelty that would allow light web browsing, email and maybe eBook utility.

One thing I really like is my daily Blog Running of gun bloggers.

The Safari browser holds nine of them all at once and even saves me the HUGE inconvenience of clicking on a link.

The best part is the form factor of the thing. It's like a book or a magazine. Some blogs seem designed specifically for the iPad. I have even optimized my blogs design for iPad viewing.

--I even listen to Breda's Radio show on the iPad now. Fun Stuff.

Life Imitates Art

Gun Found On Law & Order Set

Life imitated art on the set of crime drama LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES on Wednesday (03Nov10), when a crewmember discovered a discarded gun during filming.

Castmembers including Skeet Ulrich and Corey Stoll were shooting a scene in the Culver City area of Los Angeles when a cameraman spotted a handgun lying on a rock.

Real-life cops were called to the scene and took the firearm away to be processed and logged for crime matches.

L.A. Police spokeswoman Karen Rayner has confirmed the semi-automatic handgun was not a replica.

--I would love to know what the real story of that gun is.

Blog Trolls

You have all seen them.

Weak, sad, dim, blog trolls.

"In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion."

The anti-gun trolls are some of the worst kind. It seems like they do not care what the facts are they will cling to their anti-gun position. In they end, what they don't seem to realize, that they will remain unarmed and weak, while we will remain armed and powerful.

--Just ignore them. Don't Feed the Trolls.

DC Murder Rate

Washington DC was once known as "The Murder Capital" because the count of murders was the highest in number per capita of any city in the US. 

The 2009 numbers had a dramatic drop of 25% in one year!  The lowest since 1963! What happened?

DC vs Heller happened.

More bad guys started getting shot by armed citizens.

They now know that there might be an armed woman behind that door they are trying to kick in.

--Now they need to pass a Shall Issue concealed carry program.

Your Future Robot Overloads are Listening

"ShotSpotter is the world leader in gunshot and explosion detection and location technology. 
Our ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System® solutions provide comprehensive incident awareness that saves lives, protects first responders and secures critical infrastructure. From urban neighborhoods to the military combat field, it is now possible to hear what you cannot see™."

Washington DC now has a full gunfire detection system installed in the city. Any gunfire in the streets will bring the police immediately (avg time, 4 mins). No need to wait for 911 calls anymore. Often no one would even call and bodies would be found in the morning.

When seconds count, help is only 4 minutes away...

--Yeah, it sounds good until the Killer Robots want to pinpoint your location.

Happy Thanksgiving to You

Required Gun Content
Have a great day of feasts. Spend some time thinking about what you are thankful for, between food comas. I have four food comas scheduled.

Watch a parade. Eat some pie. Drink coffee and maybe some good wine. Sneak bacon into the stuffing. Pinch someones bottom in a crowded kitchen. Fall asleep watching football. Call absent friends and family and say, "I Love you. I miss you." because they want to hear it.

--Be thankful. Save me some pie.

The Collection: Alice

T-Bolt was talking about building an AR15 (all the cool kids are doing it). I thought I would detail my experiences with mine.

I would like to introduce you to Alice. She is my super hero Zombie Killer. She is named after Alice from Resident Evil.

Alice is my very first AR15. She started out as a basic DPMS, flat top with a bull barrel. A real tack driver.

I learned how to strip an AR15 all the way down with Alice. I learned where all the little springs were that would sproing. I learned how far I could break it down without tools. I learned the parts that really need serious cleaning after every range run.

I started upgrading it. I replaced the pistol grip, the fore grip with a quad rail and the stock. I added the EOTech, the 3x flip out, the LASER, the fore grip with tac-light. I also bought 10 Magpul magazines.

Lessons Learned:
Tools worth having
  1. Don't put an adjustable cheek pad stock on an AR15. It gets in the way of the charging handle if the cheek pad is up. 
  2. Watch a pile of Youtube videos BEFORE you do a full disassemble. The tiny springs are easy to lose.
  3. Get some simple flip up peep sights.Shit happens.
  4. Don't forget to get a good sling.
  5. All that extra crap hanging on it makes it heavy. It's OK for a gorilla like me. But if I had to carry it all day it would get old.
  6. Buy the right tools. There is nothing like the right tool for the job.
--The next one I will build from scratch. It will be cheaper, simpler and lighter. 

Gun Dreams

I was standing on a deserted city street when I became aware. It was midday. The sun was high behind haze. I checked my pockets and belt. I had my Glock 21 .45acp and one extra mag. Beside me there was a burlap bag.

The bag was full of shit.

It was deathly quiet. The wind was the only sound. Until I heard the engine.

A black stretch limo pulled up to the curb in front of me. The driver was Jane Curtain, the Jane from the early SNL days. She gets out, walks around to the passenger door saying, “Good afternoon Mr. Miller.”

She opens the door for me and waits. I pick up the bag and climb in.

Inside is T-Bolt, JayG, Breda, Mike and Newbius. They nod in greeting but don’t say a word. I had to adjust my holster so the Glock 21 does not dig into the leather. Breda looks at the bag and raises an eyebrow.

Jane drives up this steep mountain road with many switchback. Eventually we are above the tree line. At the top of this road is a flattened pad. It’s big enough for helicopters to land. Jane opens the door and I exit the limo with my bag of shit in tow. Everyone else follows as I walk to the edge of the precipice.

We stand and look down at the clouds for a while.

Eventually,  with a huge dramatic swing, I fling the bag from the cliff.

We all draw and fire. The bag shreds before it reaches the clouds…

Ammo Storage Idea

A few months back a friend of mine had a flood in his basement. His hot water heater decided that it was time to explode in a spectacular fashion while everyone was at work.

After lots of cursing, and sloshing he eventually found the main water cut off. (BTW, If your water main valve is not clearly marked, stop reading this and go find it. Better now than when water is spraying.)

A few days later, after the hot water heater was fixed and the water back on, I was helping repack all their Christmas stuff in dry boxes.

One of the wet boxes had a ammo in it. It was about 30 boxes of .22LR that got soaked. He gave the ammo to me. So far it has been ok. Except for the cardboard boxes.

I had an idea so that would not ever happen to me.

I washed some 20 ounce bottles and dried them really well. Using a simple funnel I filled them with ammo. Each bottle holds 450 rounds of of 22LR. The pic shows a handy, grab and go, 900 rounds. each bottle is a great size, makes the ammo easy to inventory and keeps it dry. Six of them fit in a large ammo can.

I am going to buy some of the small desiccant packets to add. I may even test one in a bucket of water for a couple months.

--Crisp and Clean and No Caffeine...

My Favorite Target and National Target have worked out an exclusive agreement to produce, sell, and distribute the target. Price will probably be $38 per 100.

National Target has approximately 1,000 targets in stock from the last printing. These have a slightly (approx 1/8″) off-center 3×5 box in the “head.” I’ve used hundreds of them in classes and in my personal practice and don’t even notice. I’ve got about a thousand of them and will be using them for a very long time. But we wouldn’t want someone to buy them and be upset if they noticed. So if the off-center 3×5 box will bother you, hold off for a while and check with National Target before placing an order.

Future runs — which will be printed based on demand — will have the 3×5 box properly centered and will also have “National Target Company” printed on them, unlike earlier targets.

The targets will be available at the National Target webstore eventually, but in the meantime, they’ve asked that you call their toll free order line, 1-800-827-7060.

--At $.38 each I will be ordering a hundred.

The Collection: Bane

This Ruger 10/22 has a bull barrel with an integrated sound suppressor.

Her name is Bane. Short for Squirrels Bane.

If I could pick only one firearm as a survival gun it would be Bane. It is very light weight, easy to shoot, and so quiet it amazes me every time I pull the trigger. This is a great first gun for kids, novices, women, (or anyone) to shoot. Great for a level 4 Zombie outbreak.

The Tapco stock on it is the best one I have found so far. I will get a quality 4x scope and powerful tactical light for it one day.

--I am still searching for the best quality brand, high capacity, mags for the 10/22.

Stun Gun Search

I have been looking for a stun gun to buy and want some advice.

The kind I have seen that I like the most are the ones that are also a decent, durable flashlight. It serves multi-duty in the BOB. I like the rechargeable, long lasting ones. Standard size batteries is a good feature as well.

--Any recommendations out there?

Stun Gun Flashlight

My Preferred TSA Solution

Have a booth that you can step into that will not x-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on your body. It would be a win-win for everyone, and there would be none of this crap about Racial Profiling and this method would eliminate a long and expensive trial.

Justice would be quick and swift.

This is so simple that it's brilliant. I can see it now. You're in the Airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion.

Shortly thereafter an announcement comes over the PA system, "Attention standby passengers. We now have a seat available on flight number 4665..."

--Stolen Idea!

Staying Dry

I have been in many basements to have a peek at friends new firearms. Some nice finished basements some unfinished and full of ancient tools and lumber. Some that were more like a monks cell.

What ever the space is like, where you keep your firearms, make sure you have a dehumidifier there.

The picture on the right is a dehumidifier designed to go right inside your gun safe.

I recommend you dehumidify the room and inside the safe. The dried the better.

You would not believe how fast steel case ammo will go bad in a humid room.

--You do NOT want to find a glaze of rust on your favorite firearm!


Last week on B B & Guns, Blog Talk Radio, Breda had a great show talking about what gunnies had in their pockets.

Not just their favorite concealed carry pieces, their required daily carry items.

Most gunnies have a bit of a survival instinct in them. Knives, multi-tools, flash lights in addition to wallets were the most common items. I have several multi-tools of various sizes that get selected based on the size and number of pockets I have at the time. (God I love the dorky cargo shorts)

I also carry an Altoids Tin.

Inside the tin is great space for all kinda good handy stuff. Mine has a small first aid kit, Chap Stick, a tiny flash light, a USB thumb drive, Alieve, cash, a credit card multi-tool. I am amazed how often I use the stuff in that thing. In fact I realized as I was setting it out to take this pic that I need to restock the damn thing! Somehow I need to keep a check list inventory.

--I'll store the checklist on the thumb drive!!

Hunters for the Hungry

I put the word out every year about this great organization.

405,340 pounds or 1.6 million servings were provided to those in need throughout Virginia in 2009 through Hunters for the Hungry.

The Hunters for the Hungry program has continued to expand. Annual distribution now exceeds 400,000 pounds. The potential exists to make three to four times that amount available each year. At this point the availability of finances is the limiting factor.

A breakdown of distribution of venison by year is listed below:
  • 1991 33,948 pounds
  • 1992 67,973 pounds
  • 1993 69,167 pounds
  • 1994 82,096 pounds
  • 1995 103,575 pounds
  • 1996 127,500 pounds
  • 1997 141,687 pounds
  • 1998 156,155 pounds
  • 1999 182,603 pounds
  • 2000 202,485 pounds
  • 2001 233,499 pounds
  • 2002 266,456 pounds
  • 2003 308,274 pounds
  • 2004 333,536 pounds
  • 2005 340,173 pounds
  • 2006 356,054 pounds
  • 2007 363,484 pounds
  • 2008 380,151 pounds
  • 2009 405,340 pounds
Total 1991-2009 – 4,154,156 pounds

Springfield gets gift of guns

SPRINGFIELD - Smith & Wesson donated 580 new pistols valued at about $270,000 to the Police Department Tuesday, inspiring Mayor Domenic J. Sarno to express thanks by borrowing a catchphrase from actor Clint Eastwood.

"You've made our day in the city of Springfield," Sarno said, referring to Eastwood's portrayal of "Dirty" Harry Callahan, the Smith & Wesson pistol-brandishing officer who dared criminals to test the gun's firepower by saying "go ahead, make my day."

Sarno, Police Commission William J. Fitchet and Smith & Wesson officials announced the gift during a ceremony at the company's Page Boulevard headquarters.

"We're very proud to be getting this firearm," said Fitchet, referring to the new M&P40 pistol, a versatile and low-maintenance weapon designed for police departments.

The new pistol will replace the SW99 side arm used by city police for the past seven years; the older guns will be turned back to Smith & Wesson for resale to security companies or other buyers, the company said.

--This is good on so very many levels.

Dan Linssen column: Concealed carry gun legislation helps protect us

By Dan Linssen • November 15, 2010

As Wisconsin transitions to a Republican-controlled state government, many changes will occur — some large, some small, some beneficial, some not. One change we likely will see is passage of concealed carry and "castle doctrine" legislation.

Concealed carry, as the name implies, allows permit holders to carry a concealed weapon for self-protection. Wisconsin and Illinois are the only two states without a concealed carry permit process.

Concealed carry is certainly loaded with emotion. For many, the image of walking down the street knowing that some other person may be "packing" is highly unnerving. In the wrong hands, guns are a terrible weapon of destruction. Watching news accounts of shootings like those at Virginia Tech, or even a local burglary or domestic violence homicide, is pretty gruesome stuff. So it is not surprising that many would seek to ban guns wherever possible. And, there are well-organized movements, backed with abundant funding, actively promoting the notion that guns are the root cause of America's violence.

Reality, however, is quite contrary. Experience in the 48 states with concealed carry legislation repeatedly demonstrates that violent crime rates decline in areas where citizens are allowed to arm themselves defensively. Intuitively, it makes sense that criminals (who possess guns illegally) are more likely to operate with impunity when they know their victims are defenseless, and more hesitant when their own safety is at risk. Much data supports this notion. One U.S. Justice Department study found that 40 percent of felons at some point had refrained from committing a crime, fearing their victim was armed.

Many fear that a wild-west atmosphere will emerge, and that those legally carrying guns will be crazed cowboys pulling their weapons over every traffic altercation, barroom spat or personal insult. Once again, however, the reality is very different. Florida, which has issued more carry permits than any other state, has had to revoke only one one-hundredth of 1 percent of all permits due to gun crimes by permit holders.

The other component of defensive legislation, so-called "castle doctrine," establishes the presumption that a criminal who forcibly enters your home or occupied vehicle intends to cause bodily harm, so the occupant may use force (including guns) against the intruder. It removes the "duty to retreat" or the burden of determining specific intent when under attack from an intruder. Without this legislation, criminals or their families often end up suing the person who used a weapon in self-defense. About half of all states have "castle doctrine" legislation.

We all want to believe our world is a good and safe place, and normally it is. But it also can be a vicious and dangerous place. Every day too many people are unlucky victims of a violent attack. An expectation that laws and police enforcement shield us from this risk is simply naive.

Recently, the Petit family murder trial in Connecticut has illustrated the agony of being caught defenseless. Had the family all been trained in firearms handling with access to defensive weapons, would the outcome have been different? No one can say. But the odds in their favor would definitely have improved.

Our focus as a society needs to remain on eliminating the causes of violent behavior. Only by snuffing out the reasons people commit violent acts will we create a safer world.

In the meantime, assuming Wisconsin joins the rest of the nation and passes defensive weapons legislation, hopefully we will all recognize that the problem is not firearms, but who possesses them. Gun bans do not stop criminals from getting guns. Smart defensive legislation gives the rest of us a reasonable deterrent.

--Yeah, What he said.

The Coffee Mug

I was talking to a guy at work today in the kitchen. I could not help but notice the coffee mug he was using. Quality mug. It had the Beretta logo on it. No words just the logo.

Having quite a few items at home that carry the same logo it was very easy to spot.

I commented, "Hey, nice mug."

The comment instantly resulted in a big smile. "Yep, my favorite mug. Got it at the factory in Maryland." He proceeded to tell me about his tour, his favorite Springfield and Glock mugs too.

We talked about shooting and hunting and eventually got back to the mug.

He said, "My favorite thing about this mug is that it is an easy way to find other shooters."

--I love this idea. I will be mug shopping at the next gun show!!

Hunting Story: The .44mag

Many years ago, I knew it was going to be raining that day as I got my gear together. I was planning to hunt all day, even if I got soaked.

It was warm and I decided to take my Smith & Wesson 629-2 Classic Hunter .44mag, mostly because it is stainless. I used a shoulder holster. I like how it helps to keep my pants up.

I didn't think about the .44mag hallow points that were loaded into it. Not then.

Anyway, it was a nice day, not as much rain as predicted, when this huge buck broke cover. It was about 300 yards out, but I had my Savage 110FP with a 12x scope and when I shot I saw it drop where it stood.

I walked the distance and proceeded to touch it's eye with the muzzle of my rifle, like I was taught, to ensure it was dead.

It wasn't dead.

I almost pissed myself when it jumped. I hated that it was suffering. I didn't think a point blank shot with a .308 would be safe for me. So without thinking beyond the desire for mercy, I drew my .44mag and at 3 feet from its head I ended it's suffering.

--That day I learned how powerful a .44mag with hallow points truly is.

Feed Problem in the 96D

One of the favorite firearms in my collection is a Beretta 96D Centurion .40cal.

I bought this gun back in the early 1990s. It is double action only with no safeties and because of that the trigger pull was designed to be long and heavy. For years it was my favorite conceal carry piece. I upgraded the hell out of it. I added an internal LaserMax site, a threaded barrel and a suppressor.

It has one big problem.

It is very particular on the ammo that it will feed. It will have feed jams often if it uses any type of blunt nose ammo. Flat top FMJs, hallow points, any ammo that is not round nose full metal jackets can easily jam on the feed ramp.

I have tried to polish the ramp and that helped a little. Jams went from 1 in 10 to 1 in 30. If I keep it very clean and well lubed the first 10 rounds will always feed.

This issue is what made me shift to to Glocks for daily carry. My Glocks will feed anything. They never jam, even with the cheapest Wolf steel case ammo.

--NOTE: I now have a Beretta Px4 in .40 cal. It has never jammed on me once so far.

Appleseed Event: Dec 4-5 2010 Mechanicsville, VA

Range: Black Creek Shooters Association

Address: 4292 Range Road ; Mechanicsville, VA 23111

When: Dec 04-05, 2010 NEW

Range Fee: None

Camping available: Yes, on site, no dumping

Hotels: Comfort Inn, Econo Lodge, Days Inn, All near airport within five/ten miles of range.

Directions: Go east from Richmond on I64. Take Rt156 North. After crossing US295 go about one mile and you will come to a gas station on your left. The road will fork, take the right fork just after the gas station. Go about a mile and the road forks again. Take the left fork and continue about a mile and take a left onto Range Road (a clue). Follow it to the end and continue down the paved driveway.

State Laws to be aware of: Be sure to check State laws.

Misc: This is a 25 meter Appleseed event with a possibility for 100 yards on Sunday. The extended range can be shot with 22 RF or center fire. Centerfire welcome for the 25 meter portion of the event as well. There is nearby food, one small restaurant a mile from range. A burger joint about three miles and a variety of eating places around airport.

For More Information Contact: FiremanEd on the RWVA forum,
e-mail or phone 804-690-1007

Registration Link:

Please download, print and distribute the fliers below, wherever you travel. The more people on the line, the more shoots we can have!

Happy Veterans Day

I wanted to thank all those Men and Women, who stand ready to do violence, so that I may sleep safe at night.

WANT: HERA-ARMS Colt Pistol Extension

I have been looking for a carbine in .45 ACP.

The HERA Arms CPE converts a 1911. It can even allow a long barrel or a suppressor.

The GCC model brings the same love to a Glock.

"This unique shaft system is for Glock pistol models 17 and 19 Generation 3 frames: A simple assembly through utilization of the available front Picatinny rail as well as the included front rail locking bolt. Included is an ambidextrous charging handle which gives the possibility of assembly to both right and left handed firers. For users that wish to use longer barrels and or silencers, our system is compatable with barrels up to 16" and Impulse barrels. The G.C.C. has a super ergonomic design and allows the possibility to mount a front grip, lamps, lasers and iron sights to the additional Picatinny rails along with a cheek and shoulder rest that is made of a high quality neoprene rubber for extra comfort."

--I Like it. WANT!

Guilty Pleasure List

I saw that JayG over at MArooned published a guilty pleasures list. I love the idea so I decided to make one! I have a few that are the same as JayG:

Beretta 92FS, Suppressed MP5, Desert Eagle .50, Barrett .50, UZI 9mm, Calico 9mm, SPAS 12, Suppressed P90.

--Nothing $100,000 couldn't solve!

Our Own Solutions

I live in Virginia.

I was chatting with a local gun store owner recently. One of the complaints we hear all the time is that guns purchased in VA are used in crime in New York City. These stories further say that just a very few gun shops are responsible for a large percentage of these sales to questionable customers.

He had a simple theory: Decent people have stopped shopping there.

An example he detailed was that gang members find an innocent woman they would pay or coerce to be the strawman. She will be sent in with a list of things to buy. She will sign all the paperwork and check the boxes where she swears that the purchase is not for someone else. A quick call in and her record comes up clean. She leaves with a trunk full of guns that are on 95 North before the day is over.

Decent people see this happen and don't like it. They have stopped shopping there.

--Soon they are on the Top Ten Shit List.

Slim Single Stack 1911

I have been trying out many conceal carry rigs.

My Glock 21 is thick as a brick. My favorite round is still the .45ACP.

I have an RIA 1911 compact frame. It has a single stack .45 in a 6 +1 setup. I had the hammer trimmed to smooth it and reduce the "Hammer Bites" on the meat of my hand.

Another great addition is the "slim grips". This image shows how much thinner the grip can be. They are avail from many makers and even support ambi-safeties.

--Now I just need to find the right holster!

I have become Magpul's Bitch

I have been buying Magpul accessories for years. Everything from grips, folding and adjustable stocks, fore-grips, and lately a ton of AR-15 magazines.

I will admit it. Yes, I am a Magpul Whore.

I understand that this is a symptom that might help label me as a Mall Ninja. My feeling is that even a stopped clock is right twice a day...

--I want the Magpul Bug Out Vehicle!!

The Rule of 10s

So I have been reading this week questions on how prepared people are for emergencies. Everything from a simple power outage, to a pandemic, to a full blown Zombie apocalypse. To measure my level of prep I use the Rule of 10s. Example: If you would lose power and not be able to leave the house due to quarantine. Will you be OK in:
  • 10 minutes - computers crash, clocks blinking
  • 10 hours - freezers begin to thaw
  • 10 days - store shelves are empty
  • 10 weeks - riots, looting, population migrations
  • 10 months - organized criminal ransacking
  • 10 seasons - starvation and ammo worth more than gold
  • 10 years - new civilization begins to formalize
-- How ready are you?

Automated Sentries

Here is where it will get out of hand.

The autonomous sentries will turn on the scientists that control the air born Predators.

The Predators will create the diversions and then the real Killer Robot Uprising will begin.

You think I am making this up! That is a pic of a real automated robot sentry!!

Why is it always belt-fed .308?

--On the Humanity!

Love and Hate: Batteries

I have just gotten an EOTech for my DPMS AR-15 with a flip out x3 magnifier. I love it. Target acquisition, reliability and and accuracy are all excellent. The thing I hate about it is that it requires batteries.

Granted it takes standard AA batteries. That is good. Easier to find after the Killer Robot Uprising begins. My AR even has a special compartment that can store a couple spare AA batteries. But if the batteries are dead, if I get bathed in EMP, or any number of other problems happen, I would be hosed.

On inventory I have ten devices that require batteries. Lots of various kinds.

At the recent Northcoast Blogshoot One of my DOT scopes went dead. Luckily, my CX4 Storm carbine has excellent, spot on, iron sights. I am going to make sure that ALL my sight systems that require batteries also have reliable backup iron sights!

--It's not IF the batteries will fail. It's WHEN will they fail?

Boomstick Fu

Here is a 49 minute presentation on gun safety and selection that was presented at DEFCON 15:

--Even computer nerds need to be safe.

Bumper Stickers

Driving home from work today I saw several cars with pro-gun bumper stickers:

An Armed Man is a Citizen.
An Unarmed Man is a Subject.

When seconds count, help is just minutes away.

1911: When 911 just isn't enough.

Criminals love gun control.
It makes their jobs safer.

If guns cause crime then spoons cause obesity.

--I will remember these for chats with my Liberal friends!

Election Day 2010

I voted very early this morning. I think I was number 4 in line at 6:05am. I was asked for my Drivers license and Voter ID card. I then was asked to verify my address to them.

I was pleased.

I heard a woman making a fuss because she would not be allowed to vote without ID (it was out in the car, it was cold). She received a polite, professional, "I'm sorry ma'me. ID is required."

We have the new electric voting systems like the one pictured.

You slide in the key card, make your selections, confirm them and register your vote. It was English only and when it was done it printed a UPC that can be quickly scanned if a recount is required.

--I love Virginia and the USA. Today more than most days.

Be Prepared: Your Work Kit

I work in a cube farm, like millions of other people.

Just because I am at work does not mean I am going to rely on my office to keep me safe if the SHTF. The Killer Robot Uprising could hit any time!

I keep a "The Kit" in the back of a drawer in my file cabinet, in a canvas lunch bag. It's basically the same contents as a small Bug Out Bag (BOB):
  • Small well thought out, first aid kit.
  • A good multitool.
  • Bic Lighter(s).
  • Powerful compact LED flashlight.
  • Tiny AM/FM/Weather radio.
  • Knife, fork and spoon.
  • Power Bars.
I am surprised how often I use these items at work. All of them. I also keep three, 2Liter bottles of water at my desk, a book backpack and an extra coat. It is enough to allow me to shelter in place for three days or pack it up and walk home.

Some people are lucky enough to be able to store a firearm at work. That is the best case scenario. If you are disallowed from keeping weapons at work, keep this in mind: A knife, beside a fork and spoon is, is just a utensil. Even if it is eight inches long and razor sharp.

--Rule #2: Be Prepared