Staying Dry

I have been in many basements to have a peek at friends new firearms. Some nice finished basements some unfinished and full of ancient tools and lumber. Some that were more like a monks cell.

What ever the space is like, where you keep your firearms, make sure you have a dehumidifier there.

The picture on the right is a dehumidifier designed to go right inside your gun safe.

I recommend you dehumidify the room and inside the safe. The dried the better.

You would not believe how fast steel case ammo will go bad in a humid room.

--You do NOT want to find a glaze of rust on your favorite firearm!


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I keep my basement ammo in the plastic battle packs. Guns are on a higher floor (wetish basement) with silica packs in the safe. No noticed issue yet, nor do I expect one, but I've only been doing this a few years.

Brigid said...

At my gun club there is a safe on display made by a small local safe manufacturer. REALLY nice. I wrote to them asking if they minded if I put a link to their product on my sidebar as I live in the town they make them. They didn't bother to respond, so I won't give them any free advertising here, however one thing that caught my eye was the built in dehumidifier. Most people don't think of that, but it's a great point..

JB Miller said...

Dehumidifier and a simple light in the safe would be great.