Slim Single Stack 1911

I have been trying out many conceal carry rigs.

My Glock 21 is thick as a brick. My favorite round is still the .45ACP.

I have an RIA 1911 compact frame. It has a single stack .45 in a 6 +1 setup. I had the hammer trimmed to smooth it and reduce the "Hammer Bites" on the meat of my hand.

Another great addition is the "slim grips". This image shows how much thinner the grip can be. They are avail from many makers and even support ambi-safeties.

--Now I just need to find the right holster!


Bob S. said...

Check out Cross Breed Holsters.

Their Super Tuck is what I use to carry my Taurus Mil-Pro in .45ACP.

Adjustable for cant and height, fast turn around time, great service.

I would recommend the "combat cut", something that I need to do after the fact on mine but other than that it is a great rig.

JB Miller said...

I will check it out. Price looks reasonable!

Karen said...

How is the grip on the compact 1911? Does it hurt?

Sport Pilot said...

I carried a Series 70 Colt Government Model 45ACP for a number of year’s both on and off duty, whose modifications were pretty darn simple. Better fixed sight’s, strong side safety, long trigger, flat mainspring housing and extended grip safety. It was and still is a very good service pistol, but we transitioned to Glock 22’s.
Now I find one of the nicest 45ACP Glock’s to carry and shoot is the G-36 because it fit’s my hand so much nicer than the G-21 or G-30 does. Overall you’re looking at a G-19/23 sized pistol with a slimmer slide that’s more pleasant to shoot then the G-23. I recommend you find someone to let you try out a G-36 and see what you think about it.

JB Miller said...

Karen, grips are great. No hurting!