The Collection: Alice

T-Bolt was talking about building an AR15 (all the cool kids are doing it). I thought I would detail my experiences with mine.

I would like to introduce you to Alice. She is my super hero Zombie Killer. She is named after Alice from Resident Evil.

Alice is my very first AR15. She started out as a basic DPMS, flat top with a bull barrel. A real tack driver.

I learned how to strip an AR15 all the way down with Alice. I learned where all the little springs were that would sproing. I learned how far I could break it down without tools. I learned the parts that really need serious cleaning after every range run.

I started upgrading it. I replaced the pistol grip, the fore grip with a quad rail and the stock. I added the EOTech, the 3x flip out, the LASER, the fore grip with tac-light. I also bought 10 Magpul magazines.

Lessons Learned:
Tools worth having
  1. Don't put an adjustable cheek pad stock on an AR15. It gets in the way of the charging handle if the cheek pad is up. 
  2. Watch a pile of Youtube videos BEFORE you do a full disassemble. The tiny springs are easy to lose.
  3. Get some simple flip up peep sights.Shit happens.
  4. Don't forget to get a good sling.
  5. All that extra crap hanging on it makes it heavy. It's OK for a gorilla like me. But if I had to carry it all day it would get old.
  6. Buy the right tools. There is nothing like the right tool for the job.
--The next one I will build from scratch. It will be cheaper, simpler and lighter. 


Stew said...

That thing has pretty much everything I want when I build one. How much does it weigh exactly?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Not being sarcastic, bro. Just wondering why you don't have a spare mag carrier on it? My olde skool Zombie Grab and Go M1 Carbines have a 30 rounder in the Well and 2 15 rounders in the stock pouch, and I'm seriously looking at a reliable way to use a 30 round clamp that won't fall apart when I hit the dirt. But I hate to use the golf pencil/duct tape trick on the mags. Any ideas?

JB Miller said...


Have you seen the Magpul mag coupler?

Jon said...

It seems kind of redundant to have a red dot sight and a laser pointer. Just sayin...

JB Miller said...


The LASER is great for rapid fire shooting from the hip in low light. The LASER dot gives your aim point away however.

The EOTech allows precision targeting, especially with the flip in 3x.

They also back each other up. If one fails you have the other.

Fun Stuff.