Election Day 2010

I voted very early this morning. I think I was number 4 in line at 6:05am. I was asked for my Drivers license and Voter ID card. I then was asked to verify my address to them.

I was pleased.

I heard a woman making a fuss because she would not be allowed to vote without ID (it was out in the car, it was cold). She received a polite, professional, "I'm sorry ma'me. ID is required."

We have the new electric voting systems like the one pictured.

You slide in the key card, make your selections, confirm them and register your vote. It was English only and when it was done it printed a UPC that can be quickly scanned if a recount is required.

--I love Virginia and the USA. Today more than most days.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

They just asked me my name and address. I could have voted for myself and anyone on my block. I could have said my name was Anita Fitzpatrick and DARED them to say I wasn't (she passed on this year, prolly still on the rolls.)

But that's Maryland. 70% Democrat but won't be happy (or secure in victory) til it's 90%+

JB Miller said...

MD is one of the states that will give a valid drivers license to an illegal alien.

Stupid Maryland.