The Rule of 10s

So I have been reading this week questions on how prepared people are for emergencies. Everything from a simple power outage, to a pandemic, to a full blown Zombie apocalypse. To measure my level of prep I use the Rule of 10s. Example: If you would lose power and not be able to leave the house due to quarantine. Will you be OK in:
  • 10 minutes - computers crash, clocks blinking
  • 10 hours - freezers begin to thaw
  • 10 days - store shelves are empty
  • 10 weeks - riots, looting, population migrations
  • 10 months - organized criminal ransacking
  • 10 seasons - starvation and ammo worth more than gold
  • 10 years - new civilization begins to formalize
-- How ready are you?


Bubblehead Les. said...

Covered for 10 weeks at my place, have more time in the Winter, (Sheeple will die from the Cold faster than from the Heat) plus I have a place and the means to Bug Out in relative safety, if necessary. I think when you get to the 10 month level, you better have your local community organized and self-sufficient, though. Else the Raiders will be stripping your neighborhood like locusts. Beyond that, it's a whole new world. Has someone launched the Nukes at us? Are there chemical and poisonous gas leaks around? What kind of plaques and blights are moving around (remember, the Irish Potato Famine was caused by a blight, so if you plan on your crops making it through a few years...)? Lots to plan for, little time to do so. But for Society to collapse, the Marxists HAVE to have American Society in a economic disaster like the Great Depression to gain power. And since they can't win by using the Vote, look to them attacking the Economy. They want a sequel to the Weimar Republic occurring in the U.S. But then the Right and Libertatarian types will break out the guns, and then, who knows? Stay alert!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Man, that Les is a prolific commenter. Keep up the good work, Les.

JB Miller said...

I am covered to 10 months (except water on hand) for now but would probably bug out to my brothers before that. I am working on getting a remote retreat set up. Soon I hope!

Bubblehead Les. said...

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. ; )

Karen said...

I like this yard stick. To be honest I am good for only about ten days.

I got to make some lists.