iPad and Blog Running

I recently got an iPad. I figured ti would be a novelty that would allow light web browsing, email and maybe eBook utility.

One thing I really like is my daily Blog Running of gun bloggers.

The Safari browser holds nine of them all at once and even saves me the HUGE inconvenience of clicking on a link.

The best part is the form factor of the thing. It's like a book or a magazine. Some blogs seem designed specifically for the iPad. I have even optimized my blogs design for iPad viewing.

--I even listen to Breda's Radio show on the iPad now. Fun Stuff.


Jay G said...

OMG! I'm the center square! Does that make me Paul Lynde?

JB Miller said...

Ha! Yes. Yes it does!

Anonymous said...

I’ve been searching on the web trying to find ideas on how to get my personal blog site coded, your present style and theme are wonderful. Did you code it your self or did you recruit a coder to get it done for you personally?

JB Miller said...

I started with a basic templet and tweaked it.