Blood in the Streets Friday

Well Ohio is doomed.

What the hell were they thinking?!

Why won't they think of the children?!

My god, all the blood will ruin my shoes!

I hope they have enough cops.

I hope all the ones that are in the unavoidable hail of bullets are wearing vests! The good bullet resistant kind!

Old ladies with guns? How is that fair? They could kick asses of  football player sized gang bangers!

--Where is the balance in that!!

New Shooters

Took another girl to the NRA Range for the first time. She did great. She is going into the Coast Guard soon and wanted to get a little trigger time before she got there. We shot three different 9mm's plus my AR15.

Before we headed to the range we spent an hour talking about the Four Rules:

1) Treat every gun as if it is loaded.

2) Don't point a gun at anything you don't want destroyed.

3) Know your target and what's behind and around it.

4) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

I also like to include the two disciplines:

1) Muzzle Discipline - Watch where you point that thing!
2) Trigger Discipline - Keep your booger hook off the bang switch.

We also talked about Range rules and basic functions of the guns before leaving the house. Big Fun!

--Best Quote, "I always thought guns were powerful. Now I know."

Gifts for Gunners

Steampunk Gun - One of Many on Etsy
Ever needed to buy a gift for a Gunner or just secretly send something to Breda's P.O. Box?

Well I have found the site for you:

If you need some cufflinks made of bullet casings or a Steampunk gun for your Dragoncon costume, just do a quick search. Searching for the term "gun" returns over 11,000 items for sale.

--Head over and buy yourself or someone you love something!

TV: Terra Nova

Terra Nova started tonight with a 2 hour premier. I never expected so much gun content! There were lots of handguns, rifles, vehicle mounted guns. They don't seem to be based on actual weapons. That remains to be seen.  Battlestar Galatica used Cx4 Storm carbines from Beretta. 

People seem to be really crappy shots. Full auto, wasting ammo, and a spectacular flash patterns are still fun. Dinos are damn durable too.

I will enjoy this show!!

Skye with a gun!

--Hot Scifi babes with guns!! Love it!

Recoil and Screws

This is my boom stick. There are many like it but this one is mine.

I have been shooting my S&W 629 .44mag a lot lately. As you already know this guy kicks like a mule.

One side effect of all that excellent recoil is that it rattles the hell out of it.

This loosens the screws on the gun.

T-Bolt has the same issue with the Saucy Trollops .44mag as well.

So my range bag always has the correct size screwdriver. The screws get tested after each box of ammo. Maybe get some Locktight.

--Wow. That gun is dirty. Don't click on the pics if dirty guns make you sick!

Quotes of the Week

“The recidivism rate of a room temperature violent criminal with a sucking chest wound is 0%.” 

--Mike W

“The Bill of Rights doesn’t grant privileges. It guarantees rights. The only granting is that of certain enumerated powers to the government. The government is not a parent. The government is not an ideal. It is a necessary evil. The government is not to be obeyed by the people. The government must obey the people. The people must respect the laws which fall within the enumerated powers of the government.”  

--Joe Huffman

“The deception at the heart of the feminist movement is nowhere more apparent than in the silence with which self-professed feminists and feminist movements ignore the inhumane treatment of women who live under Islamic law.” 

--Caroline Glick 

"The problem with quotes on the internet is it is difficult to verify their authenticity."

-- Abraham Lincoln 

“The path of least resistance is what makes rivers run crooked. ”

--Elbert Hubbard 

"The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want."

-- Ben Stein

I Need a New Holster

Beretta 96D Centurion
While I was at the Northcoast Blogshoot II my friend Mad Saint Jack was kind enough to sell me some spare magazines for my Beretta 96D.

These are the large capacity .40 cal mags that work very nicely in this rig. There were three that he sold me and it is worthy to note that these mags do NOT work in the Px4 or Cx4 Berettas.

Combined with the suppressor and an internal LASERMAX Laser sight, this is an excellent Zombie exterminator.

The big question is: What is a good holster for this baby? The only one I have that works right now is a really big Uncle Mikes shoulder rig. It's just way to big for concealed carry.

What I want is a very slim, comfortable, shoulder holster with a pair of mag holders.

--Any recommendations? Brands? Types?


60 Feet
60 Feet

90 Feet

I have been taking up archery as a hobby.

I go to shoot with friends once a week or so. One of the nice things is that my wife enjoys it as well.

I am now a better shot with a bow than I am with my daily carry 1911.

The top target was at 60 feet. It's about a 10 inch group. I would consider that a good pattern with my .45 at 30 feet.

The deer target is a bit small for deer in VA. Unless you are T-Bolt. I would have not gone home hungry though.

The last target was set at 90 Feet. I am still dialing in at that distance. Still not too bad.

--I am really enjoying it!

The Knives I have on Me

Jumping on the bandwagon.

I vary the knives I carry every day based on the clothes that I am wearing. Today was a simple clip knife and my Leatherman Skeletool.

--My Pa always said, "It's better to have a knife and not need one than to need a knife and not have one."


My friend Andy over at the Tempestuous Sea asked, "So why, oh why, oh why did I dork up my Mini-14?"

Well Andy you are not alone. I have two Mini-14's and both have been "Dorked!" Each one dorked for different reasons. The top one is rigged for close work and rapid target acquisition. Dot scope and LASER. The bottom one is configured to be light weight and shoot longer distances.

My two Ruger Mini-14's. Each dorked for different reasons.

--All dorked and I think I need another in stainless that I will leave in the factory stock!


It was a great weekend.

I spent a lot of time outside in the cool dry weather. The mid 60's and dry is my favorite. My efforts to get fit and lose weight take time. This combined with less time at the keyboard has made the blogging kinda thin lately.

Hunting season has started as well. I am going to archery practice tonight after work. Depending on how well I do tonight I may take to the field with my bow soon.

It's also the time of the year I strip and deep clean firearms, in the garage, using my air compressor to assist. I am going to take pics this year.

--Coffee and off to work. More later.

Quotes of the Week

“This is not the capitalism of free men and free markets, of innovation and hard work and ethics, of sacrifice and of risk...”

--Sarah Palin

"Every hour wounds. The last one kills."

--Neil Gamien

"One of the lessons of 9-11 is that evil is real, and so is courage"

--George W. Bush

Walking Dead Season 2

The Walking Dead is returning for its second season this October!

The second season will be longer than the first, thank the makers, there will be something that isn't different from the first season: a 90 minute premiere.

In this preview you see why a shotgun is the wrong gun for Zombies!

--I hope they get smarter about guns!

My Favorite Knife

Your last bullet has been fired and the Zombies are still coming.

We have already selected the Music on our iPods.

Now the question is:

What is the last line of defense?

What is the last weapon you would bring to action? After the bullets are gone, after the chainsaw is out of gas. After even the shotgun shells have been spent. Maybe even after your Katana is lost, lodged spine of some fat dead guy. Maybe even the Cold Steel Kukri ($20)!

I pick my KA-BAR. 

I may need to get a second one (or third, fourth). They even sell the damn things over on Amazon. The Black Serrated version as well as the Classic Marine version.

--Because double wielding KA-BARs while scything your way through a crowd of Zombies, is the way to go.

Another Carbine

MPA9300SST-XX Tactical Carbine
MSRP: $749.00

MPA9300SST-XX Tactical Carbine with:
MPA1SST .45ACP Tactical Carbine MSRP: $716.95
  • 16" Barrel
  • 9mm
  • Muzzle Break
  • Aluminum Quad Rail with Covers
  • Vertical Grip
  • Quad Rail
  • Low Profile Butt Stock
  • Polymer 30 Round Magazine
  • Mag Loader
  • Lightweight Design
  • American Made
  • Lifetime Guarantee
I have come to really enjoy pistol caliber tactical carbines. My first was a Beretta Cx4 Storm .40cal. I have handled a couple of there MAC 11 based carbines at The Nations Gunshow. They are made by MasterPiece Arms and do not require any special SBR or other tickets.  H/T to Say Uncle.
--They make them with threaded barrels as well! Shhhhh...


Moon Walks

The Moon
I have been on a mission to improve my fitness. So far I have lost like 54 pounds and I have discovered several things.

The best exercise for me is simply walking.

The less I weigh the more comfortable my IWB holsters are.

The stronger my arms, the better my handgun shooting.

I like to walk at night and tonight was a VERY full moon. It's nice to walk and feel safe.

Lasers at night are AWESOME!

--Get fit people. The Zombies are coming!

Zombie Tuneage

When I saw this question over at Tam's (who saw it on RNS) and then Breda's I immediately knew my answer as well.

The idea is that you are to your last magazines and know that there is no escape.

What do you put on the iPod as you tear though the Zombie hoard? First with your last bullet then your matches set of Kukris.

--I love this meme.

More NC2

Breda and the Bretta CX4 Storm .40
T-Bolt called my CX4 Storm With it's EOTech sight the "Belle of the Ball" of the Northcoast Blogshoot II, or was he talking about Breda? 

There was a 10 inch gong on the range and I loved to ring it with a 2 round per second pace.

Clay pigeons on the berm at 50 yards made for excellent targets. I brought 300 rounds of .40 and they were gone in no time on the first day. I had to make a Walmart run the next day and pick up another 100 rounds!

--Zombies beware! Just wait until it's suppressed!

September 11th 2011

9/11 Memorial

Others will be way better than me talking about 9/11. I just need to say that it changed my life in many ways. Priorities changed. Anger turned to action. The world changed with me.

I can't say the anger is gone yet. Why is my sky still empty, ten years later. Ten years after Pearl Harbor Japan had radioactive smoking holes. I still feel harsh. The world should be glad I am not driving this bus...
"If you spend your whole time thinking about the universe, you tend to forget the less important bits of it. Like your pants." 

--Terry Pratchet

"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we are curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."
-- Walt Disney

"The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win."

-- Roger Bannister
"Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can."

-- Mary Frances Berry 
"No man ever achieved worthwhile success who did not, at one time or other, find himself with at least one foot hanging well over the brink of failure."

-- Napoleon Hill 

"The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed."

--Alexander Hamilton
"An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life."

-- Robert A. Heinlein 

Shade and shooting

In Saturday we were sooo glad we had brought along our own shade and chairs.

It was like 96 degrees that day and we were baking as it was. Without all the shade flies it would have been misery.

Even my black rifles could not be left uncovered in the sun. They would get too hot to handle.

On Sunday we had a little rain.

--So add a shade fly to your range bag!

Careful where you park

That will buff out
At the Northcoast II Blogshoot we got to shoot up a car. A I have a ton of pics taken before and after.

My first shot was through the passenger window into the headrest at about 40 yards.

The most notable holes were not on this side of the car but the other side.

Lots of rounds went through both doors and out the other side. My .44mag was making BIG holes in and out.

Just remember folks. Cars are concealment not cover.

--And this was all with handguns...

Northcoast II is Over (way too fast)

Photo by Breda
I had a great weekend at the Northcoast II Blogshoot!

I want to once again thank our hosts for the mountain of work it took to stage the thing. I want to thank everyone that cooked all the excellent foods.

I also want to curse that traffic on the way home. My 5.5 hour drive was turned to a 10 hour drive by rain and twisted metal.

More later. Off to bed.

--Home safe and sound.

Gun Dreams

The shit had hit the fan long ago.

The fires seemed to still be burning. I knew if I took off the mask the air would kill me.

I had to get somewhere, I didn't know where, but I was going. I had my Saiga 12 configured as close to Abomination as possible. It had a 30 round drum, a 40mm grenade launcher and a tactical light.

If something moved I would have shot it.

Nothing moved.

I was walking thinking about how good it was to have the right boots and the right sling.

I found a roll of black duct tape on top on a blue mail box that had been torn open.

I smiled inside my mask. Thinking how no one could tell I was smiling.

There was a cemetery entrance there. I walked into the darkness of it. It was very familiar. The sound of the cinders under my boots was the only sound.

Behind me someone whispered, "You always knew..."

--Smiling. But she couldn't see...

Quotes of the Week

But I'm not particularly comfortable around guns.

--Ryan Phillippe

Gun control means being able to hit your target. If I have a 'hot button' issue, this is definitely it. Don't even think about taking my guns. My rights are not negotiable, and I am totally unwilling to compromise when it comes to the Second Amendment.

--Michael Badnarik

.”A free people ought to be armed.”

--George Washington

”To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them…”

--Richard Henry Lee

”[The Constitution preserves] the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation (where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.”

--James Madison

”The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose.”

--James Earl Jones

”No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”

--Thomas Jefferson

”To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

--George Mason


Zombies and AR-15s go together like Peanutbutter and Jelly!

Who knew that it would become an industry.

Zombie Defense systems!

--Fun stuff!

Happy 1911 Day

September 1, 2011 = 1-9-11 = 1911

--So here is a pic of mine! 

Two Great Things That Go Great Together

So I am in the process of getting fit. It will make my shooting better. It will increase my odds at surviving The Killer Robot Uprising or Pending Zombie Apocalypse.  So far I am down about 50 pounds and feeling good. Another 50 pounds to go or so.

Anyway, portion control is the biggest part of my efforts. If my portions are smaller they will damn well be better be damn tasty!

I just had the best omelet ever!

The key was the Yancy's Fancy smoked horseradish & bacon infused cheese!

--I'll be in my bunk...