Moon Walks

The Moon
I have been on a mission to improve my fitness. So far I have lost like 54 pounds and I have discovered several things.

The best exercise for me is simply walking.

The less I weigh the more comfortable my IWB holsters are.

The stronger my arms, the better my handgun shooting.

I like to walk at night and tonight was a VERY full moon. It's nice to walk and feel safe.

Lasers at night are AWESOME!

--Get fit people. The Zombies are coming!


Anonymous said...

I have found that walking the neighborhood at night is an important exercise. What does your house look like from out in the dark? If someone was watching you, where would they hide?

If you had to leave in a hurry in the dark could you?

Old NFO said...

Anon has a good point... When I lived in the townhouse, we used to do that about 2-3 nights a week, kinda like a roving patrol for the neighborhood. A lot of the neighbors did that.