Gifts for Gunners

Steampunk Gun - One of Many on Etsy
Ever needed to buy a gift for a Gunner or just secretly send something to Breda's P.O. Box?

Well I have found the site for you:

If you need some cufflinks made of bullet casings or a Steampunk gun for your Dragoncon costume, just do a quick search. Searching for the term "gun" returns over 11,000 items for sale.

--Head over and buy yourself or someone you love something!


Sean D Sorrentino said...

well it looks like they finally found something to do with those crappy Barettas. Turning them into toys wasn't much of a adjustment.

Laura said...

heck, if you're crafty, pick up one of those NERF revolvers and repaint it. half the time, that's what those people do.

i keep meaning to repaint mine.

Anonymous said...

There is excellent gift jewelry there. Amazing selection.