40mm Goodness

I was at the last gun show and saw a 40mm grenade launcher for sale for $239. It was new and attached via picatinny to the bottom rail of any modern rig.

I have to say I would love to have one of these. I need to find out the rules for purchase and use of 40mm grenade rounds.

-- Probably Class III but I am cool with that.

In my email today...

Mr. JB Miller,

In a rare fit of advance warning, this is to let you know that if you have some free time next Wednesday evening at 2200 ET, you might want to tune to CBS and catch the season premiere of "CSI New York."

For those of you who didn't know in advance (including us) about last year's CSI/NY season finale, the entire plot line of the show was about the KRISS Super V CRB (actually, the model used was our SBR/SO). The CSI team is trying to figure out how a bank robbery victim managed to get shot with two rounds in the same hole....as they say, you simply can't buy publicity like this. If you need to catch up on last season's finale, visit our site HERE.

Since the season-ender was a cliff hanger, we think it's reasonable that the premiere next Wednesday will also feature the KRISS.

Tell your friends. We have lots of KRISS firearms out with movie armorers, which is how this CSI event happened, so one never knows where we'll pop up next. Next time, one trusts, with the KRISS in the hands of the good guys.

All best,

Charles J. Kushell IV
CEO and Director
Transformational Defense Industries

The New Springfeild XDM 9mm

I confess that my current favorite round is the .45 automatic. With that said, it should also be noted that I have more 9mm handguns than .45 at this time.

I didn't think I would be buying any more 9mm handguns until I laid my hands on the new XDM 9mm. This beauty feels so very nice in my hand. The must human factors engineer on the team.

Very nice for that pending Zombie Outbreak!

--Excellent feel in the hand and it holds 20 rounds.

My Shopping List

I have been thinking about the official want list.

I believe it is time for a carbine in a 9mm or .45acp.

T-Bolt was talking about it over in his blog.

Best case scenario would be to obtain a one that actually used the same magazines as a handgun I have. The first would be a Beretta in .40cal that was compatible with a CX4 Storm:

I'd also love a Kriss that is compatible with my .45 Glock model 21:
I'd still also love a Marlin Camp Carbine. It takes standard 1911 magazines for .45acp goodness.

All good. All on the list. All great for Zombies!

--I will probably go with the CX4 first!