Part 2: How to Buy a Suppressor

Gemtech Blackslide 45
In Part 1 I forgot to mention to how important it is to know the pitch and direction of the threads in your threaded barrel.

The Glock 21 factory barrel I purchased is described as M16x1LH. Some suppressors come threaded like this from the factory. Some require adapters. Some have throats that can be swapped out.

This is notable because it can add cost to an already expensive accessory.

Is this episode of tracking the process here is what I did next:
  1. I went to CVS and obtained two passport photos. It took five minutes and cost $9.95.
  2. These photos I attached to the ATF Form 4 in the required spot. I filled out the form. It took about five minutes.
  3. Next I went down to the County Courthouse and got my fingerprint cards done. $10 and it took 35 minutes because there was three people in line in front of me.
  4. I then dropped off the package for the Sheriff to run a local background check and sign off. No fee.
 The clerk at the counter was very polite and professional. She reviewed the items to ensure I had signed everywhere I needed to and included everything required. She said that I will get it returned in about two weeks with the Sheriffs signatures.

--Next up: Write a check for $200 and mail it to the ATF!

Shooting Carts

So when I was at the Bull Run Shooting Center on Sunday I saw multiple shooters that has rigs that looked like converted jogging baby strollers.

Chatting with them they told me you can get them on the web at Rugger Gear.

They are called "Shooting Carts" and that are designed to hold 1 to 4 guns and gear. They can run on lots of different kinds of ground. They can carry a lot of gear like guns, ammo, gear, a cooler, food and it even has cup holders!

--If you skeet and trap shoot a lot, this baby is a big help.

Skeet Shooting

My friend Bets.
I went skeet shooting with my awesome friend, Bets. She has magic powers. She makes me invisible. No one sees me when I stand next to her! I call her "Bets" because she is a wicked poker player and it's shortens "Betsi" even farther. She is on an Adventure Jag lately. Last week she drove a race car on a NASCAR track, the week before she went skydiving, today we went shooting. Crushing her bucket list!

We went to the Bull Run Regional Park Shooting Center. It's located at:

     7700 Bull Run Drive
     Centreville, VA 20121
     (703) 830-2344 

It's open Wednesday thru Friday Top Fields from 4pm to 8pm, Thursday and Friday Sporting Clays opens at 2pm by Reservation.Weekends and holidays from 9am to 5pm. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.  

We shot two rounds. Each round consumes twenty five shells and traverses nine different stations that vary in level of difficulty. The first round we did there was five of us in the group. The second round was just Bets and me.

The Range Staff there is excellent. Professional, helpful and very safety conscious. He was very good in the way he handled a n00b that actually swept his muzzle on us all, TWICE. 

I need to go more often. I was warmed up by the end of the first round. I was shooting her Remington 1100. I must say it sure is nice to go home and not be the guy that cleans all the guns!!

--Let me know if you want to go! I am planning on hitting Bull Run Shooting Center more often.

Shotguns and Coffee

I am off this morning to drink some coffee and shoot some shotguns!

One of the things I love about Virginia is that my Parks and Recreation system here support shooting sports.

This morning I am heading to Bull Run Regional Park Shooting Center for a few hours of excellent skeet and trap shooting. I will take some pics while I am there! It is suppose to be sunny and 66 degrees today which is pretty close to perfect for me!

--I will let you know how I did when I get back!

Quotes of the Week

“First — keep reading. Writers are readers. Writers are also people who can’t not write. Second, follow Heinlein’s rules for getting published: 1. Write it. 2. Finish it. 3. Send it out. 4. Keep sending it out until someone sends you a check. There are variations on that, but that’s basically what works.” 
--Anne McCaffrey, writer of the Pern novels, who passed away this week at the age of 85.
"The reality of the other person lies not in what he reveals to you, but what he cannot reveal to you. Therefore, if you would understand him, listen not to what he says, but rather to what he does not say."

-- Kalil Gibran

PART 1: Tracking the Process

Gemtech Blackslide 45
Today I begin a new series of blog posts: How to Buy a Supressor

I am going to detail everything I do to buy a new suppressor for my Glock 21.

Before today, I already did several things to prep for this purchase. I bought a Glock 21, factory threaded barrel. I looked are a huge variety of suppressors, picked a Gemtech and finally today I said, "I'll take it."

The gun shop where I bought it does a lot of Class III business so they were well practiced in the drill.
  1. I filled out a simple ATF Form 4 and provided my Drivers License. 
  2. Five minutes later they had printed off, and signed, three copies for me to sign. They included them in a packet with instructions and fingerprint cards.
  3. I paid for the suppressor. Just the suppressor.
  4. They boxed it up, labeled it and put it in the safe.
--That was it for today. Next up: Two passport photos.

My new Zombie Gnome

 My wife gave me my birthday gift early! The best lawn Gnome ever.

These guys are brilliant! Talk about a market that is being tapped while it's hot! Zombie Gnomes!

This should keek those damn squirrels at bay!

Local Blog Shoot!

Careful where you park!
In Berkley County, WV on Saturday, Dec. 3rd there will be a Blog Shoot! This is good news for me because it's only about an hour away.

I love going to these get togethers. There are always good people, fun shooting, great firearms and in the past, even some fun targets.  At the Northcoast II blogshoot this year we got to shoot up a car!

Anyway! Come to the shoot! Dress warm.

--So if you're interested, please shoot Murphy an e-mail at

The Blunderbuss

The Classic Thanksgiving Gun
Happy Thanksgiving world!

Before I go and stuff myself with turkey and pie I wanted to tell a gun story from when I was a kid. It seemed like every turkey hunting, Thanksgiving, cartoon character, that was drawn with a gun, always had a Blunderbuss.

One of my uncles actually has one of these that I got to fire a few time. I have no idea how the hell you could ever use the damn thing to hunt. Flint lock! Flash pan! Wait 2 full seconds after you pull the trigger, then it goes off. Unless the turkey is like, "Hey what's that noise, that flash and oll that smoke?" BANG!

The spread of the shot was wide too. A bow would be easier.

From Wikipedia:

The term "blunderbuss" is of Dutch origin, from the Dutch word donderbus, which is a combination of donder, meaning "thunder", and buss, meaning "Pipe" (Middle Dutch: busse, box, tube, from Late Latin, buxis, box).[1]The transition from donder to blunder is thought by some to be deliberate; the term blunder was originally used in a transitive sense, synonymous with to confuse, and this is thought to describe the stunningly loud report of the large bore, short barreled blunderbuss.[2] 

The term dragon is taken from the fact that early versions were decorated with a carving in the form of a mythical dragon's head around the muzzle; the muzzle blast would then give the impression of a fire breathing dragon.[3]

--Happy Thanksgiving All!  Be safe and enjoy!!

I need a new range bag

I have been struggling with my damn range bags. I have tried several several different sizes and configurations. Duffels and backpacks of various sizes.

I need to pack the bag with several  standard items and leave it packed. Right now I pack it the day I go. I always seem to forget something: Alan wrenches, first aid kits, tools, cleaning supplies, disposable ear plugs, lens cloth,  muffs, glasses, batteries, a hat, even coins for vending drinks.

I need a case that is ready. Just add guns, mags and ammo and you're off. I need it to be able to hold several guns of various sizes.

I and recently been checking out the ones with wheels that act like a hand truck. Some of these are even re-purposed camera bags. I like the concept. I need to look a bit closer at those.

--Let me know what you like! What's in your bag?

Four Reasons

Glock 21
I cleaned both my Glocks this weekend. Can't help it. Habits. I also cleaned and reloaded all the mags. I do this less often but realized that it had been more than a 1000 rounds since I cleaned them last.

When the Balloon Goes Up had a great post on four reasons he carries a Glock.

Head over and read the whole thing.  I agree with every point.Here is the Cliff Notes version:

  1. I am a simpleton.
  2. I'm a wimp.
  3. Clicks are bad when you want a bang and bangs are bad when you don't.
  4. I really don't care about my Glocks!

On the same day I read this post I also read a news piece on the accidental death of a man that was legally carrying a Glock concealed, but loose in his pocket or his waistband.

Glocks are simple. You pull the trigger and it always goes BANG. This is usually a very good thing. Unless it's pointing at a main cable in your leg!

--Extreme reliability, large capacity, durable, and simple. Much like me!

Quotes of the Week

"Luck is often on the side of large magazines."

--Oleg Volk

 "You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, to run by running, to work by working, and just so, you learn to love by loving. All those who think to learn in any other way deceive themselves."

--Michelle Stanley. Francis de Sales

"Freedom is the greatest fruit of self sufficiency."


"The only problem with having a bright tomorrow is you have to get through the night before."

--Moist Von Lipwig

Bloogroll Update

When the Balloon Goes Up!

"The term "when the balloon goes up" has been used since WWI when observation balloons were used to gather intelligence, exposing allied troops and triggering enemy fire. It's use continued in WWII due to the use of barrage balloons being lifted in preparation for air raids. Historically, the ascension of balloons has been a sign of impending incoming fire."

"This blog and the associated forums have been created to discuss the preparations, tools, equipment, mindset and training required to handle the first 0-72 hours following the rise of the balloon. Additionally, I hope the forums will become a place to discuss hypothetical scenarios and to learn personal experiences."

Musings Over a Pint 

"You should expect to see lots of stuff about craft beer, especially craft beer from Virginia. I love the United States of America and I have exactly no tolerance for those who feel otherwise. I enjoy shooting pistols and occasionally participate in USPSA and other organized matches. I am blessed with a lovely wife and fine young son. Surely there will be postings about those subjects too. Yes, I'm proud to be a conservative Virginian. Musings over a pint; the title says it all. "

--Welcome to the Blogroll!

Adios ATF

I live and work in the Washington DC area.

As I wander through the world inside the beltway I hear stuff. It usually doesn't have any gun content. This week the talk around the cooler had Firearms! The F in ATF!

The air is buzzing with word spreading that the BATFE is going to be completely disassembled and disbanded. The entire Bureau will be gone. Some parts eliminated and the staff laid off and some other parts transferred to places like the FBI or Dept of Homeland Security or the Dept of Education (kidding about DoE).

(Update: Looks like the target date is Feb 1st. Might be a press release in the next week or two.)

Keep a close eye on the news over the next few weeks.

--Action Adventure.

Movie: Magnum Force

Do you feel lucky?
I have in my DVD collection all the Dirty Harry movies. I love these movies.

If you have not seen these films recently you should bump one up in your Netflix queue.

Miller Rating = 8 of 10 

The following guns are listed in the Internet Movie Firearm Database:

--I love the snapshot of time in this film. The cars, the clothes AND the guns!

Another 922r Challenge

Derya Yeni Anakon Magazine Fed 12ga Shotgun
I love my Saiga 12ga shotgun. It was huge pain in the ass making it 922r compliant because of being foreign made. 

The Derya Yeni Anakon Magazine Fed Shotgun shotgun is the next one that doesn't fit the bill. It comes with a 4 round mag and you cannot add a 20 round drum because of the 922r laws.

So why bother?

What we need is an American company to make a dam shotgun like this. If Mossberg or Remington would make this it would not carry any import restrictions and I would buy two of them!

--It looks like it has the feature set I want! I just need it to be Made in the USA!

Quotes of the Week

"That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power."

--Virginia State Constitution: Article 1; Section 13

"Voted to save one of Ohio's working families - her own."

--Breda Fallacy

Movie: The Professional

I watched the movie Leon: The Professional.

I love that movie.

I saw it originally in the theater many years ago. This was the first time I ever saw Natalie Portman on the big screen! She was really good in the role too.

I didn't remember how many great guns were in this movie.

The Miller Rating = 8 of 10

Here is the list of the gun as listed in the Internet Movie Firearm Database:

Thank you all who have served. May we be strive to be worthy of your sacrifice. 

Gun Dreams

Dust and Decay
I was on point. The Sky was steel gray. It would be dusk soon.

I carried my Cx4 Storm as we moved slowly through a ruined compound. The grass was hip high here as we approached the gothic staircase that swept up to the main entrance doors.

The double doors were wide open like a gaping maw. We slipped in silently. Two tactical lights switched on and swept the huge foyer. Leaves were blown and piled into the corners. Hundreds of broken chairs filled the foyer as if thrown from the balcony above. Blocking the hall completely. It allowed only one path to proceed.

I moved right up the stairs.

In the dim, I glanced back at her. Her face was turned toward the window. Obscured. Her AR-15 was at the ready.

I moved on. Up and to the left into a long hallway. Tall windows letting in enough light. Enough light to notice that the dust was thick and undisturbed on the floor. It made me relax a little. No one had been here in a long time.

Thunder rolled.

We found a large room as the rain began. It was very dry. A perfect place for the night.

--Thick undisturbed dust...

Traveling With Long Guns

Yesterday my post was about my fathers shotgun.

I picked it up from my sister who had been holding onto for me for several years. The catch was I was flying home. I have never traveled with long guns before. Hand guns are easy. Fill out a short form. Check them in your locked luggage.

The procedure is the same for long guns. At the check-in counter you fill out a short form, show them it is not loaded, and lock it into the case. It gets a little extra TSA X-ray love and off it goes.

Where the FUN begins is at the destination. The rifle case rolls off the luggage belt and everyone raises an eyebrow. I have to say that it was all kinds of fun to walk through the airport with a large, scary, black, rifle case. 

--Smiling at the uniformed TSA rent-a-cops all the way...

The Collection: The Fulton

I just picked up a family heirloom, a Fulton 20 gauge double barrel shotgun.This was my fathers shotgun. It was always hanging over the kitchen door, with ammo, the entire time I grew up.

This is the very first firearm I ever shot. My brother said, "Make sure you pull both triggers at the same time." that asshat. I was 10 years old.

Fulton 20 Gauge Side by Side
You can see in this picture that my father was no gunsmith. He was a farmer. I can't say I ever even saw him clean this gun. This gun took many rabbits and squirrels in my youth.

Special Advanced Farmer Modifications Using Tractor Parts
It has not been fired for about 20 years. After I clean it up I will have a gunsmith look it over before I shoot it. I will get some light loads initially to shoot. I will make it my fireplace gun. I'll make a nice mount for it.

My Next Project

--It's ugly, in bad condition, dirty and may not work but it's mine now!

"This is a test."

"The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in partnership with the Federal Communications Commission and the National Oceanic and Atomospheric Administration will conduct the first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) at 2 p.m. EST on Wednesday, November 9. The test will be transmitted over radio and television stations. Once the alert is sounded, the message will be: "This is a test." Regular programming will resume once the test is over. FEMA asks everyone’s assistance to spread the word so people will know what to expect and no one is caught off guard."

Sons of Guns: Stephanie Hayden

As you probably know by now I enjoy the TV Show: Sons of Guns on The Discovery Channel.

Not only do I love Red Jacket Firearms, their guns, the builds, the wacky challengers and way too short deadlines, I love Stephanie Hayden. The show would be way less without her.

Look, I know it's a reality TV show. I know that it's setup for it's entertainment value. I still like her. She's fun and hot.

I am even a friend on Facebook. Me and 74,713 other of her closest friends! I like her posts. She seems real. Is having a lot of fun with the fame thing and not taking it to seriously. She is even going to start a movie career! Bikers vs Nazis! That is going to be fun.

--Check out the show, the movie and her Facebook page! You know you wanna!

Stephanie Hayden

Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bag - a good pack is essential
So it was Daylight Savings time this weekend.

In addition to testing your smoke detectors it's time to review your BOB contents. 
  • Rotate the power bars and water
  • Refresh your First aid kit
  • Do a fresh inventory
  • Make sure your pack in good repair
Here is a typical BOB content list:
  • Food and Water, three days worth
  • First aid kit including blow out kit
  • Multitool(s)
  • Compass and region maps
  • K-Bar
  • Bic Lighters
  • Duct tape
  • Para-cord
  • Rain poncho
  • Small binocs
  • Small cook kit and stove (I like a twig stove)
  • Emergency space blanket
  • 55 gal trash bags
  • Zip lock bags
  • Small camo tarp
  • Two small LED flash lights and extra batteries
  • Small Transistor radio and earbuds
  • Altoid tin of fishing gear
  • Small spool of strong wire
  • Altoid tin sewing kit
  • Clothes, socks, underwear, shirts, pants
Separately, I keep other things handy like a sleeping bag, coats, firearms and gear, and many other items. I keep additional things in the vehicles.

--This is a min prep. A BOB to get you through three days.

Quotes of the Week

"The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money."

--Margaret Thatcher

"Of the billions of living things on Earth, only Man ponders his existence. His questions lead to torment, for he is unable to accept, as the insects do, that life's only purpose is life itself."

--Dr. Hellstrom

More Walking Dead

So I have been catching up on The Walking Dead on my Tivo. I am getting kind of frustrated because these people are idiots.

Here is what I would do:

  • Everyone gets an AR-15 and a high capacity handgun, preferably Glocks
  • 10 loaded mags for each gun
  • Get suppressors on all of them
  • Even children old enough to shoot a .22
  • Get a Brinks armored car, smooth sided, gun ports, skid plates, large fuel capacity.
  • Collect water, food, ammo, clothes
  • Drive immediately away from cities
  • Find heavy leathers, biker armor, gloves, full face helmets, all tough to bite through
  • This armor is to be worn while foraging
  • Foraging is done in teams, 1 forager, 1 shooter
  • Establish a secure base. Multiple layers of defense.
  • More secure vehicles.
  • Establish Communications, CB and HAM
  • Begin rescue operations
  • Pied piper operations, draw Zombies away with sound and vehicles.
  • Begin farming
--At least they could find some yellow pages and an RV dealership!

Local Elections: Tom Gordy

Tom Gordy
I hope everyone is paying attention to their local elections.

I live in the 29th District of Northern Virginia. I am going to vote for Tom Gordy.

I like a lot of his positions on issues like immigration, jobs, taxes and size of government. But this is a gun blog so I am going to look at that.

Gordy received an "A" rating from the NRA. His opponent, Colgan, received a "D" rating and has worked to limit private sales and transfers of firearms of all kinds, even between family. Gordy is a true believer in the Second Amendment.

Please take the time to look at your local elections now.

--I know, I don't blog much about politics. But Vote, damn you. Who ever you vote for.

Bloomberg Takes a Fieldtrip to Virginia

Michael "Freedom Hater" Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg has donated $25,000 apiece, from his own pockets, to the campaigns of six Democratic candidates for the Virginia state Senate who share his dumb-ass beliefs on gun control.

Bloombergs five of the candidates are mostly Democratic incumbents: John Miller, Mark Herring, Toddy Puller, Dave Marsden and George Barker. A sixth, Barbara Favola, is running for an open seat.

I would like to thank you sir for a very clear list of the people that we will vote against.

To repeat. All gun owners should vote AGAINST:
  • John Miller (Not me, no relation, dammit)
  • Mark Herring
  • Toddy Puller
  • Dave Marsden
  • George Barker
  • Barbara Favola
--Let's make him regret coming to Virginia.

RIP William the Coroner

I met William the Coroner a few times over the last couple years. He was another blogger and was mistaken for my brother because we looked similar. I don't know why. None of my brothers look like me. He was at the NRA convention and the Northcoast Blogshoot this year. He was also 9 years younger than me...

"He was formerly a Deputy Coroner for the Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office, a visiting professor at the College of Wooster and a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Case Western Reserve University School of Nursing."

Here is the link for visitation hours and the funeral.

Visitation: Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Funeral Service: Friday, Nov. 4, 2011, 11:00 am

--It is so odd that just a few days ago he was blogging about cats...

Kids and Shooting

These kids are my niece and nephew at the range. They are enjoying an afternoon of shooting .22LR rifles.

I harp all the time about getting kids to the range early and often. They need to know the 4 Rules in their bones.

We teach out kids how to swim and how to be safe around swimming pools!

I challenge you to find a kid that you love and teach tem about gun safety. Then take them to the range! You will be amazed at how much fun you will have!

--And then they can be heroes when the Zombies come...