Four Reasons

Glock 21
I cleaned both my Glocks this weekend. Can't help it. Habits. I also cleaned and reloaded all the mags. I do this less often but realized that it had been more than a 1000 rounds since I cleaned them last.

When the Balloon Goes Up had a great post on four reasons he carries a Glock.

Head over and read the whole thing.  I agree with every point.Here is the Cliff Notes version:

  1. I am a simpleton.
  2. I'm a wimp.
  3. Clicks are bad when you want a bang and bangs are bad when you don't.
  4. I really don't care about my Glocks!

On the same day I read this post I also read a news piece on the accidental death of a man that was legally carrying a Glock concealed, but loose in his pocket or his waistband.

Glocks are simple. You pull the trigger and it always goes BANG. This is usually a very good thing. Unless it's pointing at a main cable in your leg!

--Extreme reliability, large capacity, durable, and simple. Much like me!


Old NFO said...

They do work, I've never (knock on wood) had a failure on any of mine... Blog shoot 3 Dec if you're interested...

Mad Saint Jack said...

33 reasons why I like 9mm Glocks...

JB Miller said...

MSJ, 3x33 reasons up in here!