Do you Have Kids?

I have kids. I love them more than anything in the universe.
  • If I didn't love them I'd never let them see a real gun.
  • If I didn't love them I'd demonize guns.
  • If I didn't love them I'd keep them from being safety trained.
  • If I didn't love them I'd make sure they never touched a REAL one.
But I do Love them. So I demystified guns.  I let them handle all kinds of guns. Showed them how to tell a real one from a toy. I taught them the differences in the various types. I taught them lots of rules. More than the classic 4 Rules.
  • If you see a gun, STOP! Don’t touch it.
  • Leave the area.
  • Tell an adult.
  • If you see a gun and don’t know whether it’s a real gun or just a toy, treat it like it’s a real gun.
  • Tell me. Even if it's days later.
Adapted and expanded from the NRA’s Eddie Eagle materials. Children should be taught rules as soon as they are old enough to talk. Rules should be added as soon as the child understands and can repeat the earlier rules.

--If you hate your kids support gun control.

Home Defense

I have added my new Bushmaster to my home defense rack in my bedroom.

I believe that an AR15 is a great option for home defense. It's easy to use, has light recoil, holds lots of ammo, and the rounds won't exit your house and hurt your neighbors.

I also have a Glock 17 and Mossberg 500 short shotgun with a pistol grip and Surefire Tactical light. The 12ga is too much for my wife to shoot.

--She will be adding the AR to her training routine.

Time to go on the 2nd Amendment Offensive

We have two years to reset the laws restricting the 2nd:
  • Nation-wide concealed carry
  • Suppressor Hearing protection Act
  • Remove import restrictions
  • Eliminate NFA, SBS, SBR
--Let's be ready by January 20th.

Who Huma Abedin?

Glock 26 Upgrade

I made an upgrade to my Glock 26 that fixed the only issue that bothered me about its ergonomics.

I found a magazine extender. In addition to adding an additional two  rounds, it gives a place for my pinky to rest.

I recommend this simple mod. It was only $10.

--I may also upgrade the slide and mag releases.


I wonder if another event will happen to distract the media from the most recent batch of Clinton Scandals?
  • A big Trump disclosure from the distant past
  • A big crime event
  • A terror attack somewhere 
  • A Halloween tragedy with children
  • A video of something strange
  • UFOs
 Basically, something to distract fools while they make the elephant disappear.

Quotes of the Week

Libertarians are essentially what the Republicans were 30 years ago. Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan. They'd all fit more under the Libertarian label than the modern day Republican label.
--Drew Carey

You have to be careful as a libertarian because you can sound very Republican.
--Penn Jillette

A Libertarian society of unfettered individualism spreads its benefits to virtually everyone - not just those who have the resources to seize political power.
--Harry Browne

The best government is the least government. In some areas, I'm libertarian. I don't subscribe to any one party; they are all bad.
--Wayne Rogers

Any terrorism is an attack on libertarian values.
--P. J. O'Rourke

Libertarians are constantly arguing with each other who is the most pure libertarian and who is most ideologically pure.
--John Mackey

I'm a hardcore libertarian - I want everything legal - but I also believe that you have the right to free association.
--Penn Jillette

The New Rig

--PSA upper, Bushmaster lower, Magpul stock and flip-up sight.