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DIY Remote Control Gun

Nothing fancy on this project. It's interesting. There is a step by step set of directions here:

--It's good to have hobbies.

Glock Upgrades to consider.

There are some basic Glock Upgrades on a Glock 17.

--Drink a glass of water and blow your nose. Gotta love Youtube.

Colion Noir New Website

Colion Noir has a new website and ep 2 is out.

"Colion and Amy address some criticism the show's first episode received from the mainstream media and discuss shopping for a gun."

--I met him at the NRA convention this year. Good guy.

iScope iPhone 4 Adapter

At the NRA Convention I got to try out the iScope iPhone 4 Adapter and I had to buy one.

This weekend I put it on one of my .22s with a 3x to 9x scope and it works really well.

It can take snap shots like the first here or videos like the second image. Please forgive the heavy breathing because I didn't realize how well it collected audio as well.

This thing can also Facetime the scopes view. That could actually be kind of creepy. A Steven King story waiting to happen!

I think the thing I will most likely it for will be my spotting scope then it doesn't have to suffer any recoil. If it is Facetimed to my iPad I can sit at the bench and just glance at my iPad for results!

Please note: The video below was compressed when emailed off my phone.

--Fun Stuff.

This guy lays it out.

It Only Took This Army Vet 3 Minutes To Destroy Obama's Gun Control Safe Act:

--You want to go in first?

How Many Peeps Will Stop A Bullet?

I saw this over at TBolts place. I will have to watch all her vids.


--I hate Peeps. HATE. THEM.

Steampunk . 22LR Gatling Gun

More proof that some people have the most interesting hobbies:


--Too much time on your hands?

Excellent Video

One of the best vids I have seen regarding many issues associated with guns.

--Well done.

Defensive Doors

I wish I knew the brand name of this door manufacturer!

--Looks like that guy finally woke up!

Cabin Off the Grid

Every now and then I get the itch to have a cabin in the woods somewhere. Here is one that I saw this morning with process and parts list for building.

I would add a hidden sub-floor gun safe.


--I like the tiny house movement.

Glocks and Gunny!

Video week continues with more from the Shot Show. Glocks with Gunny!


--I want the new Glock .45 long slide!

WANT: Short Stuff

The vid week continues!

If you pumped that slide would the drop handle hit the magazine?

--That would be such a fun, impractical gun!

GunsAmerica Shot Show 2014 Media Day Tac-Con 3-Mode Trigger

It's turning out to be an all video week!


--Once this settles in and is really, seriously, totally, legal, I might get one.

FPS Russia is Back!

After a long break where much drama occurred He is Back.


-I want the Shotgun!

Why Are Black "Leaders" Anti Gun?

--Keep in mind that most gun control was racist attempts to keep guns out of the hands of the poor.