Mag selection

I love my 300 Blackout. I have found my favorite subsonic ammo. There is one thing I worry about, now that I have had this rig for a while. Feeding it the wrong ammo.

Now to make sure I load the 300BO ammo in only metal mags. It's not that the metal mags function better, look better or feed better.

They look and feel different.

Even in the dark I can tell the difference.

--I love this can. I want them on everything now.

New Addition: KRISS Vector 9mm

I never liked the whole brace concept. SBR paperwork has been filled out. Got to get some passport photos today.

Fun stuff. Another addition to my Scifi collection. (guns that appear in Scifi movies and TV)

Here is a list of people that hate you.

Everytown announces list of 130 authors pledged to fight gun violence. 

The gun control group backed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a new initiative last week designed to “harness the power of the literary community to amplify the gun safety movement.”

Everytown for Gun Safety—the largest gun violence prevention non-profit in the country with more than three million supporters has joined with a consortium of acclaimed authors to launch the Everytown Authors Council.

Enjoy your unintended consequences.

--Thanks for the list of purchases to avoid.

Ever want to write a short story about Zombies?

Tannhauser Press is planning a new anthology:

      Whispers of the Apoc

This is an open call for a collection of Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse.

We are looking for stories with the following features:

  • 5,000 to 20,000 words
  • Stories about survival
  • Character driven stories
  • Setting in 2017
  • Various setting locations
  • Urban, suburban, rural, desolate
  • No previous experience required
  • $25 to $100 per story
  • More details available
  • Deadline is currently not set

If you are interested, a document with all the foundation additional details are available.

Email me at and I will send you full info.

Classic: Women with guns 100 years ago.

Original Caption: Women’s machine gun squad police reserves of New York City. Practicing with Lewis Machine Gun which is to be sent to the front. The killing range of this gun is 2 miles and it fires 500 shots per minute. Captain Elise Reniger, manning the gun, Miss Helen M. Striffler on the rear seat, and Mrs. Ivan Farasoff driving. Date Taken: 8/1/1918 Photographer: International Film Service. From