Another 922r Challenge

Derya Yeni Anakon Magazine Fed 12ga Shotgun
I love my Saiga 12ga shotgun. It was huge pain in the ass making it 922r compliant because of being foreign made. 

The Derya Yeni Anakon Magazine Fed Shotgun shotgun is the next one that doesn't fit the bill. It comes with a 4 round mag and you cannot add a 20 round drum because of the 922r laws.

So why bother?

What we need is an American company to make a dam shotgun like this. If Mossberg or Remington would make this it would not carry any import restrictions and I would buy two of them!

--It looks like it has the feature set I want! I just need it to be Made in the USA!


Bubblehead Les. said...

Ever since the ATF crap with the USAS Shotgun and the SPAS decades ago, no American gun firm has the Nads to go up against the ATF and give you a Magazine Fed Shotgun that takes "Hi-Caps." After all, can you see Remington trying to "Justify" a "Sporting Use" for such a Weapon? Their Bean Counters and Shysters would have the designs shredded before it would even hit the Prototype Shop. said...

Looks like a BR99?