I need a new range bag

I have been struggling with my damn range bags. I have tried several several different sizes and configurations. Duffels and backpacks of various sizes.

I need to pack the bag with several  standard items and leave it packed. Right now I pack it the day I go. I always seem to forget something: Alan wrenches, first aid kits, tools, cleaning supplies, disposable ear plugs, lens cloth,  muffs, glasses, batteries, a hat, even coins for vending drinks.

I need a case that is ready. Just add guns, mags and ammo and you're off. I need it to be able to hold several guns of various sizes.

I and recently been checking out the ones with wheels that act like a hand truck. Some of these are even re-purposed camera bags. I like the concept. I need to look a bit closer at those.

--Let me know what you like! What's in your bag?


Andy said...

CTone and I are quite happy with the MidwayUSA bag. Quite roomy, lots of pockets, and anything bigger requires a handtruck.

Anonymous said...

I use an Eagle Industries range bag and I love it, but at $180 it is pretty pricey. If I had to do it again I would probably have bought the Midway bag (http://www.midwayusa.com/product/939259680/midwayusa-competition-range-bag). And sewed a patch over the logo.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I do things a little differently. My Range Bag has the Targets, tape, Glasses, First aid, etc. The Firearms go into their cases, and the Ammo and Magazines are kept separate, either in Ammo Cans or something else.

Ohio has this Law about transporting Loaded Firearms, unless you have your CHP, although it's been changed a little. But this allows me to move about the State, and if stopped, I say I'm "Going/Coming to/from the Range, Officer."

Now if I can only remember to get some more Targets!

Old NFO said...

This is the one I've had for 8 years and love it...


Gunnutmegger said...

I keep the usual crap in my bag. Big & little screwdrivers, sight adjustment tools, magazine loaders, batteries.

One handy addition is 3 folding sets of drivers: metric & imperial hex keys and torx screwdrivers. Because you never know when you will encounter some weird screw.

Anonymous said...

It isn't the bag that's important - it is the paraphernalia that goes in it. A stapler, since the one at the range is often empty. Staples, screwdriver, cleaning rod, targets, pasters, band-aids, water, mags, ammo, ear protection, spare ear protection (to loan or give away), PAST gloves, extra batteries for ear muffs and red dot sights, etc.

You should start with a pencil and paper, and start a list titled: "Things I forgot" - the top of the list is usually "pencil and paper".

List everything you forgot, or loaned to somebody else who forgot ("Allen Wrenches").

The only trouble with being always ready to go, is that the damn thing gets heavy. Guns, ammo, and paraphernalia probably weigh 40 pounds or more.

I have one big bag (From Midway), and a couple extra cases which don't go on every trip - for the spotting scope and chronograph. Tripods for those don't fit in the boxes and are carried naked.