Women with Guns

My favorite pic this week was sent to me by a reader.

She like the pics that are not naked models that happen to be posing with firearms.

I'm with her. Can't stand bad trigger discipline or awful muzzle control either. Licking the barrel thing or pointing guns at themselves in various places is so not cool with me.

The pic this week is from here.

I would love to get a PS90. The top loading mechanism has always intrigued me. I have held them several times over the years but it has never bubbled to the top of the list at the right time. Right

Plus it is always good when a firearm is used in so many Video games, Scifi films and TV shows since 1980s.

--I think it looks look on her!

Joe Biden is Clueless about Guns

Joe Biden is on a Gun Control campaign tour trying to convince the public that all anyone would ever need is a shotgun. A shotgun with a capacity of 2 rounds. An AR-15 is a great tool for the job.

This guy is not only wrong, his advice is dangerous to the person with the home invaders as well as her neighbors. The only people this advice protects is the villains.

--And his advice is to shoot both of your rounds into the air!?

Hoffman Harpoon

I had the occasion to handle one of these Hoffman Harpoons that belonged to a friend.

He keeps it in his BOB with the handle heavily wrapped in paracord.

Beyond using it as a regular knife it has a massive amount of addition potential as a spear point or other tools.

Simple tool with lots of applications.

--Do you know of any other tools of this type?

Saiga 12 Bullpup

Here is yet another, after market, Bullpup conversion of a Saiga 12 shotgun.

I don't know why I am so interested in these things. Trigger systems ar alway horrible.

Probably the sci-fi look of them.

--Need coffee bad today. Why did I stay up to watch the Oscars?

Quotes of the Week

"The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars."

- H.L. Menken

"I would like to see every woman know how to handle firearms as naturally as they know how to handle a baby."

--Annie Oakley

Vintage Bushcraft Kit.

Vintage Bushcraft Kit. The simplicity of wood, canvas, leather and steel.

The Bug Out Bag (BOB) is not a new thing. A friend sent me this image because we talk about BOBs at work more often than normal people should.

There are a lot of good ideas in this vintage kit. There are a couple major items I may need to add to mine. 
  •  An ax.  Even a 3/4 size would actually be more useful than a shovel.
  • The draw knife. This is a damn handy tool especially if your survival plans are longer than a few days.
I need to check my BOBs for more than rotating water and power bars. When I do I will take photos of the contents with my phone so I can quickly look and remember if I do have meds, nails, wire or duct tape.

--Add a Glock 9mm and four spare mags.

Hidden Storage

Here is another Do It Yourself project for gun storage that a friend emailed to me. Keep them coming!

I was looking for a good place to stash a handy AR in the bedroom and this may be a candidate idea.

I was thinking that an AR15 and a pistol grip shotgun that was inside a drawer but laying flat, with a hinged false bottom covering them would be easy to configure. It could also be easily lockable.

Done right it would be quick and quiet to access the right tools in an emergency.

--Keep sending me things like this! Love em!

NRA Message is Getting Better.

The country needs reminding...

--They need to keep this up.

Women with Guns

I saw Joe Biden on TV fostering more myths about guns.

This time was that for home defense an AR15 was to difficult for women to handle.

"Buy a shotgun." was his advice.

Joe, I have several shotguns. They are the most complex gun to shoot.
  • Recoil is massive. Very difficult  manage a second shot.
  • Capacity is five rounds typically. Way too low for defensive situations.
  • The worse myth is that you don't have to aim shotguns. 
  • 00 Buck has greater wall penetration than AR15s.
  • Reloading is complex and slow.
  • Shotgun racking sound is so scary it send bad guys running. Bullshit.
An AR15 is a far better choice for a home defense firearm.
  •  Super light recoil.
  • Decent capacity mags.
  • Easy operation. Safe off, pull trigger.
  • Reloading is fast and easy.
The only real advantage to shotguns is the cost. A good shotgun can be had for $300. If you can find an AR15 now they are going for $2000 or more.
--It's too scary looking for liberals.

All Around Pizza!

If you are ever in Virginia Beach, Virginia please stop in and spend some money on some good pizza!

All Around Pizza is a big Second Amendment supporter!
"Since the coupon launched last Friday (it’s available on the pizza shop’s web site), Laze says 80 percent of his customers have brought guns into the pizza shop. One customer even came in with an AK-47.
“It’s been awesome,” he told The Virginian Pilot, noting the widespread support the discount has spawned."
 --Now I am Hungry! For tasty tasty Freedom!

Citizen Drones

I made a post last week about Hobby Drones. Since then a friend posted this article on Facebook. When it is this easy to make one in the garage, imagine what an advanced team with a huge budget could come up with!

--Soon it will be drone control debates.

Today is Presidents Day

Most people celebrate by going to buy a new mattress.

I will take a little time and sit down to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights at some time today.

Let it soak in.

I highly recommend it.

So after you are done with Mattress Warehouse Madness shopping today take 30 minutes and read it. Then another 30 minutes thinking about recent events in the country.

--Sleep well.

Quotes of the Week

"This isn't the kind of advice I'd ordinarily offer gents of your age, but, Jimmy, keep that bit of gangster in you...you may need it to do things that men like me can't find the grit in ourselves to do. Know the rules, my boy, but know when to break them."

Robert April

"It's only words...unless they're true."

David Mamet

"There are four boxes to use in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, ammo. Use in that order."


“Tyler and me at the edge of the roof,the gun in my mouth,I'm wondering how clean this gun is.”

Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

"All great truths begin as blasphemies."

George Bernard Shaw

“Violence is an evil thing, but when the guns are all in the hands of the men without respect for human rights, then men are really in trouble.”

Louis L'Amour, The Daybreakers

This is Worth Supporting

Money talks.

I spend a lot of cash every year on the Internet. I have a wide variety of places to shop. Sean of at his NC Gun Blog is keeping a list companies that will  not be selling firearms to State and local governments that could not also be sold to the residents of that State.I received an email this morning from Cheaper Than Dirt stating that they have also adopted this policy.

In a climate like this, where sales are booming, I like to support companies that put my Rights first.

From NC Gun Blog:

"Rue got the ball rolling with their announcement that they would not be selling firearms to State and local governments that could not also be sold to the residents of that State. With Olympic Arms refusing to sell anything at all to any government agency in New York, I think we have the makings of a large-scale boycott."

He’ll be using this page to keep track of the companies that announce similar bans, along with links to the press releases. Here is the list as of today:

If you would like Sean to add your company to this list please send him email at Sean@SeanSorrentino.com Use the subject line “New York Boycott”

Common Sense

I saw this guy the other day on T-Bolts blog. I watched a few of his vids and I really like his simple common sense approach to explaining firearms issues. Cuts through the BS.

--I really like this guy.

Want: AK-47

I have been an AR-15 guy for a long time. This week I saw a friends tricked out AK-47.  The picture below is not the exact one but it's close. He has a compact EOTech on his, verticle front grip, hot green LASER and extra sling points. Magpul and other companies make a ton of extras for these.

Magpul upgrades on the AK
The feature I liked is the folding, adjustable stock. It can be fired easily with the stock closed. It makes it much more compact while slung.

--The modest base price he paid for it new will be hard to find anytime soon.

Women with Guns

Happy Valentines Day!

One of my regular readers saw the Women with Guns image I posted last week a when he saw this one he remembered that the Kel-Tec RFB was also on my want list.

Two great things that go great together!

The RFB has many of the features I want in a rifle. Here is the description from the Kel-Tec page:

"RFB stands for Rifle, Forward-ejecting Bullpup. Why forward-ejecting? Because it allows the RFB to be the first truly ambidextrous 7.62 NATO Bullpup ever developed. The patented, dual-extractor system maintains control of the case from the moment it leaves the magazine and upon firing, pulls the fired case from the chamber and lifts them to push them into an ejection chute above the barrel, where they exit. The Bullpup configuration and tilting-block mechanism allow the 18" model to be only 26.1" long, or as much as 14" shorter in overall length than its competitors with equal barrel lengths. Furthermore, the stock and mechanism cross-section is similar to a conventional rifle, in stark contrast to existing Bullpup rifles. The RFB is also the safest Bullpup ever developed because the breech is separated from the shooters face by two layers of 1.6 mm steel. In the highly unlikely event of a case rupture, gas expansion is directed downwards through the magazine well to protect the shooters head and face. "

--I love women, suppressors, breezy summer days and good trigger discipline...


"Sen. Feinstein, you are doing the right thing in leading the re-institution of a national AWB. Never again should any public official state that their prayers and thoughts are with the family. That has become cliche’ and meaningless. Its time for action. Let this be your legacy that you bestow to America. Do not be swayed by obstacles, antagaonist, and naysayers. Remember the innocent children at Austin, Kent, Stockton, Fullerton, San Diego, Iowa City, Jonesboro, Columbine, Nickel Mines, Blacksburg, Springfield, Red Lake, Chardon, Aurora, and Newtown. Make sure this never happens again!!!"

--Christopher Dorner.  Former cop. Rampage killer in California killing police and their families. Liberal. Burned alive last night.

The major media is editing out the parts of his "Manifesto" that indicate he is a left wing killer.

--I read the whole thing. It's not a Manifesto, it's a 20 page suicide note.


I am a firm believer in having a plan B, C, D etc..

That includes having places to stash guns under lock and key that are not typical. I love hidden storage!

This is the Trail Can Utility Tool Box. It is currently on sale for 52% off on Amazon!  $77

--I will need to make it scratched up and greasy like my other cans!


As the news is reporting that UAV Drones are hunting for an Amierican on US soil I was wondering when "Drone Control" laws were going to start.

Will there come a time when we might want personal weaponized Drones? Remote armed sentries?

--Yes. I think so.

Quotes of the Week

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

- Thomas Edison 

”To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them…”

~Richard Henry Lee

”The right of self-defense is the first law of nature; in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest possible limits. … and [when] the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.”

~St. George Tucker

”You are bound to meet misfortune if you are unarmed because, among other reasons, people despise you….There is simply no comparison between a man who is armed and one who is not. It is unreasonable to expect that an armed man should obey one who is unarmed, or that an unarmed man should remain safe and secure when his servants are armed. In the latter case, there will be suspicion on the one hand and contempt on the other, making cooperation impossible.”

~Niccolo Machiavelli

Gun Show Fly By

I was going to go to the Nations Gun Show This weekend just to see the feeding frenzies for myself. I drove by at 3:30pm yesterday and the line went around the block. The Fire Marshall was only letting people in as others were coming out.

No blog fodder from that show but check out this video. Guy in Florida was having the same issue with a smaller gun show.

-- President Obama is the Gun salesman of the year.

Women with Guns

Visit Weapon Outfitters!
It's Friday and I am going to try out a new weekly feature.

     Women with Guns

We were discussing this week at the office how many women have become gun owners in the last five years. If my office was typical ALL women would now own guns! The desire for AR-15s is way up in the female population. They are a good choice for small frame people because they are so easy to shoot and recoil is minimum.

We were also talking about a coffee table book I have called Chicks with Guns by Lindsay McCrum.

I get photos and links via email all the time. Most I wouldn't post here I have to admit. I got this one, this week, and it is an excellent ad for Weapon Outfitters. It worked! I went to their website!

--Excellent photo in many ways. Great trigger discipline.

Late Again

Talk among yourselves...

Posting will be after work today in stead of before?

What's new?

Fun Show Frenzie!

I expect another zoo. I may go to shop for a suppressor for my SBR AR-15 or a Roni Conversion Kit. If I do it will be on Friday right after work. (like everyone else probably)

Tell everyone to buy ARs, AKs, Glocks and other firearms that are on DiFi's shopping list, er, um... ban list.

The more people vested in the issue the better. 

February 8th, 9th, & 10th

Join the National Rifle Association, renew your existing membership, or enroll a friend or family member in NRA at the Nations Gun Show this weekend and you will receive FREE ADMISSION. A $12 value! NRA Representatives will be located outside on either side of the entrance. Take advantage of this great offer and Join, Renew or Upgrade at the Show!

Also, representatives from the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action will be on-site providing up-to-the minute information about the anti-gunners' efforts in Congress to ban private firearms transfers and gun and magazine bans. Stop by the NRA-ILA booth to find out how to get involved and what you can do to help. For breaking news and to get involved immediately visit www.nra-ila.org

Free admission valid on a $30 or greater membership
Show Times:

Friday, February 8th - 3 PM to 8 PM
Saturday, February 9th - 9 AM to 5 PM
Sunday, February 10th - 10 AM to 5 PM 

For more information visit www.thenationsgunshow.com

Finger Prints

Went down to the Sheriffs office last week to get some fingerprints done for another SBR paperwork effort.

I usually go to the courthouse admin office where they actually maintain a digital print system for administrative use in non-criminal processing.  Their system was down so I had to go to the main booking facility. 

It was a nice little tour. Lots of  bullet resistant glass, airlocks, and lines on the floor you have to stand behind. The mug shot camera station.

Turns out it brightens their day when you bring your own forms and Ten Cards already filled out for the Sheriff to sign for the ATF.

The Deputy that printed me was the tiniest Officer I have ever met. She was 5 feet nothin and might have weighted 100 pounds soaking wet. She liked printing cooperative people. She was a talker too. She carried a Glock 17 with 4 spare mags. The great equalizer. She also knew all about Roni Conversion Kits and would love one if she made more money.

--I enjoy interacting with polite, professional, friendly representatives of Law Enforcement.


I am actually tired of people quoting stats. Yet here I am posting another video about stats.

In the end I don't care about the crime stats in the UK or Switzerland or Australia or Canada or Nazi Germany.  I will not negotiate for my Rights.

--In fact the higher the crime rate the more I want my want my guns.

Quotes of the Week

“A free people ought to be armed”

― George Washington

“Violence is an evil thing, but when the guns are all in the hands of the men without respect for human rights, then men are really in trouble.”

― Louis L'Amour

“When guns are outlawed, only the Government will have guns. The Government - and a few outlaws. If that happens, you can count me among the outlaws.”

― Edward Abbey

“In every country where independence has taken the place of liberty, the first desire of a manly heart is to possess a weapon which at once renders him capable of defence or attack, and, by rendering its owner fearsome, makes him feared.”

― Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

“Foolish liberals who are trying to read the Second Amendment out of the Constitution by claiming it's not an individual right or that it's too much of a public safety hazard, don't see the danger in the big picture. They're courting disaster by encouraging others to use the same means to eliminate portions of the Constitution they don't like.”

― Alan M. Dershowitz

WANT: 1966 International Harvester

1966 International Harvester
When I was a kid my father had an  International Harvester pickup truck and it was awesome.

It was rigged with a HUGE V8 and set up so it could tow massive loads on trailers that dwarfed it. I loved that truck.

Frankly I can't believe he ever let me drive it.

I saw this on the web today and I wanted it so bad! It's my favorite color and configuration. If I were ever to get a hobby vehicle it may be like this!

The thing that made me think of it for the blog was that it had a classic gun rack in the window. Everyone had them back in the day. My high school parking lot was full of them. In deer season they all had shotguns in them too. Even the teachers.

--Imagine that today...


I submitted the SBR paperwork today for my suppressed Glock 21 in prep for getting a Roni conversion kit. I will also probably get a small EOTech for it! I wonder if I can get a bayonet, huge capacity mags and other scary attachments! Lasers! Flashlights! Maybe even bullets!

Roni Carbine Conversion Kit for a Glock 21

--And suppressed it will be nice and quiet!