Women with Guns

I saw Joe Biden on TV fostering more myths about guns.

This time was that for home defense an AR15 was to difficult for women to handle.

"Buy a shotgun." was his advice.

Joe, I have several shotguns. They are the most complex gun to shoot.
  • Recoil is massive. Very difficult  manage a second shot.
  • Capacity is five rounds typically. Way too low for defensive situations.
  • The worse myth is that you don't have to aim shotguns. 
  • 00 Buck has greater wall penetration than AR15s.
  • Reloading is complex and slow.
  • Shotgun racking sound is so scary it send bad guys running. Bullshit.
An AR15 is a far better choice for a home defense firearm.
  •  Super light recoil.
  • Decent capacity mags.
  • Easy operation. Safe off, pull trigger.
  • Reloading is fast and easy.
The only real advantage to shotguns is the cost. A good shotgun can be had for $300. If you can find an AR15 now they are going for $2000 or more.
--It's too scary looking for liberals.


Erin Palette said...

I love that expression she has. Sort of a cross between "Yeah! Make it go boom again!" and crazy eyes.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Safety Glasses?

But if ARs are "TOO MUCH FOR A WOMAN," perhaps he should see what his WIFES Secret Service Detail has, and since she MUST have Female Agents for her Bodyguard work, I'm guessing they have a few M4s in their Ready Room at the House.

Oh, and like she's going to be shooting a 12 Gauge Double out a Window with all that LIFETIME Secret Service Protection surrounding them!

Fitch said...

I agree. A shotgun is cumbersome for all the reasons given - but it's better than spit, or surrender. An AR is a great defensive weapon but it also has some serious down sides for home defense. The most important being it's hard to store it loaded and readily accessible but safe from kids. On the other hand, a Glock 19, or similar pistol, with a rail light, night sights, and 16 rounds ready to go is extremely handy and easy to use. A handgun is easier to store loaded in a small quick access safe than an AR. And it's a lot easier to carry on you at home than an AR. If a home invasion happens, time is of the essence and any gun on your person (Glock, M&P, XD, etc.) is better than any other gun (AR, Shotgun, ) in another room.

Have a personal defense plan. Include in the plan how you are going to stay alive for 20 to 30 minutes when evil people are in your house attacking you.

People make better plans for birthday parties than they do for personal defense. Go figure?