Women with Guns

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It's Friday and I am going to try out a new weekly feature.

     Women with Guns

We were discussing this week at the office how many women have become gun owners in the last five years. If my office was typical ALL women would now own guns! The desire for AR-15s is way up in the female population. They are a good choice for small frame people because they are so easy to shoot and recoil is minimum.

We were also talking about a coffee table book I have called Chicks with Guns by Lindsay McCrum.

I get photos and links via email all the time. Most I wouldn't post here I have to admit. I got this one, this week, and it is an excellent ad for Weapon Outfitters. It worked! I went to their website!

--Excellent photo in many ways. Great trigger discipline.


Anonymous said...


davidc said...

Love the reds !

Old NFO said...

Very nice! and so is the gun! :-)

Brigid said...

She looks like my daughter. I have a photo of her, six feet tall, in shorts, 5 months pregnant, blasting the heck out of something with an AR15. She made me promise never to post it, but I love that picture.

JB Miller said...

Brigid, Would it be breaking a promise if *I* posted it!!