Quotes of the Week

Private enterprise creates; government destroys.
– Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

The problem of social organization is how to set up an arrangement under which greed will do the least harm.
– Milton Friedman

Private property was the original source of freedom. It is still its main bulwark.
– Walter Lippmann

Every man has a property in his own person: this no body has any right to but himself.
 – John Locke

Self-interest is not myopic selfishness. It is whatever it is that interests the participants, whatever they value...
– Milton Friedman

There is nothing so good that politicians can't make it bad and nothing so bad that politicians can't make it worse.
– Thomas Sowell

"The best way to fight racists of any color, black or white, is never to allow their ideas into your own mind."
--Ayn Rand

AR-15 at the range

I took my Colt AR-15 to the range for the first time.

This rig is set up as light as possible. It has a 14 inch pencil barrel, light foregrip,  and a light adjustable stock.

The target here is a magazine at 25 yards with basic iron sights.

I love my new range. It is so close I have been more than once in the same day!

--My current favorite rifle! and Range!

Scope cover idea

I saw this idea on Pinterest.

They gave credit to longrangeshooter.com but I could not find it there to provide a direct link.

A little ballistic chart on the inside of your rear scope cover could be damn handy.I don't vary my ammo much. I also am really bad at estimating distance.

I usually sight my rifles in at 100 yards at two inches high.

--I got a deer once at 454 yards.

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful today for my family, friends, plenty of food, meaningful work and Freedom.

Have an excellent day.

--Be thankful.

Custom M712 Schnellfeuer!

A friend and reader sent me a link to this cool custom M712 Schnellfeuer from a website that I can't read.

I really wish someone make this for real. If I had one I would SBR or AOW the rig and put a drop grip in the front.

Lights and Lasers and you are ready for a made for SyFy movie about a space ship crewed buy kids in the academy!

Looks like it would be fun to shoot.

Can you make it so it's 9mm and uses Glock Mags, please.

Made by Glock while I am dreaming here.

--And a Han Solo holster too. Please!

Ferguson rioters are the worst kind of racists.

These assholes are not rioting because of the facts. The Grand Jury analyzed the facts and found there was no probable cause for any indictments. The bar is so low to call for a trial. They are not determining guilt. It's a sniff test.

These assholes are rioting because the cop was white. Racists.

This is why we NEED modern defensive weapons. Note I didn't say 'assault weapons' because defense is what they are for. This is why good people need magazines that hold more than 7 rounds. Riots. Racists. Assholes.

--All this proves the cop was justified.

Trigger Finger Technique - From Pro Shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss

Every now and then I find something useful on the Internet!

--I never think about my trigger finger anymore. I will next time.

AMMO REVIEW: Remington HTP, Jacketed Hollow Point Subsonic

I just found a new favorite 9mm ammo. Remington 9mm HTP Subsonic.

This jacketed hollow point 9mm ammo gives you the stopping power you need, with reliability.

These rounds contain the heavier 147 Grain projectile, even though it's a hollow point. This gives you the subsonic speeds without worries that light powder loads won't cycle your action. All this make it perfect for using with suppressors.

This Remington High Terminal Performance (HTP) ammo is high quality ammo. It has well crafted and very consistent components: primers, brass cases and a hollow point projectile. They will do the job with excellent controlled expansion and weight. They give me a great self defense ammo.

I ran a 500 round test with this ammo. I ran them through several firearms and was surprised more than once.

Glocks love this ammo. I tried the ammo in two different Glocks. Both ran great. My Glock 17 will eat any kind of ammo though. The Glock 17 is my daily carry firearm because it never jams and is high capacity. The HTP ammo is now my daily carry ammo. 20 rounds of 147 Grain, jacketed hollow point is a good tool. That says a lot with me.

I tried it next in my Smith and Wesson 539. I was very interested in this test because this gun is very particular about the ammo it likes. Especially hollow point ammo. It ran 100 rounds with no jams, great accuracy and function of the gun. The slide is tight on this gun. It hates light loads. Subsonic ammo had been trouble in the past.

That brings me to the other end of the bell curve. My Hi-Point 9mm is my least favorite, least reliable gun. It has the worst trigger I have ever felt. I can't actually believe I allow this turd to stay in my safe. There is no ammo made that won't jam in this gun. It's typical jam rate is about 1 in 6 shots will result in a jam. I have had a jam rate of 100% on some ammo. I ran 100 rounds through it.  Only 4 rounds jammed! Out of 100! Maybe it was because the gun had not been shot in such a long time I cleaned it right before taking it to the range. This made it the most impressive part of the test. I expected it to run fine in my Glock. It will shoot any crappy steel case cheep ammo. This says more. Wow.

Just for fun I ran three mags of this ammo through a friends full auto UZI. He warned me going in that the UZI had trouble with hollow point ammo on his feed ramp.

Open bolt UZIs are just odd to me. But damn, it's fun running a mag dump test. I did have two jams. As expected they stuck on the feed ramp. They cleared easy and the bullet nose was really damaged on the rounds that jammed. I saved the round and was going to take a photo for this post but I couldn't find it last night. I was amazed how well I stayed on target at full auto! Big fun!

The cost of the ammo is about $19 a box. This is an excellent price for the performance and quality you get. I got this ammo from Target Sports USA. They have FREE SHIPPING on ammo if you buy ammo by the case. I love that! My UPS guy does not love that! They have a really good selection of camping, shooting and other stuff for your gift giving!

--Don't forget you favorite Blogger!

Quotes of the Week

If whoever controls gov't can impose his way upon you, you have to fight constantly to prevent the control from being harmful.
–Harry Browne

Where government exists, private property rights are negated.
– Leonard Liggio
Government control gives rise to fraud, suppression of truth, intensification of the black market and artificial scarcity.
–Mahatma Gandhi

"For your own good" is a persuasive argument that will eventually make a man agree to his own destruction.
– Janet Frame

When one gets in bed with government, one must expect the diseases it spreads.
– Ron Paul

It is best to grant what cannot be abolished, even though it be in itself harmful.
– Spinoza

It is not the business of the law to make anyone good or reverent or moral or clean or upright.
– Murray N. Rothbard

Nations Gun Show

This weekend is the Nations Gun Show again. I need to buy Ammo big time. Mostly .223 and .45acp. But I will be keeping my eyes open for other cals as well.

--I will probably go on Friday right after work.

79,000-square-foot Cabela's is Coming!!

I saw this story on WTOP News!  My new range and now this!

Camping and hunting megastore chain Cabela's Inc. will open alocation in Gainesville, its third new store announced forVirginia.

The 79,000-square-foot store will be at the intersection of Linton-Hall Road and Lee Highway, adjacent to the Virginia Gateway Center, and is expected to open in the spring of 2017. It will employ 190 full-time and part-time workers.

"The fact that Cabela's is bringing three new stores to Virginia speaks volumes to the outdoor opportunities and lifestyle in the state, as well as Virginians' passion for the Cabela's brand," said Cabela's CEO Tommy Millner.

Sidney, Nebraska-based Cabela's is also planning new stores in Bristol in the fall of 2016 and in Short Pump in spring of 2016.

The Cabela's stores will include trademark features like a large mountain replica, museum-quality wildlife displays and an aquarium. It will also include an indoor archery range, a deli and a fudge shop.

Cabela's also includes boat and tractor sales.

Cabela's (NYSE: CAB), founded in 1961, currently has 64 locations in North America.

--My wallet is throbbing already!

The Hot Brass Dance

Now that the new ESS Range is open I will be taking a lot more people shooting.

This weekend I went with the wife and three other friends. Tonight I am going again.

I need to remember to warn people about hot brass. The range rules video everyone has to watch at ESS to get a range card even mentions it.

This is very important, especially with new shooters, who may now have the muzzle or trigger discipline.

This isn't just about women either. I have seen many a man, self included, doing the dance as well.

Take a new shooter to the range with you soon.

--Be safe. Protect the goods!

Dirty Bird Targets

One of my Facebook friends showed me these new Dirty Bird Targets. Thanks Amanda!

I ordered 60 for starters.

I have been enjoying the popping targets for a long time. Now that the hits are color coded they are even better.

I will be using these on the 100 yard indoor range. Put my spotting scope on it with my new iPhone interface.

Easy as can be.

--Imaging the smile faces I will make!

Quotes of the Week

Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge.
--Don Henley

It is not the business of the law to make anyone good or reverent or moral or clean or upright.
– Murray N. Rothbard

In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant.
– Charles de Gaulle

Politicians are interested in people. Not that this is always a virtue. Fleas are interested in dogs.
– P.J. O'Rourke

Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it.
– Milton Friedman

We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude.
– Thomas Jefferson

MOVIE: Robocop (2014)

I am still on travel for work and last night managed to stay awake long enough to watch a movie I brought with me on DVD:  Robocop (2014)

I actually liked this movie more than I thought I would because I loved the original one so much. Also I heard lots of people say bad things just because he had a Taser in addition to sub machine guns. Just enough plot to keep it flowing but what I really liked were the performances. 

did a really good job as Murphy. made an excellent scientist as Dr. Norton, was the Omnicorp CEO but the one that really surprised me was as Mattox. He made a really good bad ass.

Miller Rating = 7 of 10

There were a lot of cool guns in this movie.

Another Day

Another day without time to post.

And we missed the weekly cartoon!

Back next week!


I am at a conference today. I should be able to do a real post later.

While flying I saw four TSA guy arguing with a couple people in the airport who had been joking about Ebola. I swear the only reason they didn't drag them off into a dark room was that about 6 people were filming it with cell phones.

--More later.

Taking the Wife to the Range

Ruger GP-100
I took my wife to the new range yesterday to do another function test on my jamming AR15.

She took her Ruger GP-100 .357mag. She dialed it in and was rocking those targets in no time.

She doesn't want to shoot any other guns for now. She want to get really good with her Ruger with double action. She wants it simple: No jams, no mags, no safeties, if it doesn't go bang pull it again.

For now.

She is also planning on taking the formal woman's concealed carry class that is taught by women.

She told me that she also prefers a shoulder holster for comfort. "And that is what Kate has on Castle."

--We will be going there a lot. It's only 4 miles.

Stove Piping

I am having a stove pipe issue with my AR15 SBR.

Here is a few bits of info:
  • It's new. less than 300 rounds.
  • It's clean. Detailed strip and clean.
  • It's an SBR. 7 inch. LOUD.
  • It was well lubed. Even over-lubed eventually
  • Ammo was new and consistent.
The next thing I am going to try is swapping out the lower with the pistol lower I originally had on this rig. It ran fine in the past with that lower.

My theory is that the buffer spring is too strong because the barrel is so short and the recoil is so light.

Any other ideas?

--Yes I assembled the thing myself? What are you saying!?

Quotes of the Week

We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude.
– Thomas Jefferson

Be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government's purposes are beneficial.
– Louis D. Brandeis

As the state grows, one’s sense of self-ownership is destroyed, liberty is traded for "security," the human spirit diminishes.
–Eric Englund

Loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or pretended.
– James Madison

It's OPEN!

Elite Shooting Sports is Open!

I am so going there tomorrow!

They are open except the 100 yard lanes. I will be shooting my AR15 SBR there to see if I have resolved feed issues that came up at the blog shoot.

-- I am very excited!

Almost Ready

I have mentioned it before but I will say it again. I am really excited about the new range that is opening near my house!

Elite Shooting Sports

I stopped in this week to see how close we were and smell all the fresh paint! We are just a few days away now.

It has 42 lanes and 8 of them are their 100 yards. All of the indoor range is amazing. It has great classrooms, a dojo as well as areas to relax and socialize. The cafe looks like it is going to be excellent.

--I can't wait to get in there and make some noise.

More Blogshoot Goodness

Another excellent bit of fun at the Blogshoot last weekend was shooting a few mags through my friends full auto UZI.

These have far less recoil than you would expect. It is actually pretty easy to stay on target for the 1.5 seconds of fun this baby sprays out.

I ran about 100 rounds 9mm subsonic hallowpoint ammo out of this sweet machine. More on that later in another post.

--I will never get use to the weirdness of open bolt firearms.

More from Saturdays Blogshoot

At the Blogshoot I got to shoot an M-60!

--An excellent way to turn money into noise and fun!

Blogshoot Saturday

I attended a Blogshoot this weekend that was hosted by the Blogger over at Lagniappe's Lair!

I will be talking about the various kinds of fun I had at this shoot all week long.

The first bit of Big Fun was that I had the privilege to shoot Larry's awesome Barrett .50cal.

Those bullets are BIG.

I was surprised that the recoil was not as bad as I thought it would be. It was more like a shove than a hit.

It was excellent.  If you ever get a chance to shoot one of these beauties, do it.

--It's now on my "If I win the Lotto List"!!

Quotes of the Week

It doesn't matter if you're conservative, liberal or libertarian, we should all be wary of the Police State.
--John Stossel

The main political problem is how to prevent the police power from becoming tyrannical.
– Ludwig von Mises

New rulers use more and more force, more police, more soldiers, trying to enforce more efficient control.
– Rose Wilder Lane

The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best.
– Thomas Sowell

Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it.
 – Milton Friedman

Abuse of power isn't limited to the bad guys in other nations. It happens in our own country if we're not vigilant.
– Clint Eastwood

Powerful government tends to draw into it people with bloated egos, people who think they know more than everyone else.
– Walter Williams

In our desire to have gov't become our benefactor and sustainer, we have allowed it to become our taskmaster and overlord.
– Chuck Baldwin


I am heading out to a Blogshoot today in West Virginia.

It should be a cool day, having fun with friends!

I will make a full report with pics later!

--Here. Have a pic of my cat.