Just saw a KRISS Vector SBR carbine on THE EXPANSE on Netflix.

Love the series.

--Love that gun as well!

Happy Friday

Yesterday, I was very handy and replace the roof on my pergola with new lattice.

On that project I used my new tool:

   The pneumatic staple gun.

Let's be clear. This thing is a gun. It uses my big air compressor. 110psi and can drive a 2 inch double heavy staple with one trigger pull.

It makes me wonder what the muzzle velocity of the staples would be. Tying back the safety is trivial.

--Makes me wonder how soon before the UK has pneumatic control.

Happy Anniversary!

It was 10 years ago today that I started this Blog.

Posting has been thin in recent months but I might start ramping it up.

So much has happened in my life and the world in the last 10 years. I am now retired and writing sci-fi full time. I have 4 novels and a pile of anthologies published. This blog actually helped me get into the habit of writing. My kids grew up, finished college, and moved out to lives of their own.

We have had two surprise presidential winners. One because he was black and one because he was a total outsider.

The economy is great as of today. People are more pissed off about stuff than ever. Fake news is fake. Facebook is still popular even though people are finally understanding that they are the Product and not the Customer.

I have bought many guns in the last 10 years. Sold a few as well. Gone hunting. Ate venison. Target shot a lot of paper. I started a webcomic.

I lost 2 brothers in the last 10 years. The hardest part.

I had accidents, repairs to arm, knees and spine.

I also lost 116 lbs in my recent fitness effort.

--What a long strange trip it's been...

My next purchase

I finally got my hand on the new Ruger 9mm carbine.  It's the takedown  version of the system that is extra nice for this camp carbine. It also takes Glock 9mm mags and has a threaded barrel compatible with the 9mm suppressor I already own.

Rumor has it an adjustable/folding stock will be available soon.

I will probably add a fixed 4x scope to finish it off.

Still an AR15

This is a New York compliant AR15.

The core of this machine remains the same. Sheesh.

I feel a disturbance in the force...

My blogging about guns has slacked off in the last year as my Science Fiction writing has stepped up and consumed more of my time.

But then something excellent happened. I retired to write full time.

Wow. What a feeling.

Not that I have more time I will start writing here more often.

I think the world needs a voice of reason currently with the violence that is being blamed, once again, on guns. On "Assault Rifles".

My usual reaction to these events is to just let the dust settle. Asshats will dance in the blood and nothing will change. Fools on Facebook that know nothing about guns or the law or the 2nd Amendment will spew incorrect info. I usually shake my head and walk away.

I try to provide accurate information to friends, offline. So they don't add themselves to idiot ranks.

Something is different this time.

I feel like there is a swell of protests coming. Marches full of Pussy Hats, teenage kids cutting school, and misinformation.

The Gun-Blogger community has faded in recent years. Lulled by victories.

We need to wake and smell the coffee. We need to step-up our situational awareness now.

--Because something is different this time...