Happy Anniversary!

It was 10 years ago today that I started this Blog.

Posting has been thin in recent months but I might start ramping it up.

So much has happened in my life and the world in the last 10 years. I am now retired and writing sci-fi full time. I have 4 novels and a pile of anthologies published. This blog actually helped me get into the habit of writing. My kids grew up, finished college, and moved out to lives of their own.

We have had two surprise presidential winners. One because he was black and one because he was a total outsider.

The economy is great as of today. People are more pissed off about stuff than ever. Fake news is fake. Facebook is still popular even though people are finally understanding that they are the Product and not the Customer.

I have bought many guns in the last 10 years. Sold a few as well. Gone hunting. Ate venison. Target shot a lot of paper. I started a webcomic.

I lost 2 brothers in the last 10 years. The hardest part.

I had accidents, repairs to arm, knees and spine.

I also lost 116 lbs in my recent fitness effort.

--What a long strange trip it's been...