WANT: Whisper Fusion Pro Air Rifle

I heard one of these .177 pellet air rifles the other day. Great for squirrels.Fun and cheap to shoot. Available on Amazom!

Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro Air Rifle with 3-9x40mm Scope


Ricochets can be easily seen in this video, thanks to the tracers. Fun stuff.

-- I have to make one of the shoots soon.

Gun Porn: Kriss

I heard this week that Kriss might be having financial trouble. I still have one on my want list.

Range Fun

Went to the range on Friday. Had fun with my Suppressed Glock 21 Roni SBR.

--Fun Fun Fun in .45.

Quotes of the Week

Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.
– Milton Friedman

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
– James Madison, 4th U.S. President

I want a government small enough to fit inside the Constitution.
–Harry Browne

If Clinton is elected, she will use her office for vengeance against conservative groups and individuals. She will rape individual freedom and murder the Constitution.
--Anonymous woman. Overheard in an elevator.

New Ride

I bought a new ride yesterday.

It is a Dodge Caliber.

I didn't buy it just for the name.

One of the deciding factors is that it has to easily hold my largest gun cases. This guy is a hatch back and the seats fold down nice.

It has a couple unexpected features. It has a built in drink cooler that holds four 20 ounce bottles. It also has a 110 outlet.

--I love it!

Random Friday

This seemed like a good idea?
Going to be a busy weekend.

I plan on going to the range tonight. Saturday is a writers conference all day. Hopefully I will learn how not be a dumbass  when I write. Sunday will be my writers group and lots of coffee.

Prince died of a drug overdose.

I know many people loved this guy but I think he was an idiot.

Drugs? Really?

Watch this video of Kevin Smith and his experience with Prince and see how that worked out. Prince was not a nice person.

I bought a new SUV last night. More on that when I get Pics!

My daughter is graduating from college in a couple weeks. Wow. Time is flying.

I swear I could make a whole other cat from all the damn cat hair has shed.

Huge Earth quakes. Another reason to make sure you have 3 months of food on hand.

--Coffee,Please. More Coffee...

Tip: Foregrip on a Saiga 12

I discovered an important dynamic with the Saiga 12. When you add a grip in front you need to keep in mind that the mags actually rock in and out of the mag well. They hook on thr front and then up.

Placement and length of the grip is important so it does not hamper reloads.

--It's a lead storm for the Zombies!

Political Ads

Maryland is full of politicians that are running for congress by saying they are for an ban on Assault Weapons.


They don't remember we tried that and it didn't help.

Sales of AR-15s skyrocketed after the ban expired. Crime has fallen at the same time.

I am not saying crime has fallen because of these sales. I am saying that they did NOT cause blood in the streets.


--It makes me tired.

Quotes of the Week

I want a government small enough to fit inside the Constitution.
–Harry Browne

The era of big government is over.
– Bill Clinton, 
State of the Union Address,
January 23, 1996

The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem.
–Milton Friedman

Abuse of power isn't limited to bad guys in other nations. It happens in our own country...
–Clint Eastwood

What pays under capitalism is satisfying the common man, the customer. The more people you satisfy, the better for you.
–Ludwig von Mises

Tax Time

I don't need to remind anyone that it is tax time.

This year I paid more in taxes than any time ever in my life. This was because of book royalties plus my wife and I both have terrific jobs. We work really hard for the money we make.

I had to actually hire an account to do our taxes this year. There are so many esoteric rules it is easy to make mistakes. I am glad I did.

Looking at this giant amount I have to pay in taxes it really pisses me off that I am paying for so many things that are pure bullshit. I won't even list the bullshit. It would take too long.

The point is, pay the taxes or men with guns will come for you. Pay them. But know what you are paying for.  Pay them, even if you throw up in your mouth a little. Pay them, then vote. Pay them, and demand smaller government.

--Pay or else.

Running late.

Here, look at this! My suppressed, Glock 17, Tac Light, and 33 round mag.

Monday Blues

Monday is dragging me down this week.

I had a great weekend of writing.

There was minimal gun related stuff this weekend. This month I am carrying my Px4 in my Crossbreed IWB holster. It is very comfy and invisible.

--Plus Race Bannon!

Quotes of the Week

No nation was ever ruined by trade.
–Benjamin Franklin

I say: for adults, sex work, gambling, drinking should be legal. You own your body. What will the candidates say?
--John Stossel

My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.
– Adlai Stevenson

The urge to save humanity is almost always a false face for the urge to rule it.
– H.L. Mencken

When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.
– John Basil Barnhill

Noir says it.

This is a perfect illustration of how factions in the gun owner community think.

Random Friday

This weekend I will be cleaning up the gun room and getting ready for my next project.
I am going to set up a Suppressed AR15 in 5.56mm.
I already have a suppressed AR15 in .300 Blackout and it is excellent.

I need a good place to buy a complete upper. Any recommendations? I have the lower complete already.

The political adds on TV have politicians calling for an Assault Weapons Ban. Really? I thought the experiment was settled. Stupid people are stupid.

The preview is out for STAR WARS: Rogue One and it looks really good to me. I love stories with strong women. Disney will make so much money. I will be watching The Force Awakens again this weekend in my home theater. I hope the special features are awesome.

--More coffee and off to work! Happy Friday!

Cell Phone Gun

Everyone seems to be talking about this gun that looks like a cell phone.

It is basically a two shot Derringer with a folding handle.

I have not handled one of these yet, or even seen one in the wild. It strikes me as silly. I have a tiny .380 that holds six rounds.

It's so easy to carry a concealed firearm that is so much better. It is a nerd-novelty.

--This is a total pass.

Visiting TBolt

This weekend I stopped on an paid a visit to Blogger Shooter Pal, New Jovian Thunderbolt!

When I arrived there was a package on the porch of the fortress of solitude. Instead of a grab and run, I politely hand delivered it on entry.

It contained VZ grips.

The grips they make are so very sweet.

The texture and precise forms are excellent.

--Too bad for Glocks.

Quotes of the Week

I mean, I've always been a libertarian. Leave everybody alone. Let everybody else do what they want. Just stay out of everybody else's hair.
--Clint Eastwood

I'm probably a Libertarian, if I had to put myself in any category. But you don't come out and talk about these things, for obvious reasons.
--Gary Oldman

A Libertarian society of unfettered individualism spreads its benefits to virtually everyone - not just those who have the resources to seize political power.
--Harry Browne

Libertarians are constantly arguing with each other who is the most pure libertarian and who is most ideologically pure.
--John Mackey

A day in the life

Bailey is proofreading my chapter.
Today is looking up to be a good day.

I slept in. All the way to 6:25am!

I slid out of bed and in my favorite red flannel nightshirt and old black bathrobe, I quietly made my way downstairs followed by my faithful cat, Bailey.

I fed him, so he will decided to murder me another day.

I started the coffee and realized I was hungry. There was Bison left overs so by the time my coffee was ready my stomach was digesting Buffalo Meat!

It makes me mighty.

Coffee in hand I sat in my comfy chair and started writing. Bailey of course has t supervise while sitting on my chest. My team of specially trained squirrels were deployed to draw away his attention so I could misuse there, they're and there tomy hearts content.

Later I am having brunch with a group of other authors. There is actually a slight chance we might actually talk about writing!  I am visiting a friend after that and the home to write another chapter followed by dinner and a movie in the home theater.

When Is the next Gun Show?  Maybe we should do a Gun Enthusiast brunch! 

--Life is good.