She left them all speechless...

Suzanna Gratia Hupp explains meaning of the 2nd Amendment!

The law prohibited her from carrying a firearms. In other words, the law prohibited her from defending herself. Consider that for a minute, will you? When a law is passed that prohibits you from carrying a weapon, it is inhibiting your ability to defend yourself. Should the government be in the habit of doing such a thing? You are told that you should depend on the police for protection. Where were the police when Hennard was shooting up Luby’s...

When seconds counts, help is only minutes away.

--We need more spokes people like this.

Range Report

So I went to the range this weekend. In addition to sighting in a new scope on my ultra-light rig, I had a little unexpected fun.

My son and I went to an indoor range. Yes, I know, it was a beautiful day here in Virginia. But that means that Clark Brothers would be packed!

Anyway, I was shooting my .44 mag. It's usually the biggest noise in the room. That combined with a six foot fireball and its pressure wave, it's been fun.

Then the guy in the lane next to us lit up his Desert Eagle .50 cal.


That baby is an attention getter. He was even kind of to let me try it! Big fun.