Random Friday

This seemed like a good idea?
Going to be a busy weekend.

I plan on going to the range tonight. Saturday is a writers conference all day. Hopefully I will learn how not be a dumbass  when I write. Sunday will be my writers group and lots of coffee.

Prince died of a drug overdose.

I know many people loved this guy but I think he was an idiot.

Drugs? Really?

Watch this video of Kevin Smith and his experience with Prince and see how that worked out. Prince was not a nice person.

I bought a new SUV last night. More on that when I get Pics!

My daughter is graduating from college in a couple weeks. Wow. Time is flying.

I swear I could make a whole other cat from all the damn cat hair has shed.

Huge Earth quakes. Another reason to make sure you have 3 months of food on hand.

--Coffee,Please. More Coffee...

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