My next purchase

I finally got my hand on the new Ruger 9mm carbine.  It's the takedown  version of the system that is extra nice for this camp carbine. It also takes Glock 9mm mags and has a threaded barrel compatible with the 9mm suppressor I already own.

Rumor has it an adjustable/folding stock will be available soon.

I will probably add a fixed 4x scope to finish it off.


Bigus Macus said...

I checked one out last weekend, nice feel and balance. It needs more spacers for a better/longer length of pull. I love that fact that it will take Glock magazines, just drop in a 31 round and your good for the day ;).

I took my Ruger 10/22 take down and swapped out the stock for a Magpul Hunter stock with adjustable spacers. It was just what I needed since the original stock was so small.

Old NFO said...

Hrmmm... Options... Gotta go coon finger one though... :-)