Shotguns and Coffee

I am off this morning to drink some coffee and shoot some shotguns!

One of the things I love about Virginia is that my Parks and Recreation system here support shooting sports.

This morning I am heading to Bull Run Regional Park Shooting Center for a few hours of excellent skeet and trap shooting. I will take some pics while I am there! It is suppose to be sunny and 66 degrees today which is pretty close to perfect for me!

--I will let you know how I did when I get back!


Andy said...

I'm jealous. I have got to get myself a good trap/skeet shotgun.

JB Miller said...

Andy! Have you got any kind of shotgun? I was shooting a friends Remington 1100. People were shooting all kinds: pumps, semi-autos, over/under and side by side doubles.

We should go one day. We were in a group of 5. Fun stuff.

Andy said...

JB, I have a Mossberg 500 Mariner with 18" barrel. It is meant for home defense or boat defense. I think the barrel is too short for the park (they have rules). I can always rent until I get something. I want to get an auto-loader but have to admit to being royally confused about what to get... do you get something different for trap than for skeet?

JB Miller said...

If you were super into it I am sure there are specialties. I like it as training with the guns I have.

I have a long barrel for my Mossberg 500 I use to skeet shoot with. Now I use my Remington Model 11 or others.

I'll bring several. try em!

Old NFO said...

Enjoy, that is one thing I truly suck at... sigh

Andy said...

Thanks for the "don't overthink it" advice. I need people to say that to me from time to time.