Part 2: How to Buy a Suppressor

Gemtech Blackslide 45
In Part 1 I forgot to mention to how important it is to know the pitch and direction of the threads in your threaded barrel.

The Glock 21 factory barrel I purchased is described as M16x1LH. Some suppressors come threaded like this from the factory. Some require adapters. Some have throats that can be swapped out.

This is notable because it can add cost to an already expensive accessory.

Is this episode of tracking the process here is what I did next:
  1. I went to CVS and obtained two passport photos. It took five minutes and cost $9.95.
  2. These photos I attached to the ATF Form 4 in the required spot. I filled out the form. It took about five minutes.
  3. Next I went down to the County Courthouse and got my fingerprint cards done. $10 and it took 35 minutes because there was three people in line in front of me.
  4. I then dropped off the package for the Sheriff to run a local background check and sign off. No fee.
 The clerk at the counter was very polite and professional. She reviewed the items to ensure I had signed everywhere I needed to and included everything required. She said that I will get it returned in about two weeks with the Sheriffs signatures.

--Next up: Write a check for $200 and mail it to the ATF!


Bubblehead Les. said...

You had me until the "Write a Check to the ATF." Just something WRONG with a Citizen sending Money to their Employees for Permission to enjoy their Rights.

Broken Andy said...

Two questions:

1) What is the name of your NFA friendly store?

2) Why did you not go with a trust? Are you not concerned that all these toys will be forfeited to the state if you kick the bucket, instead of being passed to your family so they can either keep them or sell them? Are there downsides to trusts, other than cost?

JB Miller said...

This will be suppressor number 4 for me.

I plan on setting up a trust. It is not simple. Requires lawyers money and hassle. If done wrong, you can easily run foul with the law.

I have recently found a lawyer that specializes in trusts for Class III.

More on that later.

JB Miller said...

Andy, I bought it at Virginia Arms in Manassas. Guns and Ammo Warehouse also has a nice selection of suppressors.