I have been prioritizing the upgrades in my collection.

First up is a suppressor for my Glock 21.

I have ordered a Glock factory threaded barrel for my Model 21. They make them for most models in their line now.

I have a Glock 17 that may want one as well.

I did not want to order the can until I aired out the new barrel. I require that it remain as reliable as the original barrel.

I am optimistic it will function well because it's a factory made barrel. It will be a tough act to follow. The original barrel has never had a failure.
Glock Factory Logo Stamp

Other upgrades may include a Short Barrel Rifle stamp followed by a Roni Stock.

--I Love suppressors!


Mike W. said...

As someone who lives in a state where suppressors are illegal let me officially say.... I hate you. ;)

JB Miller said...

Mike! You so need to come visit some weekend this fall!