Flea Market Goodness

I went to a Flea market with my wife last weekend. It was your typical flea market. There were occasional items of interest.

I saw several knives that would have been worth having but they were a bit over priced. Even some swords and Tomahawks.

I actually found a box of trapping gear. Large and small animal leg traps. Compound bows and arrows.

Lots of camo, boots, blaze orange and other hunting gear.

But the best thing was a hug box of used holsters!

I selected three from the bin and paid the man $21 total.

Two of them are Uncle Mikes and one is a Bianchi!

--I am very pleased!

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Andy said...

For a minute I thought you were gonna say you got your Ruger wheel gun at the flea market. Would have been an interesting find.