Canada Scraps the Long Gun Registry

Statistics Canada released a report on Oct. 26, 2011, on homicides in Canada in 2010. That year, there were 170 shooting homicides. Down from about 250.

"The cost of establishing the registry was more than $1 billion. The Harper government campaigned on getting rid of the long-gun registry and now it says it also intends to destroy all the information about long-gun owners that has been collected."

Gun registry information is used by police across Canada more than 17,000 times per day. The $1 billion figure doesn't include all the time the police used for the bureaucracy of it all.

--What if the would have spent $1 billion on safer highway intersections? Ever drive in Canada?

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Bubblehead Les. said...

So it is now easier to have a Rifle in Toronto than in Washington, DC. What's Wrong with this Picture?