When Hobbies Collide

This weekend I went to a PEZ convention with my wife. Yes, that's right, I said PEZ convention.

She collects PEZ, I collect guns. She supports me, I support her. She has like a thousand of the things.

Anyway, a weekend in a resort hotel, on the beach, with my wife. Nuff said.

There was lot's of people there selling and trading PEZ items.
We were visiting seller after seller. It's a very social hobby. That's when I saw the PEZ handgun. I shit you not. A toy that was designed for kids to shoot themselves IN THE MOUTH.

Imagine all the executions that were played out! The firing squads! The pretend suicides! Fun Fun Fun!

I actually bought a functioning orange one. They even have magazines you load with PEZ for rapid fire action. I wanted the black one, but new in the package they were going for like $300!

"Ready - Aim - Fire!"

--My favorite ammo is Grape.


Laura said...

has she been to the Burlingame museum? it's kindof disturbing, but is like Pez Mecca for a collector, from what i understand. when i was a teenager my parents and i visited during a trip to California...at a boyfriend's behest.


Anonymous said...

$6000 on ebay?


Old NFO said...

And that would probably get you shot on the street... sigh... What HAS this world come to???

ASM826 said...

Added you to my blogroll and posted a link back here. Your observations on this are spot on.

Phillip said...

To be fair... From what I remember of the taste of Pez, it's better used as ammo than as candy.