Los Angeles police are 'embarrassed' after a huge gun cache was stolen?

LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles police officials searched on Monday for a stolen cache of submachine guns and semi-automatic handguns that disappeared from a SWAT training facility, and said they were embarrassed by the loss.More than 30 Heckler & 

Koch MP5 submachine guns and M1911 pistols that had been stored at the training facility were stolen, Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman Karen Rayner said.

As I was reading this article I could not help but wonder what this story had been if this had been a private collection.

"Once in a while we'll have a police car get stolen. That's certainly embarrassing, and any time we lose any of our property it's embarrassing and we want to get it back."

--I can see them blushing from here.


Bubblehead Les. said...

No Biggie. Someone in Acapulco just placed an order, and the ATF needed it filled RIGHT NOW!

Andy said...

So there were no, you know, police guarding their own facility?