New Shooters

Took another girl to the NRA Range for the first time. She did great. She is going into the Coast Guard soon and wanted to get a little trigger time before she got there. We shot three different 9mm's plus my AR15.

Before we headed to the range we spent an hour talking about the Four Rules:

1) Treat every gun as if it is loaded.

2) Don't point a gun at anything you don't want destroyed.

3) Know your target and what's behind and around it.

4) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

I also like to include the two disciplines:

1) Muzzle Discipline - Watch where you point that thing!
2) Trigger Discipline - Keep your booger hook off the bang switch.

We also talked about Range rules and basic functions of the guns before leaving the house. Big Fun!

--Best Quote, "I always thought guns were powerful. Now I know."

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