Ammo Storage Idea

A few months back a friend of mine had a flood in his basement. His hot water heater decided that it was time to explode in a spectacular fashion while everyone was at work.

After lots of cursing, and sloshing he eventually found the main water cut off. (BTW, If your water main valve is not clearly marked, stop reading this and go find it. Better now than when water is spraying.)

A few days later, after the hot water heater was fixed and the water back on, I was helping repack all their Christmas stuff in dry boxes.

One of the wet boxes had a ammo in it. It was about 30 boxes of .22LR that got soaked. He gave the ammo to me. So far it has been ok. Except for the cardboard boxes.

I had an idea so that would not ever happen to me.

I washed some 20 ounce bottles and dried them really well. Using a simple funnel I filled them with ammo. Each bottle holds 450 rounds of of 22LR. The pic shows a handy, grab and go, 900 rounds. each bottle is a great size, makes the ammo easy to inventory and keeps it dry. Six of them fit in a large ammo can.

I am going to buy some of the small desiccant packets to add. I may even test one in a bucket of water for a couple months.

--Crisp and Clean and No Caffeine...


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Ok, that IS clever

Kirk A said...

But the ammo cans are themselves sealed with a gasket, right? My cans are so airtight that they flex and "pop" as the internal air pressure pushes the sides outward every time I drove over a local mountain. I am confident that they are water-tight too.


Anonymous said...

Oh my!
Must do!!
Think I'll test it with 9mm.
Unless someone already has!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Sweet! Just ran a quick check. My unopened box of Federal .22 runs 60 oz. on my scales for a 525 count. But I looked at the bottles that I like to store my emergency water in. I like the half gallon plastic bottles that Cranberry juice comes in. 2 will fit inside a standard 50 cal ammo can, and it looks like 3 will go into a Fat 50. I'm thinking I could easily fit in 3 boxes of .22 into those bottles. Plus they have a wider neck, and since square objects pack tighter than round for a given "footprint", it looks like I now have a way to buy the reloads from my friend w/o wondering how to store them. Thanks Bro! Have a Happy Turkey Day!

Anonymous said...

I drink G2 all thé Time. Wider mouth bottles but still 20 oz. Gréât idéal.

Jason said...

Great idea!

AL said...

Great idea. If the bottle is full, won't the rounds at the bottom, get deformed over time. That is if you are planning to keep that long.

MOA is going to suck.

JB Miller said...

They won't deform. They are stored on boxes of 525 or more now. Stacked on shelves.

The bottles would represent less pressure anyway.